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Masterforex-V Expo Names World’s Best Brokers for Beginners in July 2017

Along with required knowledge and skills, the broker makes up the lion’s share of the trader’s success in the Forex market. That’s why choosing the right broker right off the bat is so important.


At the same time, most of the traders joining Forex to start making money often lack the required experience to make the right choice. On top of that, most of them are convinced that all the brokers are the same, which is why they ignore the significance of making the right choice and make this choice randomly.
While this may seem like a good idea at first, if we dive deep into the matter the difference between some brokers is really huge. The thing is that each company is unique to some extent. Practice shows that there is no universal broker covering all the aspects of trading equally. Brokers specialize in rendering certain products and services to the client.
More often than not, beginners who, are just getting their feet wet in trading, make one and the same mistake. They pay attention only to those parameters they are interested in now but they don’t foresee those that will be significant in the future. This often leads them to the situation when they start figuring out that their broker is not suitable for them anymore, and that is why they are forced to quit and start looking for another broker once again.
Apparently, there is no step-by-step guide when it comes to choosing brokers the right way. So, what exactly should beginners do to make the right choice? The best way to do this is to rely on a professional opinion. For example, as a beginner you can utilize the rating of the industry’s best brokers for beginners, courtesy of Masterforex-V Academy.
The rating includes the companies featuring Masterforex-V Academy’s major international rating of Forex brokers . The rating takes into account both the rating points and the points gained as the result of the open voting.
World’s Best Brokers for Beginners. July 2017


As we can see, Fort Financial Services is currently leading the mentioned rating. This broker was founded in 2010. Since then, they have been focused on delivering first-class services and the ultimate trading experience to international traders and investors.
OANDA is number two. This is a true heavyweight with over 20 years of expertise. The broker has been using cutting-edge technologies to advantage both retail and corporate clients.
Alpari Limited is number three. This is another major player with almost 20 years of expertise. They have been popular in the international Forex community thanks to their spotless reputation and the exceptional quality of products and services.
Those three brokers are followed by:
- Larson&Holz
- FreshForex
- YA-HI.com
- FXOpen
- RoboForex
- Grand Capital
- FBS Markets Inc.
- Forexite
- InstaForex
- Forex4you
- TenkoFX
- LiteForex
- 24FX
- ForexStart
- Premium Trading
- Dealingcity
- Forex EuroClub
- Binoa
- Pellucid FX
- FX-Invest
- iP Forex
- Rinkost Markets
- Arena FX


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