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Thursday, 26 March 19:42 (GMT -05:00)

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Foreign exchange market

RBC: New Zealand Dollar Decline Is Supported By Risk-Averse Investors



Amid global uncertainty, investors are getting rid or risky assets, thus affecting the NZ Dollar exchange rate. NZDUSD keeps declining down to the 5-month low.





According to Greg Gibbs, a currency strategist for RBC, The uncertainty makes it difficult for traders to find the bottom, which could be a major level of support. According to him, the nervous market environment affects the currency market.
In general, the NZ Dollar reflects the situation seen in the markets of other risky currencies. Some experts say that the New Zealand currency has always been more vulnerable and sensitive about the periods when investors turn risk-averse.
According to Masterforex-V Academy, NZDUSD is developing a major downswing. At this point, the currency pair is forming wave 3 or А(С)/С inside wave А/В of wave level Weekly. The closest level of support is 0.7460. The next one is the local low - 0.7369. The downtrend will be completed on braking and consolidating above 0.8233 (as shown below):





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Beneficial Forex Trading with Forex-Market


The international Forex industry welcomes another excellent bonus from the Forex-Market company. In particular, the company offers a 70% bonus if you move from another broker to Forex-Market.

Publication date: 26 March 04:43 AM

Largest Forex Broker in Russia Alpari Registers 1,000,000th Client


These days a historical event happened at Russian Forex market – largest Forex broker in Russiaand CIS Alpari has officially registered a millionth client. Therefore, the company has set another record, which, judging by dynamics of its development, will not be beaten soon by its rivals.
Publication date: 25 March 12:16 PM

FBS - Best Forex Bonus and Affiliate Program 2014

What makes the industry’s best representatives stand out from the crowd of other average counterparts? Yes, you are right! It is all about progress, professionalism, stability, efficiency and flexibility.

Publication date: 25 March 09:08 AM

ForexTrend Launches New PAMM Index Named Prize3

At this point, PAMM Indexes by Forex Trend seem to have reached unprecedented popularity. It is not accidental since no other conventional and pretty much innovative investment solution can be compared to PAMM indexes in terms of both profitability and risk. The risk is extremely low while the profitability does amaze most of the time by outperforming U.S. stock indexes and other conventional assets, not to mention bonds and bank deposits.

Publication date: 24 March 09:56 AM

FBS on benefits of CFD Trading for Forex Traders

Today, when prices are going up while the purchasing power of salaries is going the opposite way, the question of how to sustain yourself and your family becomes more and more urgent for most people all around the world. Some people try to make extra money by depositing their savings with various banks while others try some risky investments and mostly fail, thereby losing their money. At the same time, the most reliable conventional investments like purchasing bonds or making bank deposits bring tiny yields which can barely cover inflation. This forces some people to go online in order to find some decent alternatives…

Publication date: 24 March 08:21 AM

Fort Financial Services Introduces Innovative Trading Software

There is no denying the fact that the quality of the trading terminal used in everyday trading is one of the key factors determining the overall success in trading financial markets over the long term. With that said, it is crucial to go with the forex broker offering you the most innovative products and services, including trading software.

Publication date: 23 March 07:21 AM

Masterforex-V Academy and Pro-rebate.com Name Best Certified Broker 2015


One of the most respected and unbiased Forex-related online source, which is Masterforex-V Academy, decided to consider the TOP18 Forex companies in early 2015 to determined who is the best of the best and to certify them as such.

Publication date: 23 March 06:46 AM

Forex Auto-Copying: Making 2% to 56% in 3 Weeks


According to financial experts, auto-copying successful trader’s orders is a whole new way of contemporary investing. The benefits are:

Publication date: 20 March 09:56 AM

Autocopying: Profit of Masterforex-V Academy Traders Amounts to 15 ths. Points for 2 Weeks of March 2015


At the time of rising crisis more and more often there arises a question about new types if investment and getting additional earning; especially, when national currencies are collapsing against US dollar and euro. Therefore, it is not by chance that autocopying of accounts of successful traders is become more and more popular even among those potential investors, who have never heard about market Forex before.
Publication date: 20 March 09:05 AM

Masterforex-V EXPO Best Forex PAMM Services. March 2015


If you are readying this, chances are you are perfectly aware of the fact that that working for someone else is not going to make you truly rich, especially I you want everything and right now. Indeed, if you consider who are the world’s richest people you may be surprised to find out that they are mostly businessmen and investors.  Undoubtedly, investing is one of the best opportunities to become a rich person or at least to become better-off. Unfortunately , most people around the globe do not have even the slightest idea of how to make efficient investments and make profits out of them. Luckily for all of us, the contemporary Forex industry offers us a great variety of outstanding moneymaking opportunities giving people chances to make big money even without knowing la lot about trading or investing.

Publication date: 20 March 08:03 AM