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Online Forums for FX Traders – Recourses to Leverage Your Trading or Another Way to Trick You into Losing Money?

As you probably know, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Most of us like this saying. But how do we apply it in real life? A good example is when we are offered to participate in a promo and get a chance to benefit from it in a certain way. Frankly speaking, each and every FX broker out there offers a certain kind of bonuses or promos to retail clients. Most of the time, you are offered a welcome bonus, deposit bonus, or even no-deposit deposit bonus. Should all of that be treated seriously?




If you hesitate or don’t know the answer, you can ask professionals. An independent online forum for traders and investors is the right place if you want to get some feedback about the Forex companies you want to start trading with. Also, you can ask for help, learn tons of valuable things about trading and everything related to it. You can also learn valuable lessons from others’ experience and even avoid serious pitfalls in FX trading awaiting you round the corner.
Promos and bonuses by various FX brokers represent one of the most urgent topics discussed on various forums all around the web. Whether you love them or hate them, whether you believe that you can benefit from them or think they are traps for unsuspecting traders, you still have to take those bonuses and promos into account.
Any person doubting them has at least 2 key questions to ask:
1. Do brokers hire people to leave positive feedback about them as well as their products and services on the Internet?
2. Do those bonuses and promos really improve the trading conditions?
The answer to the first question is fairly simple. Indeed, you can get paid for leaving positive feedback about certain brokers. More often than not, you don’t have to do anything extraordinary to get paid. The payment terms are usually plain and simple. Let’s take InstaForex as an example. By going to the local online forum, you can find tons of feedback while the company’s website contains the bonus terms and conditions. There you can get a 30% bonus for the local club members as well as 100% as a special bonus. They even offer you a 100% no-deposit bonus.
Saying that trading without bonuses is better than using bonuses in your trading is like denying the obvious, especially when it comes to no-deposit bonuses. You don’t have anything to lose anyway. However, you get a chance to make some money to use it as your starting capital. This is when we remind ourselves that there is no such thing as a free lunch and start thinking about the benefits the company gains when offering those no-deposit bonuses. Most likely, this is not a charity company.
Apparently, the company gives away money hoping to make even more money further down the road. How do they do that? Everything is simpler than it might seem at first. The whole point is, unlike most of the beginning traders out there dreaming about getting rich quick, the broker doesn’t rely on hypothetical opportunities. Instead, the company relies on true market conditions leading to certain results with a very high degree of probability. They know that most of the rookies applying for those bonuses actually lose them pretty fast as the result of gambling and unprofessional trading. That’s why most of the money given away goes back to the company over time.
And even if there is a guy or two capable of making consistent profits right off the bat, this is also good news for the company. To be more specific, the broker gets the very trader they have been looking for. As the trader gets more advanced and increases their trading volume, the broker makes much more money than invested. This leads us to believe that there is nothing wrong with bonuses in general. So, you better catch at the chance until it’s gone. However, you have to be really careful when choosing a broker to go with.


Anyway, to succeed in trading over the long term, you have to grow as a trader, to become more skilled and experienced, and to trade with a reliable broker. If you still have a hard time choosing a broker and get on the right track, feel free to join Masterforex-V Academy.


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