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Duckascopy Offers Most Favorable Trading Conditions to Forex Traders

Profitable forex trading has become something usual for thousands of people all over the world. Having decided to change their lives for the better one day, they started valuing the active lifestyle of daily trading while listening to those market signals. Keeping in mind all the risks and potential benefits of trading forex, they dared take their first step.





At the same time, some other people remain indecisive and afraid of risks while living their ordinary lives and doing routine tasks they hate while dreaming about the weekend. Simply put, those guys are afraid to lose their money and that’s why they don’t take financial risks. Often times, you can come across negative comments on the Internet. Some of those comments are related to the bad luck during the first experience of trading forex. Influenced by such stories, some people start seeing forex as something fake and evil. They never confess that they failed only because they had zero knowledge and skills to do the right things and succeed at the end of the day.
Basically, that’s the key reason why more and more brokers start feeling like doing something about the problem and make people perceive the entire industry the way it should be perceived. Basically, they are trying to educate people and make the environment more transparent.
To be more specific, Dukascopy Europe lets you trade without a negative balance. So, let’s take a closer look at the innovative offer to figure out all of its benefits. Essentially, the company’s new offer looks like an innovative solution that can change people’s attitude to forex. Dukascopy Europe reports that since August 10th, the likelihood of seeing your balance go negative has been reduced to zero. This means that potential investments cannot exceed your balance. With that being said, as traders feel more secure, they will be able to manage their funds more efficiently.
The good news is, the new trading conditions hold true for both new and existing clients. Dukascopy Europe offers you to expand your trading opportunities within the scope of a new trading platform. This is JForex3. If you feel like giving it a try you can open a demo account.
CFD Trading Gets Even More Profitable
It’s not a secret that each and every trader out there wants to make as much money as possible while using various products and services provided by forex brokers. Apparently, all brokers charge their traders with certain kinds of fees and commissions, which affects their profitability to some extent.
Decent brokers have been trying to help traders maximize their profits. Dukascopy is no exception. After new stocks became available for CFD trading, Dukascopy announced a major discount for minimal fees for a share of such stocks. This means that by saving more traders earn more.
For European stocks, the minimal fee was reduced from 10 EUR all the way down to 4 EUR. At the same time, the standard commission remains unchanged at 0,1% of the turnover. The mentioned discount allows you to make some changes to your strategies and earn more. This initiative by Dukascopy is explained by the company’s intention to make traders get familiar with a new range of financial assets. More often than not, after successful tests, traders keep on working with the new assets as they make changes to their strategies.
While following modern trends, brokers expand the list of their products and services. The list of assets gets wider as well. Since Dukascopy makes CFD trading more convenient and profitable, CFD trading my become one of the cornerstones of renewed and more efficient trading strategies. You can learn more information by going to the corresponding section of the broker’s website.
Renewed Trading Platform, Now with Strategic Planning Option
In June 2017, Dukascopy Bank released a new version of the web platform - JForex Web 3. This is a highly productive trading platform and friendly user interface. You don’t even have to install Java to run the platform.
The platform resembles the previous one named JForex 3. There is nothing special required to get yourself up and running with the new web platform. This one is way more efficient and powerful. It’s compatible with all major browsers. At first, it was limited to manual trading only. However, later builds came in with improvements, including automated trading based on JForex API.
To make trading more flexible and convenient, Jforex Web 3 was supplied with 46 settings allowing you to customize your trading strategy. With Jforex Web 3, you can manipulate charts, save your trading environment to Jcloud and get notified about major news and market events. At the same time, the platform is a good fit for trading a wide range of assets of all kinds, including forex (currencies), metals, CFDs on indexes, popular commodities and stocks.
After beta-testing the web platform heavily for a while, Dukascopy decided to launch the platform official in August 2017. Since then, the platform has been online. Since the very launch, the company’s experts have been working on the platform to improve it and make it a good fit or all kinds of traders out there. Not so long ago, they added a new module in the web platform, which is called Strategies. Those who are fond of automated trading can now easily customize their strategies and make their trading robots work nicely as they are powered by JForex API. You can even upload your strategies from your PC, JCloud, or VisualJForex straight to a remote server.
For those of you who don’t know, Dukascopy Bankis a Swiss bank headquartered in Geneva, with offices in Malaysia, Russia, and China. The company specializes in rendering online financial services to retail and corporate clients. Dukascopy Bank operates under the Swiss law and is regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA.
The online bank was founded in 2004. Since then Dukascopy Bank has been involved in banking and other related online and mobile financial services. The bank is also known for several exclusive tech solutions. Dukascopy Europe IBS AS provides access to forex.
The focus on analytics is one of the key strengths of Dukascopy Bank. At the same time, this is one of the cornerstones of the company’s success. Dukascopy’s analytic department employs over 300 skilled experts, which is why Dukascopy clients can count on high-quality in-depth analytics helping them make highly efficient decisions.


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