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Masterforex-V Rating: Leaders and Outsiders Among Micro Forex Brokers

Broker news. Unlimited opportunities of forex market attract numerous beginning traders as well as more and more new companies that provide micro accounts enabling to work with limited deposit funds or minimal investment. Finding a broker, which fits numerous criteria, including reliability, positive feedbacks, requirements to the size of spread, and... considers up-to date realia and traders’ requirements takes not only much time, but also requires to double-check one response or another.

Thus, the global rating of forex brokers , held by Masterforex-V Trading Academy, has concluded the results of voting for forex traders and micro brokers according to objective and clear criteria. So, what are the first, preliminary results, who is the leader, and who is the outsider of the rating?

Which companies are the leaders of Masterforex-V micro broker rating?

The first month of the vote for the best micro broker of 2012 has passed, and its unquestionably strong leaders and distinct outsider DCs have already been set. This most popular niche of micro brokers deals with starting deposits of 50 dollars and a lot of 0.01. So, what are the preliminary results of traders’ voting held at the web-site of Masterforex-V Academy?

The following companies became leaders in the vote for the best micro broker:


The table clearly shows the results:
  • Possible leaders and outsiders of Masterforex-V Academy broker rating, nomination “The Best Micro Broker of 2012”;
  • Little-known brokers that have gained least points;
  • DCs that are considered notorious among traders. This may have a negative impact on the companies’ future.

Most popular micro brokers

The Internet vote shows three such broker companies. They are Nord FX, InstaForex, and Alpari, each having gained the average of 1000-1200 points.


This month has proved resultative for such leaders as Alpari and Nord FX. They have positive dynamics of growing popularity among forex traders. The companies had good starting positions, defined by the general rating of Masterforex-V Academy according to 20 independent criteria. These companies represent the upper league of general broker rating. Nord FX started with 669 points, and Alpari – with 447. At present they have already gained 1319 and 1181 point accordingly. Nord FX has received 928 positive votes and 205 negative. Alpari has received 983 votes for, 249 – against. As these two companies have shown the best monthly results, they may be called the ones with highest popularity among traders that have macro or mini accounts. Consequently, they have least claims from clients about poor quality of provided services.

The third most popular company InstaForex shows a clearly negative trend, having declined to the bottom line of world micro brokers. It started with 138 points at the third lower league of the general rating, and has gone a long way down since the beginning of the vote. Its total currently amounts to minus 237, with 297 positive points and 672 negative ones.The reason for this may be hundreds of claims from the company’s clients, non-payment of profits, annulled bonuses, unsatisfactory quality of dealing, and much more.

Which companies have the “golden middle” according to preliminary results of the vote?

According to the results of an open vote for the best micro broker of 2012, there has formed a group of strong companies, closely following the leaders:

The table enables defining brokers and DCs with good results, which have entered the list of strongest companies. The third position with 721 points belongs to FX Clearing, fourth position with 697 points – to FreshForex, fifth position with 647 points – to BMFN, sixth position with 622 points – to FXOpen, seventh position with 614 points – to RoboForex, eighth position with 583 points – to LiteForex. The list is closed by ninth position of Forex4you with 552 points. All the abovementioned bear the reputation of companies with steady development at the market for more than a year. Judging from the table, they have been supported by five-six hundred people, which is about one half less than those who supported Nord FX and Alpari.

Five outsiders among world micro brokers

In addition to InstaForex dealing center, the list of five outsiders among world micro brokers included: seventeenth position with 95 points belongs to FxCompany, eighteenth position with 67 points – to Pro Finance Group, nineteenth position with 20 points – to eToro, and twentieth position with 4 points – to HotForex.

All these companies had low points at the beginning of the vote for the best micro broker of 2012, and they failed to gain enough positive points from traders that could make their positions stronger. This shows that most traders are dissatisfied with the work of these companies.

“Market Leader” and Masterforex-V Academy hold a questionnaire at Forex forum for traders and investors: in your opinion, what micro broker can be considered the best?
■ the one that is most widely advertised in media and at web-sites;
■ the one that has most positive feedbacks in the Internet;
■ the one that wins in Masterforex-V Academy voting (broker’s points in the rating + direct voting).


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