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Sunday, 10 December 16:22 (GMT -05:00)

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NordFX Simplifies Cryptocurrency Trading

NordFX, one of the leading forex brokers, is offering traders a pleasant surprise. Since September 4, any NordFX client can start trading Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies on their Standard account. For now, the asset index has been expanded with 3 assets – BTC/USD, LTC/USD, and ETH/USD. This means that you can trade those 3 digital currencies through MetaTrader 4. We remind you that previously, NordFX clients had to open a standalone “Crypto” account to start trading those cryptocurrencies.




Bitcoin Wins Traders and Investors’ Hearts and Minds
It’s not accidental that NordFX decided to add digital currencies to the list of conventional assets. According to the company’s recent press release, the interest in Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies has been growing exponentially. Digital currencies are not something overwhelming or scary anymore for most traders and investors out there.
Some of them load up on cryptocurrencies to make money as they expect those currencies to appreciate over time. Some of them have already figure out that cryptocurrencies are also god enough for margin trading. At least, the dominating trend is clear for now even despite the ups and downs seen in the market from time to time. This means, it nearly impossible for a savvy trader to lose the entire capital if they stick to sound money management at all times.
NordFX experts conducted research among traders and proved their suppositions. Most respondents support the idea of trading both digital and conventional currencies, metals and futures from the same account.
According to the respondents, the company’s recent move to add cryptocurrencies to the asset index and make them available in MT4 is going to help them come up with a whole lot of new trading strategies, with reduced risk and increased profit potential. Previously, when cryptocurrencies were only available on “Crypto” accounts, it was impossible. However, those accounts will remain active anyway, but they can transfer funds from Crypto to Standard accounts. 


Regardless of the choice, the traders will still enjoy the same beneficial trading conditions:
► Unlimited trading volume
► Min investment – 0,01 lots for BTC and 1 lot for ETH and LTC.
► You can open and hold up to 100 trades at a time.
► Auto trading and some other trading approaches are allowed.
Cryptocurrencies: Good For Buying and Holding and Even Better for Trading
Everyone seems to be talking about Bitcoin these days. The reality is, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of cryptocurrencies, NordFX experts report. However, few of them have actually become popular among traders and investors.
Essentially, any cryptocurrency is just digital code. That’s why big and savvy investors choose only time-tested digital currencies. NordFX offers you to start trading the most popular, liquid and promising cryptocurrencies:


1. Bitcoin. This is the world’s first cryptocurrency. It came into existence in 2008. Today, no one questions the reliability of Bitcoin. Yet, the digital currency has been getting really popular with international investors over the last few years, which is why the BTC exchange rate has been getting higher ever since. In 2009, 5050BTC could be exchanged for as little as $5. A few weeks ago, Bitcoin set another all-time high by breaking above $5000!


Chart 1. BTC/USD (mid-June – early September 2017).
The chart clearly indicates that Bitcoin gained roughly 150% over the reporting period alone.


2. Litecoin. This cryptocurrency was launched in 2011 as some kind of an alternative to silver. Even though it’s still far away from where Bitcoin is now, you cannot but be amazed by the price dynamics.


Chart 2. LTC/USD (July – early September 2017).
In just 2 months, Litecoin gained 200% over the reporting period. However, the chart doesn’t indicate that in the first half of 2017, Litecoin went from $4 all the way up to $40, which is 10 times as much.


3. Ethereum. This is a second-generation cryptocurrency. This summer, the price approached twice the $400 threshold. The initial rate was $80, which means that now it’s almost 5 times as expensive as it used to be right after the launch. 


Chart 3. ETH/USD (June – early September 2017).
So, the bottom line is this:
If you had bought those cryptocurrencies 2-3 months ago and sold them back last week, you could have earned:
► Bitcoin – 150%.
► Litecoin – 200%.
► Ethereum – 400%.
Can you imagine how much money you could have made, if you had used leverage? By the way, the charts indicate that those cryptocurrencies make rather deep retracements from time to time, which means that traders and investors can expand their exposure and open extra trades at more favorable prices.


NordFX is one of the biggest international forex brokers licensed by a EU regulator (CySEC). It has been offering high-quality products and services since 2008. According to Masterforex-V Expo, NordFX is longstanding leader of the international rating of FX brokers .


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