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Thursday, 8 December 11:58 (GMT -05:00)

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OPEC Agrees to Freeze Oil Production

Breaking News. OPEC nations are reported to have finally agreed to cut their oil production all the way down to 32,5 million barrels a day. This means that they are going to cut the quotas by 1.2 million barrels a day. Reuters and Bloomberg have already confirmed this information, with reference to reliable sources.


Publication date: 30 November 01:02 PM


OPEC’s Decision Pushes Oil Prices Higher

As you probably know, OPEC held another summit in Vienna on Wednesday. As the result of the mentioned OPEC summit, they agreed to cap their oil production at 32,5 million barrels a day. Given the latest production figures coming from OPEC, they cartel is going to cut their total oil production by as much as 1.2 million barrels per day to avoid exceeding the 32,5-million-bpd threshold. At the same time, the cartel expects Russia and some other big oil producers to cut their oil production as well.

Publication date: 02 December 09:13 AM

Masterforex-V Club’s «PrivateFX №1» Portfolio. 4 out of 5 Traders Make Profit

The investment portfolio is recovering slowly but surely. Even though the profitability is miles away from the green zone, we are confident that reaching the area is just a matter of time. For those of you who don’t know, Paramon saw a major drawdown a couple of weeks ago, which resulted in a nearly 14% drawdown for the entire portfolio. Since then, the portfolio recovered a little bit.




Publication date: 30 November 04:52 PM

Trump's Victory Means Both Risks and Opportunities for Ukraine

Vitaly Portnikov, a Ukrainian political expert, has evaluated the results of the U.S. presidential election and its possible impact on the situation in Ukraine.


He says that Donald Trump’s victory gives Ukraine both risks and new opportunities. In particular, the Ukrainian journalist, political observer, and blogger writes that after Donald Trump unexpectedly won the election, the entire political world was slightly shocked and uncertain how to react to this unexpected event.
Publication date: 30 November 09:23 AM

Oil Prices Crash by 4%

Yesterday, oil prices crashed by 4% at a time amid expectations that OPEC members would fail to agree on the promised oil production cap they planned in late September. For those of you who don’t know, OPEC about to hold another summit in Vienna today, on November 30th.
Publication date: 30 November 05:57 AM

UK Prime Minister to Launch Brexit in Spring 2017

The current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May gave her first big interview after coming into power a few months ago. During the interview, she warned the people of the United Kingdom about the likelihood of a difficult period they would have to face in the near future. She is almost convinced that the so-called Brexit, or the process of quitting the European Union is going to be economically and financially painful to the UK, its people, economy, national currency, and financial system.
Publication date: 29 November 01:18 PM

Bloomberg Analysts Calculated Favorable Oil Prices For Oil Nations

According to Bloomberg, the world’s major oil producers need higher oil prices. However, the required price level differs from country to country. That’s why Bloomberg experts decided to calculate the prices at which OPEC and Russia will be able to balance their budgets. The research was based on IMF figures as well as the data provided by several major investment banks.


Publication date: 29 November 08:17 AM

Vipro Markets: FX Broker For Successful Traders

Obviously, any trader wants to work with a reliable, respected broker. Vipro Markets is one of such companies. Vipro Markets stands out from the crowd for a number of reasons. The key principle Vipro Markets has been guided by is working for the client’s benefit.
Publication date: 29 November 03:27 AM

FXTM: What Do Forex Traders and a Legendary Base Jumper Have in Common?

In all fields of human activity, a strong character separates the best from the rest. This holds especially true for sports and even financial markets, including Forex. Is even correct to compare those completely different fields of human activity? Do they have anything in common? Well, a strong character, strength of mind, and willpower are what we are looking for in this case. Those things are shared by both professional sportsmen and traders. Each victory is a huge step towards changing your destiny for the better.  And we are the only one responsible for that…


Publication date: 28 November 04:57 PM

Masterforex-V Club’s «PrivateFX №1» Portfolio Starts Recovering

When things go bad, even the smallest victory turns into a big one and gives hope. The same holds true for Masteforex-V Club investors who invested in the PrivateFX №1 portfolio and saw a big drawdown not so long ago. They are glad to see any positive changes in the situation. Well, the results of the past trading week reassure. Even though the portfolio will have to come a long way to recover from the drawdown, there are first positive signs indicating that the managing traders are on their way to make it happen. This is good news.


Publication date: 28 November 07:39 AM

Saudi Arabia Cancels OPEC-Russia Talks

For those of you who don’t know, OPEC and other non-OPEC oil nations, led Russia, planned a standalone oil summit in Vienna for today, November 28th. However, the summit was canceled after Saudi Arabia, representing OPEC, decided not to participate in the talks.


According to several sources, OPEC decided to hold an internal preliminary meeting instead. This means that Russia and the cartel are not going to have talks on the current situation and the future of the global oil market a couple of days in advance of the OPEC summit in Vienna, which is going to decide the near-term fate of oil prices.
Publication date: 28 November 06:35 AM