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Masterforex-V Expo Names Best FX Brokers for Beginners. August 2017

The first crucial choice anyone has to make when coming to the international forex market is to choose the right forex broker. Most people out there are convinced that all brokers are the same and choosing the broker is something irrelevant, which is not the case.




Indeed, at first sight, it may seem to you that the name is the only thing that makes brokers differ from each other, but that’s not true. They differ in many aspects, including the quality and quantity of the products and services they offer you. Regardless of the fact that brokers essentially do the same job, they may have individual traits.  
That’s basically the key reason why you may have a hard time choosing the broker, especially if you are just getting your feet wet in forex trading. Practice shows that beginners make the same mistakes over and over again. The thing is, they are focused only on the factors they are interested in right now, and they don’t take into account the factors that will be important further down the road. That’s the reason why most traders have to change brokers as they get more mature and experienced.
At the same time, there are no strict guidelines on how to choose the best broker. But there are certain things that may help you make the right choice. However, all of that may take a lot of time and effort since a lot of information needs to be processed before making a decision. That’s why Masterforex-V Academy came up with Masterforex-V Expo, online ratings designed to make the process of choosing the broker simple and easier for you. Ever since it was launched, it has been a pretty reliable source of information for thousands of traders and investors of all kinds and expertise levels.


Best FX Brokers for Beginners. August 2017



TOP 3:
Fort Financial Services is currently number one. This broker has been delivering first-class products and services to retail traders since 2010.
OANDA is number two. This is a true heavyweight in the FX brokerage industry. It has been around for over 20 years and offering both corporate and retail traders cutting-edge solutions for profitable trading.
Alpari is number three. This is another giant with nearly two decades of expertise and spotless reputation.
These brokers are followed by:
- FreshForex;
- Larson&Holz;
- FXOpen;
- YA-HI.com;
- Grand Capital;
- InstaForex;
- RoboForex;
- Forexite;
- FBS Markets Inc.;
- ForexStart;
- 24FX;
- TenkoFX;
- LiteForex;
- Forex4you;
- Premium Trading;
- FX-Invest;
- Forex EuroClub;
- Dealingcity;
- Pellucid FX;
- Rinkost Markets;
- iP Forex;
- Binoa;


- Arena FX.


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Bitcoin Nears $8000

Bitcoin closed the past trading week with an attempt to test the next major level – 8000 USD/BTC. In particular, the world’s first and biggest cryptocurrency has come close to the threshold on November 17th by setting a new all-time high at 7997,17 USD/BTC. However, this was a short-term attempt and the price retraced a bit shortly after setting the record.

Publication date: 19 November 09:18 AM

Masterforex-V Expo Names Best Forex Brokers for Beginners in November 2017

Sooner or later, each and every forex trader out there faces the same challenge – choosing the right forex broker. Their future performance will depend on that choice. The thing is, forex brokers may differ in a number of aspects, including the trading conditions they offer their clients.

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Bitcoin: Long-Term Prospects

Market participants, including traders, investors and regulators, have been watching cryptocurrencies getting more and more popular over the last few years. Some experts say that central banks will start regulating digital currencies at some point in the near future.

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Bitcoin Gold Crashes on the First Trading Day

 Yesterday, on October 25th, Bitcoin Gold became available for public trading. However, the first trading day turned out to be a nightmare for the founders. BTG crashed by roughly 70% over the first trading hours. According to Coinmarketcap, shortly before the launch, the exchange rate was 480 USD/BTG, but a few hours later it crashed all the way down to 157 USD/BTG.

Publication date: 26 October 12:59 AM

Bitcoin Has Got a Younger Brother – Bitcoin Gold

In October, the list of cryptocurrencies got longer thanks to a new digital currency. Bitcoin developers announced Bitcoin Gold (BTG), and they promise that mining it will be much easier than mining the conventional version of Bitcoin. So, Bitcoin is going to get another younger brother in the coming days. Actually, the corresponding fork (separating Bitcoin chains in the blockchain) was scheduled for October 26th. If everything goes right, BTG may reach the same success that Bitcoin Cash got not so long ago. For those of you who don’t know, Bitcoin Cash also came into existence as the result of forking in August 2017. Later on it became the world’s 4th biggest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization.

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Duckascopy Offers Most Favorable Trading Conditions to Forex Traders

Profitable forex trading has become something usual for thousands of people all over the world. Having decided to change their lives for the better one day, they started valuing the active lifestyle of daily trading while listening to those market signals. Keeping in mind all the risks and potential benefits of trading forex, they dared take their first step.

Publication date: 19 October 10:36 AM

Bitcoin Sets Another All-Time High

Bitcoin has completely recovered from September’s downtrend and is now moving higher. Moreover, the world’s first and most popular cryptocurrency has just set a new all-time high, Market Leader reports.

Publication date: 14 October 03:28 AM

Billionaire Cuban Calls Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain the Future of Financial Markets

American billionaire Mark Cuban thinks that cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology is the future. He shared his opinion with the public during his interview with Bloomberg. He talked about Bitcoin and the development prospects for the entire industry of digital currencies.

Publication date: 10 October 10:10 PM

Miners Start Panicking as Some Cryptocurrencies Start Going Down in Value

Bitcoin is making everyone nervous again. Bitcoin miners start panicking, and the panic is driven by the news that Bitcoin Cash and some other cryptocurrencies are crashing again, Market Leader reports.

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Bitcoin Exchange Rate Retraces Before Another Rally, Expert Says

These days, new financial assets are being added to the list of forex assets. Those are highly volatile assets like cryptocurrencies, for example. Cryptocurrencies have been getting increasingly popular with international forex traders. This holds especially true for Bitcoin, which is the world’s first and most popular digital currency.

Publication date: 08 October 05:40 AM