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World’s Best Forex Brokers Revealed: NordFX, Alpari and Dukascopy

When it comes to Forex or any other financial market out there, successful trading and investing depends on a number of components. However, the 3 major pillars are a time-tested trading system, conservative money management, and a reliable Forex broker. If you ignore any of the pillars, FX trading or investing instantly turns into gambling, with no chance to succeed in the long run.




As for the best Forex brokers to choose from, Masterforex-V Expo is glad to introduce you to the 14 best broker to date. Those brokers belong to the premier league within the scope of Masterforex-V Expo by Masterforex-V Academy.
Masterforex-V rating as a leading indicator when it comes to trusting a certain FX broker
Going with a trusted broker is like going with a reliable bank. A gifted trader can make 100%, 200% a year and even more… and still get nothing at the end of the day because of choosing a disreputable broker.
When it comes to Masterforex-V Expo, an online source embracing dozens of reliable FX-related ratings, it is often referred to as a leading indicator of trust. The thing is, each and every broker in the rating gets a certain amount of points while being rated based on 20+ unbiased criteria.
Some of those criteria are quantitative. The broker gets them for each year of expertise (the older the company is, the more points it gets since the local experts believe that fakes never last long and only reliable companies stay afloat over time). The list also includes such things as the number of offices around the globe, the financial regulator (for instance, the broker gets 70 points for an FSA license, 30 points for a CySEC license, and just 5 points for a minor license from a regulator located somewhere in Mauritius), as well as the number of international awards won, and so much more.
The next group of criteria is of dynamic nature. They depend on the spread (the tighter the spread, the more rating points the broker gets), positive and negative client feedback etc.
There is a group of highly subjective criteria, which boils down to the average rating given by the expert team of Masterforex-V Academy.
By the way, those brokers who try to play dirty tricks on their clients and refuse to pay them money are fined and deprived of a certain amount of rating points.
It’s interesting to note that Masterforex-V Expo has been really good at predicting the ups and downs for many Forex brokers ever since it was launched 9 years ago.
Earlier in September 2017, Masterforex-V Academy updated the rating of recommended brokers. The rating is represented by 14 best brokers that can be trusted. You can safely open a live account with any of the brokers below:




The whole thing is, the update rating displays the world’s best FX brokers. These are NordFX, Alpari and Dukascopy. These are the 3 brokers with the biggest amount of rating points gained for many years of excellent work, awards, licenses etc. It’s not accidental, that these 2 brokers got the highest ratings from Masterforex-V Academy experts, as well as the international community of traders and investors.



NordFX is an EU-licensed broker. It has been delivering premium-quality products and services since 2008. According to Masterforex-V Academy, roughly half of the local traders have NordFX accounts with $1K to $20K. They give the broker 9,7 out of 10 on average for the quality of dealing.
Alpari is another major broker. Actually, it’s one of the biggest and oldest representatives of the international FX industry. It was founded in 1998 and has been offering international traders innovative solutions ever since. By the way, Alpari pioneered the PAMM niche and has been the biggest PAMM broker since then. The exceptional quality of products and services is backed by major licenses, including the one issued by the NFA.
Dukascopy Bank SA is a Swiss bank and one of the leading liquidity providers in the international industries of Forex and binary options. It offers some of the tightest spreads along with premium-quality service. By the way, successful traders can open bank accounts with Dukascopy Bank SA. I guess there is no need to explain the real value when it comes to the safety of client funds backed by the Swiss law. Masterforex-V Academy experts gave it 9,3 out of 10.
The rest of the 14 best brokers are:
TeleTrade – number 4
Fort Financial Services – number 5
FIBO Group – number 6


They are followed by such popular brokers as Interactive Brokers, Swissquote Bank SA, OANDA, FXCM, Saxo Bank, FOREX.com, FxPro, and Forex Club.


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