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Panteon Finance: Contests Popular Among Forex Traders

These days various contests are very popular at Forex market. Even at real accounts many brokers suggest risk-free competition with money prizes. However, traders should be extremely alert: you never no when you may meet a DC, who will use these contests to draw you into the market and drain your deposit.

On the other hand, responsible companies that are interested in long-term cooperation with clients will organize contests as an additional stimulation measures to effective and profitable trading. In such a case, contests and tournaments will help you to gain practical market knowledgein the shortest possible time and, thus, having certain skills of Forex trade, hold profitable transactions.

Contests at Forex market are equally useful for more experienced traders. For it is here that one may test one's trading strategies without any risk of the loss of capital; what is more, in case of winning, the money prize will increaseone's trading volume. Moreover, seeing others as rivals you develop the psychology of a winner, which is based on rational, balanced approach to every held analysis and, consequently, transaction.

Which Forex brokers provide best contest programs? Which of them direct contests and bonuses at real support of traders? According to the results of monitoring, held by Masterforex-V Academy experts, present leading position in this direction is occupied by Panteon Finance broker company, which last made a breakthrough at Forex market by having implemented the service of several PAMM accounts, joined at one trading platform.
Contests of Panteon FinanceAlliance of Stability and Profit

As a rule, Forex market contests are a launching pad to future heights of trader's financial success,says Alexandr Filippov, the Head of Panteon Finance Development Department in his interview to the “Market Leader”, “unpleasant exceptions are made by the contests that have nothing to do with stimulation of traders or competent and effective work at financial markets. On the contrary, their developers have done their best for client's deposit tomove into their pockets. Luckily, such DCs are getting fewer in number.”

However, most contest programs follow the track that has already been laid, with mere difference of size of bonuses and prizes. Panteon Finance has initially chosen a totally different direction,” explains the specialist,“we want our every client, present or potential, to have the opportunity of stable and profitable work at Forex market at most convenient terms.

At the same time, we understand that most beginners are unwilling to follow the long way of studying the basics of financial markets with the help of books and demo accounts. Therefore,having taken into consideration their interests and Panteon Finance technological capabilities, we have developed a unique series of contests, which enable beginning traders to study Forex market almost in real circumstances, bearing no risk of loss. In other words, one will master one's skills by gaining priceless knowledge and skills in the shortest possible time. More experienced traders will have an opportunity to test their trading systems, themselves in extreme circumstances, etc.

“It is evident that every contest presupposes prizes. But, in my opinion, this is not the most important point,”saysAlexandr Filippov“for life shows that, having received the desired, many traders relax, become self-assured, and believe to know and be able to do everything.
However, at the time of first bad luck at real market their disappointment is so high that many of them have no strength, nor desire to pull themselves together and return. At the same time, winners of the contests constantly gain profit at Forex.

The fact is that this category of traders has managed to analyze their mistakes in contests, managed to develop high level of self-discipline and clear system of capital and risk management. Thus, a prize is a ratherrelative factor, but it is a perfect indicator of contestant's opportunities in future. In other words, prizes in such competitions are not a goal in themselves.
Contests Suggested by Panteon Finance

This spring Panteon Finance has launched a number of contests, – mentions Alexandr Filippov, “the major goal of the program is to find most successful traders and investors and help beginners to grasp the specifics of stock trade quickly and painlessly. At the same time, our contests are open to those who do not deal with Internet trading, but are willing to join it. In general, anyone has an opportunity to show hisskills and win good prizes.”


For example, in addition to already popular contests “Russian Roulette” and “Peak Profit”, currently called “Trading Week” (for more details about broker's contests see “Panteon Finance – New Stage in Contest Trade”), traders are provided with an opportunity to open their talents in the following contests:
– “People's Signal”. The contest is held on a daily basis, and its money prize amounts to 50 dollars. Procapital.ru forum provides information on rules, conditions of participation, as well as an opportunity to place predictions about a chosen trading tool.
“School of Managers”. Main prize amounts to 100 000 dollars! After a registration the participant shows in practice that he can effectively manage not only his own money assets, but of others too. If the results of trading prove this, he receives a large sum of money to manage, thus automatically becoming one of Panteon Finance TOP managers.

“Investors may also partake in contest, organized by our company,” explains the “Market Leader” interviewee. This particularly concerns “School of Investors” project, which is a synthesis of educational and contest program with an opportunity of activecommunication. To put it more simply,“School of Investors” is a bridge between spontaneous, not fully conscious investing and professionally formed, economic investment strategy.

The contest is held on a permanent basis. Its peculiarity is the fact that investor not only gains priceless financial knowledge in the course of the project, but can also show the gained knowledgeand skills, “protect” his investment strategy, and even make a “career”.

According to the results of every successful project,Panteon Financeencourages investors with considerable money inflow into his deposit. In such circumstances all observers will manage to access applied investment strategies by reading weekly reports, notes, and comments in the section of every contestant at Procapital.ru forum. Winners of “School of Investors” contest will receive the money prize of 5 000 dollars.

We have also launched a new investor contest from partners of Panteon Finance. Its goal is to reveal the best investment strategy and the best investment portfolio, which consists ofPanteon Financeand Forex Trend PAMM accounts. The winner receives 1 000 dollarsto his account, runner-up – 700 dollars, and the participant that occupies the third place – 300 dollars. The contest lasts during March; however, it is most likely to continue further with formation of new participants.

We have also organized contests for writers and active representatives of Panteon Finance forum,” highlights Alexandr Filippov, “Consequently, leaving messages at Procapital.ru forum has become more profitable and useful. However, keep in mind that you will receive nothing but ban for a flood, as the main goal of the contest is to provide useful and topical information. At the same time, most active forum participants, whose messages, news, and informative works prove to be most topical and have practical value, will receive a number of privileges from our company: ranging from bonus money means into a bank accountto annual summer vacations in Odessa, paid byPanteon Finance! Thus, you may partake in the following contests:

 Contest of Author's Topics. Held from March 11 to May 31, 2013. The winner receives 1 000 dollars. For second place one receives 500 dollars, third – 300 dollars, fourth – 150 dollars, and fifth – 50 dollars.
Pro News Contest. Held from March 01 to May 31, 2013. The prize fund is distributed between five winners following the scheme of Author's Topics Contest.
Blogger Contest. Held from March 11 to May 31, 2013. Distribution of the price fund is held similarly to the previous contests, but there also is an additional 1 000-dollar prizefor the best investment blog.
Best Slogan for Procapital Contest. Held from March 01 to May 31, 2013. This contest will consider your variants for a slogan of Procapital.ru forum. The author of the best slogan will receive 50 dollarsfor his balance account inPanteon Finance.

What is more, we have organized and launched a contest for beautiful girls “Miss Panteon Finance – 2013” (for more details see “Panteon Finance: Who will Become Beauty Queen at Forex”). By this point 220 girls have registered from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, as well as neighbouring countries and beyond. Let me remind that the applications, submitted by the end of March will take part in the final on June 15 in Odessa. At the same time,” highlights broker company representative, “none of 15 finalists will be left without a prize or a title. The first winner will receive the main prizeround-the-world trip!

“For more details on terms of participation in each of the contest organized byPanteon Financesee Procapital.ru forum, section “Contests”. Let me add that we have foreseen and implemented all possibilities for effective participation for traders, investors, writers, and forum attendants. Anyone can not only win a prize, but also gain priceless experience of profitable work at Forex market. In our turn, we will support you by providing best technologies and trading conditions at real market,summed up Alexandr Filippov.


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