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Foreign exchange market

RVD Markets Limited: TOP5 Liquidity Providers


Cooperating with a reliable and highly professional Forex broking company is one of the cornerstones of successful Forex trading. A truly client-oriented reliable broker should be interested in long-term cooperation with you as a winning trader since you will be generating decent profits for yourself and the company on a regular basis, which is exactly what both of you want.
In other words, you can trust only those broking companies that are guided by the principle “my profit equals clients’ profit” and strive to create win-win situations.  Trading with such brokers, you can be sure to get optimal trading conditions and premium-quality services since they want you to make money for yourself and them.
RVD Capital Holdings Limited (Great Britain) is one of such client-oriented companies. It is a fairly transparent company. The company is actually so transparent that it doesn’t conceal its 5 major liquidity providers. These liquidity providers allow traders to access the genuine Forex interbank environment with abundant liquidity. Traders can get their orders executed fast and at best prices available. 
RVD Markets Limited: Best Forex Solutions



In order to better describe the company and its potential, let’s have a look at the “ABOUT COMPANY” page, which reads:

The «RVD Markets Limited» broker Company is registered on the British Virgin Islands in 2010 and has all necessary certificates and documents on conducting commercial activity. The Company is part of the holding «RVD Capital Holdings Limited» (United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland), which focuses of providing high quality services on the financial markets.
The Company offers unique trading conditions to all wishing regardless of the initial deposit, volume of trade and type of trading strategy. Our Broker organizes the transfer of Clients orders in the system of Straight Through Processing (STP) directly to providers of liquidity. As the сommission charged for this, is the main source of income, we are directly interested in the growth of trading volumes.
Profitable trading of our Clients, increase the amount of attracted funds on deposits are necessary conditions for successful business of the Company. For this purpose we strive to provide Traders with the best conditions possible in the forex market for retail Clients: tight spreads, low commissions and execution of transactions in accordance with the standards of regulated global exchanges. A lot of work which is carried out with software developers and aggregators, allows unlimited increase the liquidity of our own electronic communications network (ECN) and expand the list of spot trading tools, providing high quality access to services based on advanced technologies.
We don't assume the risks connected with clearing (internal overlapping) transactions of our Clients, and we cannot theoretically go bankrupt in connection with trading results of our Clients.
Special attention is paid to the work with Clients and strives to maximally satisfy their needs and wishes, ensuring, thus, personality-oriented approach to each Client. We guarantee full transparency and confidentiality in relations with Clients.

TOP5 Liquidity Providers

Now, it is time to take a closer look at RVD’s liquidity providers:
The term "liquidity" is understood as such condition of certain goods, resources, securities at which they can be acquired or realized quickly and without essential losses in the price. The highest level of liquidity are cash assets.
The main indicator of liquidity is trading volume. Than more transactions are concluded with one or another asset, than higher its liquidity. The daily volume of trade in the FOREX market amounts to trillions of US dollars, which exceeds many times the volume of world stock market. That is why the FOREX market has the highest liquidity.
In practice FOREX trading «liquidity» means, first of all, the ability quickly sell or buy one or another currency in the necessary volume. Therefore, tools, which can be quickly sell or buy call highly liquid, and assets, the sale or buy of which takes a lot of time is low-liquid. Liquidity provide market-makers - large participants of the market (such as banks), than more market-makers provide liquidity of the company, than higher the probability that the transaction will be possible to perform, regardless of the time and the trading sessions in the different countries of the world.
The aggregator (provider) of liquidity is the large participant of the market uniting in a network the largest banks of the world, financial institutions and the funds, forming pool of a stream of the prices, quotations and news to smaller participants of the market such as brokers, the dealing centers, etc.
In keeping with its business model, the «RVD Markets Limited» Company carefully selected the best in the world liquidity providers and concluded with each of them of a cooperation agreement to provide our customers with access to the widest possible liquidity and qualitative execution of orders at the best prices on the FOREX market.
The list of RVD’s TOP 5 liquidity providers includes:
·         Currenex
·         Integral
·         LMAX
·         Boston Prime
·         FXCM
These are some of the industry’s major liquidity providers. If you are interesting in finding out more about these liquidity providers, please feel free to visit http://www.rvdmarkets.com/en/forex_trading_terms/about_liquidity_providers



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Forex Broker HiWayFX Presents Exclusive Affiliate Program


Today work at Forex market is possible without direct trade. For example, by investing in managers of PAMM accounts. However, in such a case risks are not smaller, if not rise.
Yes, you do get rid of many “troubles”, connected with calculations, analysis, and building up trading systems by making money from someone else’s trade. “But instead,” highlight specialists, “you get another ‘headache’: how to choose the trader, whom you can entrust your money to?” And even if you work with a pro, your capital will lose its proportional volume at any drawdown.
Publication date: 26 July 09:01 AM

Forex-Market Offers 3 Services For Higher Profits


A modern FX broker should be aware of the client’s needs, desires and ambitions and do its best to cater to them at all times. This is what separates the best from the rest.  This is the core concept that drives the team of professionals working for Forex-Market, one of the young but promising and advanced FX brokers out there. That is why the FX company is getting more and more popular worldwide.
The client’s profit is the company’s key focus. That is why the local experts are doing their best to let the trader makes as much money as possible when trading Forex and CFDs for currencies and other underlying assets. On top of that, the win rate is coupled with ease and efficiency and backed by a variety of services designed to let everyone make money in financial markets these days.

As for Forex-Market, the company has recently introduced 3 excellent services for all kind of retail clients. Let’s have a closer look at them.

Publication date: 23 July 09:38 AM

Forex Affiliate Contest 2015 by Orbex


Not so long ago, Orbex launched a new contest for its affiliated partners. Within the scope of this contests you can win a lot of money – up to $20 000. Let’s take a closer look at the offer.
Publication date: 23 July 07:31 AM

Masterforex-V EXPO: Best FX Analytics Providers. July 2015


There is no doubt that decent market analytics is the real “face” of any modern broker, whether it is Forex or binary options, or pretty much any other financial market. A lot of FX traders and investors (both rookies and advanced traders) take those analytic figures into account when making their trading or investment decisions. This means that traders need timely data while their quality needs to be of pretty high level for the sake of helping traders and investors make truly weighted trading decisions in order to put the odds of winning in their favor and letting themselves succeed over the long term.
Publication date: 22 July 10:25 AM

45 Traders of Masterforex-V Earned Over 14 Thousand Points of Profit for July 1-15

Next thing you know its the middle of summer already. The period of vacations, warm sea, sun, and travelling is lasting. The "Market Leader” has addressed the vice-rector of Masterforex-V Academy Sergei Cherepanov (nick at forum Rich Man) to find out about the state of affairs of an innovative service pro-rebate.com.

Publication date: 22 July 08:21 AM

Forex: Masterforex-V Academy Experts Reveal Winning FX Strategies

After the series of articles released by Market Leader and telling about Masterforex-V Academy traders making thousands of points as monthly profits when trading Forex, we started getting a whole lot of requests and questions:

How to find out more about the successful traders?

How to learn their strategies as well as tips and tricks from them?
How to become students and learn from these guys?
And so on…

Indeed, all those catchy ads promising a ton of money in a matter of weeks or months do look tempting. Bit in reality in order to start making money in financial markets, it is necessary to become at least an advanced trader or even an expert trader with a lot of expertise as well as all the necessary skills and the right mindset.
That is why Market Leader decided to interview some of the most successful FX traders within the scope of Masterforex-V Academy in order to get the answers to some of those frequently asked questions. These guys developed 2 indicators - АО_Zotik and WPR_Vsmark – and introduced the SRP strategy, which is why their department is called the SRP Department of Masterforex-V Academy.
Publication date: 21 July 06:37 AM

Best Forex Broker of the Year Alpari Introduces New Platform for Binary Options


It seems that when summer came life at Forex stopped, slipping into a financial coma – a flat. However, not always and not everywhere. Thus, the largest Forex broker in Russia and CIS, one of the world’s leading brands of the industry – Alpari, has once again become the main newsmaker of the holiday season.
Publication date: 12 July 07:52 AM

NordFX and Fibo Group – Frontrunners of July's Rating of Best FX Brokers by Masterforex-V Expo


As you probably know, Masterforex-V Academy launched Masterforex-V Expo a couple of years ago. This project was designed to embrace a number of unbiased ratings of FX and binary brokers. This rating is based on objective quantitative data coupled with client feedback.


By the way, choosing a reliable FX broker to go with is a headache not only for rookies but for intermediate and advanced traders as well. There are hundreds of FX brokers out there.
Publication date: 10 July 05:31 AM

Forex. EURUSD: Greek Banks Closed Till Friday, Euro Goes Down


The current situation in Greece is both difficult and crucial for the future of the Eurozone, some experts say. They predict that Greek depositors may well be deprived of a certain part of their savings kept in local banks, Market Leader reports.



More and more internet sources (including whotrades.com) publish multiples predictions regarding the Greek scenario. In particular, they say that Greece is forced to keep their banks closed until Friday or even Monday in order to avoid endless lines of depositors trying to withdraw their savings. It is pretty obvious that under such circumstances the Greeks will rush to local banks to take their savings amid uncertainty.
Publication date: 09 July 07:47 AM

Hantec Markets Continues New FX Webinar Series by Richard Perry


Teaching people how to trade FX professionally and profitably has been the key focus of Hantec Markets, a reputable FX broker. They say only those traders who have enough knowledge and skills can benefit from Forex trading in the long run. With that said, as a client-oriented company, Hantec Markets is focused on raising FX stars and planning long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with all of tis clients. Without any doubt, the cornerstones of long-term success in trading any financial market are all about avoiding costly mistakes and making decent trading decision every single time.
That is the reason why Hantec Markets decided to invite a true expert in trading financial markets to share his expertise, tips and tricks with the audience. His name is Richard Perry.
Publication date: 09 July 03:43 AM