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Tuesday, 16 July 19:40 (GMT -05:00)

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WTO Lowers Global Trade Growth Forecast

WTO Lowers Global Trade Growth Forecast
WTO experts are reported to have revised their forecast for the pace of global trade growth. The renewed forecast names figures below the previous ones - 2,6% against 3,7%. It's also interesting to note that the previous forecast for 2018 failed to match the actual figures.
It's interesting to note that the global trade growth started slowing down in 2018. They had expected a 3,9% gain but the actual figures came in at 3%. The key reason for that is said to be a much worse situation in Q4 2018, when the global trade growth dropped all the way down to just 0.3%. This is actually the time when Washington announced new duties on the products exported from China.
Also, the WTO says that amid deep uncertainty seen these days, global trade cannot be seen as something stimulating economic growth. At the same time, the experts name a few reasons for the slowdown:
- higher import duties in China and USA
- unexpectedly weak global economic growth
- unstable financial markets
- decreased efficiency of the tax stimuli practiced by the U.S. authorities
- the end of the monetary easing cycle in the Eurozone
- the transformations going on in the Chinese economy - a switch from production and investments to consumption and services 
At the same time, the experts are still having a hard time evaluating the possible consequences of the so-called Brexit for the entire global economy. This will depend on the final agreement between the U.K. and the E.U. Most likely, the Brexit will end up with lower investments in Great Britain, which will result in lower productivity.
In early 2019, the WTO's leading indicators showed a global trade slowdown. Air shipping dropped by 3%, which was caused by a drop in global export orders amid trade talks between the USA and China.
At the same time, Russia has decided to cap the imports of European goods. The Russian representatives have already informed the WTO about this decision. This is Russia's response to the EU's quotes on Russian steel products.


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U.S-China Trade War Is Sponsored By Consumers

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US-China Trade Conflict May Trigger Another Global Financial Crisis

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EU Comes Up With Workaround to US Sanctions

The representatives of Germany, France, and the UK have registered a company to let it trade with Iran despite the US sanctions. The company still needs to be approved by 28 EU members.

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Beijing and Washington are getting ready for the final talks

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US-China Trade War Reaches Next Level

Washington and Beijing have announced a new round of talks. International experts say that the trade war is indeed going to a whole new level.
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Roma May Drag Moscow and Brussels Into Major Financial Crisis

International experts are trying to evaluate the situation in Italy. Some of them are convinced that the EU is not going to save the Italian populists. For those of you who don't know the details, in October, the European Commission rejected the draft budget devised by the new Italian government. This means that the draft budget needs to be improved in order to approved.
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USA Strikes Iran Again

As you probably know, a couple of weeks ago, the United States imposed a new round of sanctions on Iran. International experts say that the package includes 700 new points, including an embargo on the import of crude oil from Iran. It's interesting to note that the sanctions will touch upon some other states as well. Some temporary exception are said to have been maid for 8 partners of the USA.
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Trump Offers Putin to Compete for Multi-Polar World, Eggert Says

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The world is on the verge of another global race

International experts are commenting on the events taking place over the last few years. In particular, President and CEO of Atlantic Council Frederik Kempe believes that we are nearing another race between the world's biggest superpowers.
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