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Friday, 16 November 02:46 (GMT -05:00)

Foreign exchange market

FortFS Introduces Super 8,88% Cash Back

Search refund is a nice bonus for any Forex trader out there. FortFS gives real cash bonuses to active traders. FortFS allows active traders to get paid in real cash instead of some shady points. The bigger the deposit, the more cash you can eventually earn.
How to register a contemporary cashback program with a leading Forex broker? Well, you can partner with FortFS. What is the essence of the infinite cashback program by FortFS? How does the broker ensure the trader against losing trades?
FortFS has launched a new promo named Super Cash Back for traders and investors. Should any losses occur, the trader can qualify for the compensation of 8,88% of the funds invested in the losing trade. The cashback is credited automatically. 
Attention! You are eligible for the program if you have a FORT or FLEX account. The due date is October 26th. 
Qualifying for the FortFS promo is easy:
1. CLick the Get Cashback button and log in to your account.
2. If you don't have a FORT or FLEX account, just open an account (if you have one, just skip this step).
3. Choose your FORT or FLEX account from the list.
4. Click "Activate"
ULTIMATE CASHBACK. Terms and conditions
    1. The promotion is valid from 26 September to 26 October 2018 inclusively
    2. Only accounts opened in MetaTrader 5 are taking part in this promo
    3 .PRO and Newbie accounts are not participating in this promo
    4. Minimum account balance to participate in this promo is 100 USD or its equivalent in another currency. In case account balance becomes less than 100 USD, the balance compensation option is disabled until the account balance increases back to the required minimum .
    5. To take part in this promo your account shall not have any other active bonuses
    6. Total maximum compensation amount per one transaction is 30 USD or its equivalent in another currency
    7. Minimum compensation amount is 0.01 USD for the standard account and 0.01 USD Cents for the cent accounts
    8. Total maximum compensation amount per one trading account is 300 USD or its equivalent in another currency
    9. Compensation is credited to one MT5 trading account only and only if this account is applied for this promo
    10. To take part in this promo you have to choose MT5 account and credit your account via depositing or internal transfer with any amount. "Ultimate cashback" option is activated automatically as soon as the account balance is equal to 100 USD or higher amount (or its equivalent in another currency). As soon as the account is applied for this promo the following comment appears in trading account history “#P cashback is activated”
    11. If the client decides to withdraw funds or perform an internal transfer to a different account (including the partner account transfers) during the promo, the loss compensation will no longer be applied for this or any other accounts opened for this registered profile. Right after the account is excluded from promo the following comment appears in trading account history “#P cashback is stopped”
    12. Loss compensation is credited only if the time between order placing and closing is at least 15 minutes of trading time, except for weekends and holidays
    13. Compensation is credited only if the difference between opening and closing price is not less than 25 points for Flex accounts and not less than 10 points for Fort accounts
    14. No compensation is credited in case there is an order placed in the opposite direction on the same trading contract and in 15 minutes before or after the first order is placed (full or partial lock)
    15. No compensation is credited in case the hedging strategy is used (two orders are in lock and opened in opposite directions)
    16. Compensation is credited for the orders placed on Forex and Commodities (Metals) groups of contracts only
    17. Loss compensation amount credited to your account is available for withdrawal at any moment but in case you create a withdrawal or internal transfer request before the end of this promo, the profile is to be excluded from the promo participation
    18. In case any fraudulent activities are revealed the company reserves the right to nullify all previously credited compensations and deactivate the possibility to take part in this promo for all accounts opened for this profile
    19. All compensation funds are the bonus funds and regulated by Rules of proceedings for bonuses and promotions
It should be noted that the company renders services not only yo qualified investors but for beginners as well. For the most part, beginners are using such FortFS services as the Beginner Account, No-Deposit Bonus (Welcome Bonus), Support Margin Bonus etc.
Reference. Fort Financial Services Ltd is one of the world's leading Forex brokers operating under license IFSC/60/256/TS/17 issued by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize. The company's products and services comply with the international regulation, including the AML and KYC policies.
Fort Financial Services Ltd is amount the brokers recommended by the Masterforex-V rating.


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