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Saturday, 23 June 17:10 (GMT -05:00)

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European Stock Indices Go Red On German Stats



 European stock indices are trading in the red zone today, since investors are disappointed by Germany’s retails sales report, which turns out to be worse than expected.






The current market situation looks as follows:
·         Stoxx Europe 600 is down by 0,45 to 298,36
·         Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50 has lost 0,21% and is trading around 2753,34
·         FTSE 100 is down by 0,06% to 6566,74
·         CAC 40 has declined by 0,42% down to 3969,97
·         DAX is down by 0,415 to 8236,75


The chart below, courtesy of Masterforex-V Academy, reflects the current state of affairs in the market of FTSE 100:




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Lenovo Becomes Number 1 PC Manufacturer In Q2 2013



Lenovo, a Chinese manufacturer of computer electronics, became the world’s major PC manufacturer last quarter. In particular, the company conquered 16,7% of the global market during the reporting period. For comparison sake, in Q2 2012, it was just 15% of the market.
Publication date: 11 July 08:36 AM

NYSE Euronext Will Be Responsible For LIBOR.

YSE Euronext, a stock market operator, will be responsible for calculating the LIBOR. According to the Financial Times, the British government has recently created a special committee, which will hand the mandate over to the operator.

Publication date: 10 July 05:38 AM

European Stock Indices Strengthen

European stock indices are trading in the green zone since investors are waiting for the June FOMC meeting minutes.

Publication date: 10 July 05:24 AM

Deutsche Bank Anticipates Gold Rally

The gold futures strengthened earlier this week after Friday’s decline when they lost over 3% in value. The strengthening is said to be connected with tensions in Egypt and weak economic stats from Germany. As a result, investors have increased their interest in safe-haven assets.

Publication date: 10 July 03:25 AM

Asian-Pacific Indices Close Bullish On Positive Corporate Reports

Asian-Pacific stock indices closed today’s trading session in the green zone since a number of companies, including Alcoa, published positive corporate reports for the past quarter of 2013. Chinese markets were especially volatile. 

Publication date: 09 July 03:58 AM

Bloomberg Respondents Anticipate Gold Rally



The gold futures lost 3% on Friday after the report on the US labor market. The data turned out to be stronger than expected. This led to dollar strengthening against other majors, thereby causing a rally in stock markets worldwide. Apparently, gold lost a bit of its value under such circumstances.
Publication date: 09 July 02:52 AM

Global Sugar Market Outlook


Sugar is a major food commodity. It is widely consumed around the globe. Some industries just cannot exist without it. On top of that, it is included in the list of strategic commodities important for a country’s food security.
In this article will take a look at sugar prices worldwide and will ponder on the near-term future of the global sugar market. Masterforex-V Academy will help us with that.
Publication date: 08 July 11:39 AM

Asian Stock Indices Go Down



Asian stock indices finished today’s Asian trading session in the red zone. That was a major decline. The Chinese market turned out to be the frontrunner in terms of weakness.
Publication date: 08 July 02:58 AM

European Stock Marketplaces Strengthen In Advance Of Economic Stats



European stock indices are trading in the green zone today since investors are waiting for positive economic statistics from the USA and Germany.
Publication date: 05 July 01:40 AM

Gold Sees Record Quarterly Price Decline Since Gold Standard Collapse



Yesterday, gold set a new record in terms of quarterly price decline. In particular, gold lost 23% during the reporting period, which is the biggest decline in the entire history of Comex, which was established in 1975, and since the Gold Standard was abolished in 1971. The previous record was set in 1982, when gold depreciated by 18% during the 1st quarter of the year.
Publication date: 02 July 05:35 AM