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Wednesday, 17 September 19:34 (GMT -05:00)

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Foreign exchange market

Commerzbank: British Pound Weakness Is Of Correctional Nature



The recent downtrend of GBPUSD was caused by higher demand for the US Dollar. According to the analytic team of Barclays Capital, the currency pair will probably test 1.600 amid investors’ loyalty towards the British currency. They say this is a good opportunity to go long GBPUSD. However, a negative scenario will press the British Pound. As long as GBPUSD stays below 1.6200, the bears will keep trying to initiate a downswing.






As for the currency strategists of Commerzbank, they also anticipate a test of 1.600. However, they say that as long as the exchange rate is above 1.6000, the weakness is of correctional nature, which means a rally up to 1.6385 is probable.
According to Masterforex-V Academy, GBPUSD continues the mid-term downtrend.  The currency pair is forming sub-wave 3(С) or А(С)/С inside the bearish wave А/В of wave level Daily.
The closest levels of support are 1.5923, 1.5892,1.5818. The downtrend will be completed once the price breaks and consolidates above 1.6122 (as shown below):





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EURUSD Trades Close To 1.2960


The currency pair has been bullish since the beginning of today’s European trading session on September 17th.  


The currency pair managed set another local high at 1.2994 yesterday. This thing happened closer to the end of the American trading session. EUR/USD managed to go up to set another local high after overcoming to resistance in the form of the top of the range between 1.2858 and 1.2962. It should be noted that the currency pair used to be consolidating within the scope of the mentioned range for 5-6 days. Therefore, yesterday’s European and American trading sessions were mostly dominated by the buyers. Surprisingly, the common currency managed to gain some value amid weaker-than-expected figures coming from the Eurozone.
Publication date: 17 September 07:11 AM

EURUSD: Euro Keeps Regaining Value Against Dollar

Yesterday, the currency pair set another local high at 1.2994. This occurred during the American trading session. EUR/USD rallied up to the local high after breaking above the top of the 1.2858-1.2962 price range, which was a pretty wide one. The price used to consolidate within the price range for almost a week. So, yesterday’s trading session were mostly won by the bulls. Strange as it may seem, but the currency pair gained value amid weak stats from the Eurozone.
Publication date: 17 September 06:55 AM

Forex. USDCHF: Dollar Rallies Against Franc


Switzerland’s producer prices and import prices continued their way down in August 2014, as reported by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office. At the same time, the Swiss National Bank expects the period of low inflation to continue longer than expected.
Year over year, the PPI and import price decline reached 1,2% in August after July’s decline of 0,8%. As we can see the downward tendency accelerated over the reporting period.
Publication date: 16 September 04:15 PM

EURUSD Goes Up to 1.2966


The key currency pair, which is EURUSD, is still trading within the scope of the 1.2858-1.2962 price range. The current trading range has been underway since the middle of last week.
Publication date: 16 September 09:30 AM

US Dollar and Forex: This Week’s 5 Key Drivers


Without any doubt, the Fed’s meeting is the event of the week. Millions of retail and institutional traders around the globe are looking forward to seeing the result of the meeting since this one will be influencing all financial markets thanks to the future monetary policies, including the intentional to start raising interest rates. On top of that, the Fed’s meeting will end up with several economic predictions and will be followed by the press conference conducted by Janet Yellen, the Fed’s Chair.
Publication date: 16 September 09:28 AM

EURUSD Stays Flat


The key currency pair, which is EURUSD, is still trading within the scope of the 1.2858-1.2962 price range. The current trading range has been underway since the middle of last week.
Publication date: 16 September 08:56 AM

NAS Broker Gives Micro Trader Interbank Market Access!

The contemporary Forex industry keeps on evolving. More broking companies emerge and more cutting-edge solutions and innovative ideas are manifested to expand the list of the client’s trading opportunities. NAS Broker is one of such young but promising Forex brokers focused on innovation.

Publication date: 16 September 07:07 AM

ActivTrades Launches Educational Center


Being a client-oriented regulated Forex broker, ActivTrades offers you the following strengths and benefits of trading Forex and other financial markets:


Over 50 currency pairs as well as precious metals, stock indices, commodities and stocks. All of them available through a truly powerful and globally recognized trading platfrom - MetaTrader 4 and/or MetaTrader5 (mobile versions are available as well).

Publication date: 12 September 08:45 AM

EURUSD: Euro Consolidates Close To 1.2920


The world's most popular currency pair which is EURUSD has been trading within the scope of a pretty wide price range (1.2858-1.2962) for 3 days in a row. While staying within the range, the common currency tried to strengthen against the US Dollar yesterday.

Publication date: 12 September 07:53 AM

GKFX's Renewed PAMM Service Generates Over 12% ROI Evert Week On Average


Most of the rookie traders and investors who make their first steps in the trading environment dream of trading big and generating considerable profits. Still, they lack trading experience and necessary skills to make their dreams come true but they still want to make money… Well, to tell you the truth, everything is not as bad as it used to be a decade ago. This is because more and more companies introduce and improve their PAMM services.
Publication date: 12 September 07:51 AM