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Wednesday, 5 May 15:48 (GMT -05:00)

Foreign exchange market

Forex-Market Offers Auto-Trading Solution

Experts say that the so-called automated trading (auto copying) is getting increasingly popular in the contemporary Forex industry since more plain folks come to Forex without expertise and want to make money with the help of pro traders.




Indeed, auto-trading allows inexperienced traders to convert other people’s expertise into their own profits. Unfortunately, not every market participant can boast decent knowledge and experience. Some of them are rookies. Still, everyone wants to make money in financial markets.

Auto-trading implies copying pro traders’ orders as signals in the automated mode. This allows the average user to spend little to know time on trading while still getting regular profits.

Forex-Market is one of such FX companies offering auto-trading. As a Forex-Marekt client, the only thing you need to do is to set up the system according to your taste. This means that once you have opened a live account and deposited funds into it, the only thing you need to do is to set your account is as to accept those trading signals that you like. Still, you want to do so that the signals look reliable to some extent.  

Please, keep in mind that there is a special type of live accounts for Auto Trading. So if you want to give it a try, you just need to open an account of this very type. If you have difficulty figuring out what to do next, there are experienced managers  who can assist you in every single aspect of trading and leading you though the training process of how to use the auto-trading option properly.

Still, you want to be a smart investor. They say never put all eggs in one basket. This means that it is always a good idea to diversify risks by distributing the investment capital between several master traders generating those automated trading signals for you. In this case, if one of them experiences a temporary drawdown, the remaining guys can make up for it by delivering more profitable signals, thereby reducing the overall risk while still giving you a chance to enjoy profits in the long run.

Let’s see what the official website reads:

"Autotrading" - is an opportunity to earn on the Forex market without deep knowledge of the analysis foundations. This account type opens up new opportunities of earnings in the foreign exchange market Forex. "Autotrading" allows you instantly copy trading operations of successful traders to your personal trading account by tracking in real-time history of their trading, but at this time all funds remain on the personal account and not transferred to the trust. Open account Read more How to connect the automated trading system: Choose one of the real trading accounts indicated here, check out his account history through monitoring. Open a real trading account with Forex-Market through service pro-rebate.com After opening the account send a request to email support@pro-rebate.com, asking for a licensed adviser (please specify your "nickname"), to copy deals on (specify your account number); All earned profit on your trading account belongs only to you; You can interfere in the work of adviser (to cancel pending orders, partly close opened transactions, open and close the other orders in your account by your own).

Source: https://www.forex-m.com/en/trader/conditions
All rights reserved © Forex-Market

As you can see, the system is pretty simple and easy to use. You don’t have to be a rocket scientists to figure out the proper way to use it profitably.  Just play around with the settings and find the master traders that suit your risk tolerant and other demands and conditions.

By the way, it al ways a good idea to open an account via pro-rebate.com. This is the rebate service allowing you to get spread rebates.

Once you have registered through pro-rebate.com, you can contact the local support team via support@ pro-rebate.com to as a licensed trading robot. by providing your nickname and the account number.

The biggest benefit of using the auto-trading service is that the entire profit generated within the scope of the service belongs entirely to you. This means that you don’t have to share the profit with master traders or some other parties.

The bottom line is that Forex-Market is a good choice for those guys seeking extra passive income with little effort. Generating substantial profits has never been easier!


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