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Thursday, 21 August 00:19 (GMT -05:00)

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Foreign exchange market

Westpac: New Zealand Dollar Keeps Losing Value



The analytic team of Westpac shares the bearish outlook for the New Zealand Dollar prospects. According to the bank’s weekly analysis, the NZ Dollar is under the pressure caused by the Greek crisis and the economic slowdown in China. The bank is going to open another short trade after a recovery up to 0.8000.






In the meantime, according to Masterforex-V Academy, NZDUSD continues its downtrend. The currency is in the process of forming wave 3 or С inside А(С)/С of wave level Daily2. The closest levels of support are 0.7632, 0.7502, 0.7486 and 0.7460. The downtrend will be completed if the price consolidates above 0.8233 (as shown below):





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GBPUSD: Dollar Gains Value Versus Pound Mid Lower UK Housing Prices


The British housing market continues showing weakness in August. This is confirmed by the results of the survey conducted by Rightmove. According to the experts, the current weakness of the British housing market is mainly caused by higher demand coupled with lower housing prices in London. At this point, the average price of residential property has dropped down to 262 401 pounds. August's price drop is currently equal to 2,9%. This means that the bearish tendency started in July is still underway. It turns out that this month's drop is the biggest one seen by Rightmove.
Publication date: 19 August 11:59 AM

RVD Markets Starts 10% Bonus for Forex Investors and Managers


These days investment at Forex market is one of most perspective variants of investing one’s means. Owing to the fact that the international exchange market is the largest trading ground in the world with day-to-day turnover of several trillion dollars, as well as owing to its progressive innovative technologies, anyone can gain regular income at it.
Publication date: 19 August 09:55 AM

EURUSD Starts Trading Week With Decline


The common European currency is still trading within the scope of the 1.3358-1.3411 price range, formed on Friday, However, the price is currently going down to the bottom of the range while staying within its boundaries during today's European trading session.
Publication date: 18 August 05:02 AM

Concord Bay Offers Forex Traders to Become Co-owners of the Company

These days there seems to be no serious broker company at Forex market, which is not trying to become as closer as possible to its clients. As a rule, this concerns setting tighter relationships with traders by providing most profitable trading terms and developing various bonus and partner programs. According to specialists, at modern stage struggle for clients is a basis of competition between brokers.

Publication date: 17 August 05:33 PM

Masterforex-V Academy Expert On Choosing Reputable Brokers

Choosing a fair and reliable broker is essential for successful Forex trading on live accounts. A broker is a financial mediator helping you to reach the interbank liquidity.

Publication date: 15 August 12:33 PM

Masterforex- Expo: 25 Most Reputable Forex Brokers. August 2014


Today it is not that easy to find a reputable and reliable broker, which can be trusted 100%. A reliable trading partner is definitely as important as a profitable trading strategy along with trading skills and valuable knowledge. Indeed, does it really matter how good you are at Forex trading if your broker can let you down at any minute by giving you non-market quotes, order execution errors or by simply refusing to pay? The answer is obvious. Choosing a reputable Forex broker is one of the cornerstones of success in this risk but profitable human activity…
Publication date: 15 August 12:09 PM

International Association of Forex Traders (IAFT) – Your Source of Higher Forex Profits

The IAFT is the world's first official international association embracing thousands of Forex traders from all over the world. The union offers you a unique cash-back option! The IAFT's major goal is to found highly profitable and 100% secure trading conditions for trading currency markets. The company can actually ensure the industry's best conditions along with backing rebates for every single Forex transaction regardless of its profitability! The International Association of Forex Traders can actually be considered a truly reliable partner in every aspect of Forex trading!

Publication date: 15 August 10:31 AM

EURUSD Goes Down To 1.3370


Amid mixed economic stats from the Eurozone published yesterday, the common European currency keeps on trading within a narrowing price range (a triangle) as the market participants cannot decide on the direction of the near-term trend.
Publication date: 15 August 08:59 AM

EURUSD Goes Up To 1.3390


The positive stats coming from the French labor market contributed to the start of the upward move in the market of EURUSD. The French Non-Farm employment stats increased from -0.1% up to 0.1%. The inflation figures for the Eurozone (annual and core inflation) remained stable at 0.4% and 0.8% respectively in July 2014. This triggered an upswing of EURUSD, thereby making the currency pair hit 1.3395.
Publication date: 15 August 07:28 AM

EURUSD Starts Friday In Price Range


Yesterday's trading session was won by the buyers of EURUSD. The rally started from 1.3349.
Publication date: 15 August 06:22 AM