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Friday, 16 November 02:46 (GMT -05:00)

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“Panteon-Finance” Presents a New Contest “Miss Investor 2015”


Investment, just like any kind of business, is considered to be an exclusively men's business. However, regardless the settled stereotypes, business-ladies are most successful. Even in conservative India in due time the post of president of Bombay exchange was held by a woman – Deena Mehta. What is more, women successfully work (whoever would have thought it?) on stock exchanges of Islamic Kuwait.
Most Successful Business-Ladies
Let alone Europe and the USA. And the brightest European example is the Head of Investment Department of one of largest British funds of the City Katherine Garrett-Cox, who has received a nickname “Catherine the Great”. Annual income of this lady amounts to one million pounds sterling, plus award fees.
The “ice lady” Carol Galley is the Head of British investment company Merrill Lynch Investment Managers. She controls transaction with assets for the total sum of 557 billion dollars. And in due time she came to the company as a … librarian.
A Russian Olga Dergunova is the only woman-director of regional office of Microsoft company. Her name does not leave the pages of such editions as the Wall Street Journal, the Times, the Business Week, in ratings of which Olga occupies leading positions among TOP successful women of the planet.
Many women have gained financial independence and global popularity at Forex. For example, Cynthia Kase, who has created her own system of trade, as well as developed and successfully implemented a number of her own indexes, among which an impulse indicator PeakOscilltor is particularly popular at the market.
And Linda Bradford Raschke has for a long time been called “the most successful woman-trader in the world” by leading financial media of the planet. The first woman-broker at New York stock exchange was Muriel Siebert. And although she has not been taken seriously for a long time, her company has reached financial prosperity and brought considerable capital. Besides, a bank, in which she took a credit to buy a place at a stock exchange, has become her client. And the same bank has excused lady Siebert percentage by the credit for the first month in exchange for providing broker services.
Who Helps Women to Become Successful Investors?
In a word, there are numerous examples of successful women-businessmen, women-traders, and women-investors. But for some reason representatives of the fair sex are not always inspired to gaining their financial independence. Although they can, there is no doubt about it. Most probably, some deep-seated stereotypes do not let them do so; besides, in consciousness of men.
One of leaders at Forex market – “Panteon-Finance” company – which according to the results of MasterForex-V Expo vote has been honoured with two Cups in nominations: “Investment Broker No.1 of 2014” and “Choice of Forex Investors 2014”, has decided to break these cliches. Owing to various projects, which allow anyone to earn at Forex even without much knowledge or effort, a great number of Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians, and female representatives of other countries currently are successful investors.
And their capital increases every day. Particularly, that of participants of the only contest of beauties in the industry “Miss “Panteon-Finance”, as well as of such unique programs as “Arena of Investors”, “School of Investors”, “School of Managers”, etc.
Not less effectively do girls invest in objects of art with “Panteon-Finance”, get profit at unprecedented by profitability and minimal risk PAMM funds, or actively work as independent investors, traders, or managers of PAMM accounts.
And owing to the company’s project “Miss Investor 2015” girls-investors of “Panteon-Finance” have received additional opportunities for getting even higher profits by means of investment. Probably, the contest is a launching pad, which will give us new Kase, Raschke, Siebert, etc. And maybe, participants of the project will outrank the legendary women-traders by their talent and financial results, thus becoming role models on their own…
“Miss Investor 2015”: Most Beautiful – Most Successful?
“The contest “Miss Investor 2015” provides additional opportunities for successful investment representatives of the fair sex, says the Head of Client Relations Department of “Panteon-Finance” Evgeny Vechkanov in his interview to the “Market Leader”, “to be more specific, for finalists of annual international contest “Miss Panteon-Finance”.
Terms of participation in the project are rather simple: we have transferred by 1,000 dollars to accounts of winners. Contestant then go “free floating”: invest in products of “Panteon-Finance” in the way that will allow them to maximally increase their deposit by the end of the competition on May 1, 2015.
Consequently, the girl, whose balance is the highest, will become the winner. She will get the main prize – a certificate for 5,000 dollars and a laptop. What is more, the income gained during the period of participating in the contest will also remains at disposal of the winner. Though, just like that of any other participant.”
“In order to win in the contest,” highlights the specialist, “girls have to choose managers for their investment portfolios. Traders, cooperating with “Panteon-Finance”, whose accounts are included in PAMM funds of the company. Weekly reports are also to be kept in mind, in which participants indicate PAMM accounts that they have directed their means into and, preferably, reasons that have motivated them to invest in these managers.
Therefore, “Miss Investor 2015” provides great opportunities to get practical skills of successful investment at Forex in a relatively short time, and at the same time earn from this by getting direct profit, as well as winning money means from company.”

Current situation with the contest is rather interesting. For example, Miss “Originality” of the contest “Miss Panteon-Finance 2014” Ksenia Kovalchuk, who has written in her forum that “there has appeared an opportunity to shine not only with appearance”, truly “shines” as a talented investor. Even despite characteristic for beginners drops from pluses to minuses, the girl has currently taken the fifth position of the rating. And she has not yet revealed her entire potential, so we can expect a steady growth…




Results of Miss “Talent” Olga Lazepnikova for the first week have amounted to almost 7% profit. Although, on the second week the girl has made a minus 10% loss, but then appeared in plus again… As a result, at this moment the participant has taken the last, seventh place, in the contest. However, this, to all appearances, has not influenced Olga’s combative mood, for she assures that “I will keep moving forward, as they say, bulldoze my way”.




Slightly higher has risen Miss “Charm” Polina Cretchina, who works with conservatives, who have given her the sixth place in the rating.




Whereas the first runner-up of contest “Miss Panteon-Finance” Ekaterina Biletskaia currently holds the third position. The girl has increase her profit by 1.65% in comparison to last week.




Ekaterina is followed by the winner of contest “Miss Panteon-Finance 2014” Marina Yerenkova, who has settled on the fourth position. By the way, the girl has economic education, which, probably, helps her to invest rather successfully. Besides, Marina has acknowledged that she wants to “seriously dive into investment business!” Slowly but surely the balance of contestant’s account is rising, thus showing the most important for any investor feature – stability.




Miss “Perfection” Anastasia Kochegurova has remained a leader for the whole month. Ahowever, she currently occupies the second place, but her profit keeps rising, so the girl is one of favourites to win the title “Miss Investor 2015”.




At this point the leadership is kept by Miss “Smile” Anna Gutchishnikova. For three weeks the participant has been keeping the fifth line, but soon started rising quickly and proved to be above all. Anna's profit has increased by 5.17% in comparison to last week.




Consequently, seven bright girls, seven talented forex investors, actively compete for the right to bear the honourable title “Miss Investor 2015”. The winner will be defined on May 1, 2015. “No matter how final places will be allocated, I am convinced that every contestant will get priceless experience of effective investment in best products of “Panteon-Finance”, which will allow her to become a financially independent and successful business-lady in future,” concluded Evgeny Vechkanov.
You can only learn what you love. (Goethe)



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