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Monday, 24 February 19:20 (GMT -05:00)

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Masterforex-V Names 135 Most Popular Forex Brokers 2019

When trying to increase the amount of new clients, many brokers start massive ad campaigns online. Most of the time, you can see or hear those brokers call themselves the leading players in the industry, the best of the best, which is obviously not true because all of them cannot be as good as they claim to be. This actually makes it really difficult for the common trader or investor to make up their mind when choosing the next broker to go with.
At the same time, Masterforex-V Academy experts are sure that you can easily detect the most popular forex brokers to date by simply using Yandex.Direct. This is the service displaying the amount of search requests for the key word or phrase you enter. Basically, that's an objective criterion, when it comes to figuring out who are the most popular ones.
Anyways, to save you some time, the experts decided to come up with a rating of those popular brokers based on the results taken from wordstat.yandex.ru. So, the list includes 135 companies offering forex and CFD trading services. For more convenience, the rating is split into 3 leagues. To the right of the broker's name, you can find the nuber of search requests in June 2018 and June 2019. 
As the result of the research made, the following brokers belong to the premier league. All in all, there are 13 of them:
Name  Num of requests on June 1, 2018 Num of requests on June 1, 2019
Alpari 100806 (13642+87164) 107686 (94244+13442)
Dukascopy Bank SA 5052 (3743+1309) 10867 (7789+3078)
Interactive Brokers 4731 (3451+1280) 7882 (5612+2270)
OANDA 4671 (2703+1968) 3837 (2326+1591)
Forex.com 2304 1000
FxPro 2433 1984
Финам форекс 754 1476
Nord FX (NordFX) 955 (370+462+123) 842 (154+567+121)
FXCM 793 586
Saxo Bank (Саксо Банк) 405 (314+91) 485 (341+144)
FIBO Group 842 458
Fort Financial Services (FortFS) 309 (297+12) 320 (97+223+0)
Swissquote Bank SA 168 153


When evaluating the search result dynamics for the brokes that belong to the second league, the experts say that it was really surprising for them to find out that the amount of the search requests for Teletrade had decreased over the reporting period - from 27,9K all the way down to 12,5K. As a result, the company dropped from number 2 to number 6 to yield to RoboForex, InstaForex, Forex4you and eToro.
Some of the most popular brokers were moved to the second league due to a big amount of negative feedback online, including those from Masterforex-V Academy members. Unpopular brokers belong to the third league. By the way, Masterforex-V Academy warns their students against opening trading accounts with those brokers, especialy those with negative dynamics since this is the sign of losing their market positions.


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