Bank of America to Close Additional Branches Across the U.S.

Bank of America to Close Additional Branches Across the U.S.

In the United States, Bank of America has been shuttering several of its branches nationwide since last year. This strategic shift primarily stems from a significant decline in the demand for in-person services and a pivot towards online banking. As a result, around a hundred locations were closed in 2023, with more scheduled to cease operations this year, as announced to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).

Specifically, the branch located at 1111 Main Street East in Richmond, Virginia, is set to close on May 7, 2024. Following closely, the branch at 7395 Mission Street in Daly City, California, will shut its doors on May 14, 2024. Additionally, on May 21, the establishment at 5485 North Pathway, North Las Vegas, Nevada, will also close.

Looking ahead to August and September, closures are planned for August 13 at 11060 NE 6th Street, Suite 80, Bellevue, Washington, and 1401 S. Harbor Boulevard, Fullerton, California. On September 17, the branches at 2049 Century Park East in Los Angeles, California, and 455 Island Avenue in San Diego, California, will be closed.

Moreover, on October 29, the Bank of America branch at 13700 Jog Road in West Delray Beach, Florida, will close. Lastly, the branch at 6261 PGA Boulevard in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, will close its doors on November 19.

It’s important to note that the closure plans by Bank of America aim to reduce the number of physical locations due to their dwindling demand. However, this could mean that some customers may need to travel greater distances if they require in-person services.