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Saturday, 24 February 17:34 (GMT -05:00)

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Bitcoin Has Got a Younger Brother – Bitcoin Gold

In October, the list of cryptocurrencies got longer thanks to a new digital currency. Bitcoin developers announced Bitcoin Gold (BTG), and they promise that mining it will be much easier than mining the conventional version of Bitcoin. So, Bitcoin is going to get another younger brother in the coming days. Actually, the corresponding fork (separating Bitcoin chains in the blockchain) was scheduled for October 26th. If everything goes right, BTG may reach the same success that Bitcoin Cash got not so long ago. For those of you who don’t know, Bitcoin Cash also came into existence as the result of forking in August 2017. Later on it became the world’s 4th biggest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization.




At this point, Bitcoin’s market cap is around 95 billion dollars. Experts say that many developers thought about creating another Bitcoin peer while watching the huge success gained by Bitcoin. The international community has been discussing several new versions of Bitcoin, however Bitcoin Cash seems to be the only success for now.
Those who advocate the creation of Bitcoin Gold say that this is an attempt to bring the digital gold status back to Bitcoin since the world’s biggest digital currency has been losing it so far. The forking was initiated by a developer team led by Jack Liao (CEO of LightningASIC, a major Honk-Kong-based mining firm). The founder of cryptobank Wirkex Pavel Matveev assumes that the key idea of forking is to create another Bitcoin version so as to let more people mine it and therefore reduce the impact of big-scale mining firms on the industry and the market situation in general.
Indeed, big-scale miners do play the key role in mining digital currencies. Since they use costly hardware, the get a significant competitive edge over small-scale retail miners. Bitcoin World developers are planning to introduce a new algorithm to destroy the market monopoly of big-scale miners. They will be able to mine Bitcoin Gold using standard GPUs, which will make mining affordable and accessible to most of the players out there.
Everyone seems to be waiting for Bitcoin Gold but the community still doesn’t understand how this is going to be put into practice. Most of them assume that all of the Bitcoin users will get access to Bitcoin Gold irrespective of the type of their wallets. At this point, the forking is reported to have been support by such exchanges as Bitexchange, Coinbase, and Bitstar. However, nobody knows which wallets are going to be of high priority to those arranging the process.
Bitcoin Gold is Expected to Have a Bright Future


Still, nobody knows the initial cost of the new digital currency. Some experts expect it to follow in Bitcoin Cash’s footsteps and start with something around $300. Others say it may go up to $500 and even $1000.


The forthcoming forking has already influenced the BTC exchange rate. NordFX analysts report that BTC has nearly doubled over the last 4 weeks. A couple of days ago, Bitcoin set another all-time high around $6200 even though now it’s trading around $5700. Bitcoin has always been a rather volatile digital currency but it keeps on setting new all-time high over and over again. Experts say that investors started loading up on Bitcoin in order to be able to get free Bitcoin Gold coins upon launching. At the same time, they say that $6000 is not the limit. However, it’s always a good idea to trust professionals and to be cautious when dealing with digital currencies.


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Bitcoin Exchange Rate Drops Below $9000

Earlier today, the BTC exchange rate continued its way down to new local lows. In particular, it temporarily dove below the psychological threshold of 9000 dollars per 1 BTC. According to Coinmarketcap, the current local low is 8720 USD/BTC.

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Skeptics Predict Bitcoin Crash

As the amount of Bitcoin users is growing like never before, the amount of Bitcoin skeptics is growing as well. They are warning us that Bitcoin is doomed to crash at some point in the future. There are respected investors among them, who think that the rapid growth of Bitcoin and other altcoins is dangerous to those investing in them.

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Muslims Are Forbidden to Trade and Mine Bitcoin

The Grand Mufti of Egypt Shawki Allam is reported to have issued the so-called fatwa (which means a ban on something) against cryptocurrencies. This means that Muslims can no longer trade or invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. To be more specific, the Mufti thinks that trading cryptocurrencies is almost the same as gambling. Yet, gabling is strictly forbidden in Islam.

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Alpari’s Mobile App Gets Over 400K Users

Over the last few years, the amount of online traders using mobile apps has increased dramatically. The stats show that most of the time mobile forex traders choose mobile trading apps by Alpari, one of the biggest brokers in the international forex industry.

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Bitcoin Harms Natural Environment

 Today, only 1% of the global population is investing in cryptocurrencies.  However, mining those cryptocurrencies is something that all of us have to pay for. This is what Deutsche Welle thinks on the matter.

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Bitcoin May Trigger Another Major Financial Crisis

 Some experts say that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may trigger another major financial crisis.

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Fort Financial Services ¬– World’s Best Forex Bonus Offer 2017

Masteforex-V Academy has recently announced the results of the annual contest named «World’s Best Forex Bonus Offer 2017». Fort Financial Services won the title as the forex broker occupying the first position in the corresponding rating by Masterforex-V Academy.

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Bitcoin Exchange Rate May Drop to Zero, Morgan Stanley Experts Say

Bitcoin may drop all the way down to zero dollars. This is what Morgan Stanley analysts led by James Faucette told Business Insider. Such a gloomy forecast for the world’s first and most expensive cryptocurrency to date showed up amid another major drop in its exchange rate. The thing is that Bitcoin dropped by 40% from 19K dollars all the way down to 11,8K dollars on December 22nd. 

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Bitcoin is Yet to Win Major Investors’ Trust

The first Bitcoin futures were finally launched in the USA. However, despite the fact that cryptocurrencies have already been recognized a part of the financial world, skeptics still don’t believe in them and anticipate a cryptocurrency market crash. 

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Alpari PAMM Service Gets Its Monthly Turnover Exceed $15 Billion

Most people prefer to keep their savings in a bank. They believe that despite those tiny interest rates they get paid, storing money in a bank account is way safer than anything else. The point is, we are talking about storing money while it’s wiser to invest money so that it could make even more money. For example, Europeans like to consider investing their money in various kinds of assets. They further spend their profits on some big purchases or education for their kids.

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