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Why to Choose Real Estate in Netanya

News of Israeli real estate. For Israel Mediterranean resort Netanya is the same as Sochi for Russia, Yalta for Crimea, or Nice and Cannes for the Cote d’-Azur in France. Millions of tourists from all corners of the world, who have been here at least once, call the city “The Pearl of the Mediterranean” or “Israeli Riviera”.

Characteristic feature of Netanya, just like of any other top-popular resort worldwide, is stable growth of real estate prices.
For example, if in 2009-2010 a four-room apartment in Netanya would cost about USD 550 000, its current price has risen to USD 900 000, and it keeps rising, as the inflow of tourists (which is hand-in-hand with demand for housing) into the region keeps rising every year. According to predictions of Israeli Ministry of Tourism, this year not less than 5 000 000 tourists daily will come into the country, which is 10%, more than last year.

What is the most popular housing in Netanya for investors? What minimal prices and what kind of service are provided by largest producers of housing – construction companies of the region – these questions have been studied by “Market Leader” journalists together with representatives of Masterforex-V Academy in Israel.

Real Estate in Netanya: Why do Investors Choose the City?

Quality of Israeli real estate has approved itself at global market long ago, explained Gennady Avdeev,Иордания owner and director general of one of the leading construction companies in Israel “A.Ginadi”, in his interview to the “Market Leader”. By the way, this company has been awarded by Israeli developers for high quality construction of premium housing.

Netanya is the city of beaches and sun, fountains and green, shopping centers and street cafes, brilliants and sport. Characteristic features of Netanya are the following:

- proximity to the capital city (the city is located at the distance of only 25 km from Tel-Aviv);
- this is the place where many stars buy their real estate items (for example, Rosenbaum), just as representatives of global business aristocracy do;
- one third of population speaks Russian. This is very convenient for businessmen from CIS countries, for they feel like home when visiting Netanya. Besides, language factors make the process of finding employment in Netanya simpler.
As far as Netanya is a large financial, trading, and entertainment center, new jobs lay the firm ground for constantly rising demand for housing.

What housing is the best for investors? What is safe investment in Netanya? What kind of housing will be most comfortable? According to experts, one should buy real estate only from the companies that have well recommended themselves at the market; in other words, from those that have firm and reliable reputation. Construction projects are to be characterized not only by individual approach to building design, but also by functionality that would fully answer the customer’s wishes.

South Beach Tower: New Premium Housing Project in Netanya

South Beach TowerPremium housing gains most popularity in Israel, as explained by Israeli expert Jacob Bar Shimon in his interview to the “Market Leader”. Most popular in such resort areas as Netanya are apartments in new premium houses, which attract Russian stars, politicians, and businessmen from entire world.

Housing in Netanya may now be bought in premium complex South Beach Tower – about 80% of apartments have already been bought here.

In 2012 at new homes market of Netanya highest popularity has been gained by a 19-storey project of premium residential complex South Beach Tower, located at the distance of 50 meters from the Mediterranean Sea, stated Gennady Avdeev in his interview to the “Market Leader”.

What made South Beach Tower interesting for investors and potential customers? First of all, as explained by Gennady Avdeev, this concerns:
well-though and modern design with the possibility of flexible replanning, based on the owner’s wishes;

- highest level of decoration and infrastructure.

elevator that brings passengers to the seaside, as well as restaurant, billiards, dwellers club, or banquet hall.
The project suggests:
- 4-5-room apartments with total area amounting to 122-135 sq.m.;
- special 8-10-room apartments total area amounting to 240-350 sq.m. Such apartments are located on upper storeys, with 3 apartments on each.
элитное жилье в Нетании
- panoramic view on the sea from every apartment. All apartments are equipped with modern kitchens, ceramic granite flooring, doors, German plumbing equipment, centralized conditioning, sunny balcony with the area of 15-20 sq.m., and insulating double windows with Venetian blinds. All this is included in the cost of the apartment.
- designers of South Beach Tower have thought over everything meticulously in order to provide owners of the apartments with maximal comfort. Parquet, integrated with glass, fabulous aquarium, and special places for rest bring in the unbeaten atmosphere of splendor and busy life;

- underground parking, where every owner of the apartment has his own parking space;
элитное жилье в Нетании
- 24-hour security of the building, personal concierge. Surveillance cameras are installed on every floor for dwellers’ comfort and security. Besides, there are special high-speed elevators;
- modern fitness center, swimming pool with winter heating system. Every apartment has a magnificent view on the Mediterranean Sea.

I have traveled around the world and chosen the most wonderful and worthy place on the planet – Netanya. Геннадий Авдеев It is here that a person feels happy, safe, and worthy of his gained position in life,” said Gennady Avdeev.

Market Leader” note: Construction company А. Ginadi was founded in 1985 by Gennady Avdeev, who is the owner and the director general of the company. For the time of its activity the company has become one of the largest construction companies in Israel, gained the reputation of reliable and stable partner that erects high-tech lodging and high-quality administrative buildings. The best specialists of various profiles in Israel (architects, designers, engineers, builders, high-tech constructors), who work in the company, can perform almost any tasks of architectural and construction design to the point of start-up. Besides, А. Ginadi company suggests a wide range of services when the construction stage is over. When dealing with building construction, the company’s specialists use up-to-date construction technologies, high-quality materials, and modern professional equipment.

Owing to the activity of А. Ginadi, every year more residential areas with excellent infrastructure appear in Israel. These areas have all that is needed for comfortable, safe, and pleasant living in such cities as Netanya, Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Ness Ziona, as well as in kibbutz that can be found anywhere in the country.

Market Leader and Masterforex-V Trading Academy hold a questionnaire at Forex forum for traders and investors: Do you think that real estate in Israel is most attractive for investors?
- yes, real estate in Israel is the best kind of investment during crisis;
- yes, real estate in Israel is an interesting investment, but one should wait for further price drop;
- no, I am not interested in real estate in Israel.


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