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Wednesday, 22 November 04:47 (GMT -05:00)

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New Bitcoin Cash Instantly Enters TOP3 Cryptocurrencies in Terms of Market Cap

For those of you who don’t know, the world’s first and most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin split in half on August 1st, 2017. Now, there are 2 versions of it – Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. As for, Bitcoin Cash, it instantly became among the leading cryptocurrencies in among market capitalization.




Over the last couple of months, the international community has been discussing the ways to accelerate Bitcoin transactions. The thing is that along with getting more expensive, the system slowed down. There has been no consensus between the developers so far. That’s why some of them decided to quit and start Bitcoin Cash. This is how the world’ most popular and expensive cryptocurrency was split in half.
What was the reason for the conflict? Back in may 2017, Bitcoin users complained that their transactions took days to be confirmed. The thing is that the speed of adding bitcoins to the block chain is one BTC per 10 minutes.  This limit was introduced in order to prevent DDoS attacks. However, as Bitcoin got more popular and liquid, this limitation turned into a major drawback for Bitcoin users.
The community offered 2 solutions – either canceling the 1Mb limit or letting some of data be stored outside of the block chain. The first scenario (Bitcoin Unlimited) was supported mostly by Bitcoin miners. However, the developers warned that this would require scaling up the capacities to process the increasing amount of transactions fast. This is not beneficial for small-scale miners and may result in monopolization, which contradicts the very essence of cryptocurrencies as a decentralized means of payment.  
As for the advocates of storing some data outside of the block chain in standalone files (this is known as Segregated Witness, or SegWit for short), they promised to reduce the load and increase the speed of processing transactions.


As the results of those talks, the advocates of Bitcoin Unlimited and SegWit compromised and created something called SegWit2x (2Mb limit with storing some data outside of the block chain). This solution is now supported by 95% of Bitcoin miners, but a group of insiders started Bitcoin Cash. The limit is 8Mb, which is basically its only difference as compared to Bitcoin.


Most experts are now skeptical about the future of Bitcoin Cash. However, it is going to make rival to the classic version of Bitcoin. And this is happening now. After the split, Bitcoin saw a minor drawdown. At the same time, Bitcoin cash managed to gain enter the TOP3 digital currencies in terms of market capitalization with almost 8 billion dollars, which means the international community has been getting increasingly interested in Bitcoin Cash ever since it was launched on August 1st, 2017.


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Bitcoin Nears $8000

Bitcoin closed the past trading week with an attempt to test the next major level – 8000 USD/BTC. In particular, the world’s first and biggest cryptocurrency has come close to the threshold on November 17th by setting a new all-time high at 7997,17 USD/BTC. However, this was a short-term attempt and the price retraced a bit shortly after setting the record.

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Bitcoin: Long-Term Prospects

Market participants, including traders, investors and regulators, have been watching cryptocurrencies getting more and more popular over the last few years. Some experts say that central banks will start regulating digital currencies at some point in the near future.

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Bitcoin Gold Crashes on the First Trading Day

 Yesterday, on October 25th, Bitcoin Gold became available for public trading. However, the first trading day turned out to be a nightmare for the founders. BTG crashed by roughly 70% over the first trading hours. According to Coinmarketcap, shortly before the launch, the exchange rate was 480 USD/BTG, but a few hours later it crashed all the way down to 157 USD/BTG.

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Bitcoin Has Got a Younger Brother – Bitcoin Gold

In October, the list of cryptocurrencies got longer thanks to a new digital currency. Bitcoin developers announced Bitcoin Gold (BTG), and they promise that mining it will be much easier than mining the conventional version of Bitcoin. So, Bitcoin is going to get another younger brother in the coming days. Actually, the corresponding fork (separating Bitcoin chains in the blockchain) was scheduled for October 26th. If everything goes right, BTG may reach the same success that Bitcoin Cash got not so long ago. For those of you who don’t know, Bitcoin Cash also came into existence as the result of forking in August 2017. Later on it became the world’s 4th biggest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization.

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Bitcoin Sets Another All-Time High

Bitcoin has completely recovered from September’s downtrend and is now moving higher. Moreover, the world’s first and most popular cryptocurrency has just set a new all-time high, Market Leader reports.

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Billionaire Cuban Calls Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain the Future of Financial Markets

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