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Tuesday, 22 July 09:21 (GMT -05:00)

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Foreign exchange market

US Dollar: US External Trade Deficit Keeps Growing



The US import exceeded the export by 145 in April. The external trade deficit reached $51,8B, which is $6.4B more than February’s deficit.






As for the US import costs, they declined by 0.5% (m/m) in April and gained 0.5% (y/y).
Lower fuel prices were the major reason for lower import costs as compared with March’s stats. The import costs increased by 1.4% (m/m) in March and by 3.5% (y/y).
Analysts say that the import cost increase (y/y) is the lowest in 3 years. This suggests that the global economic growth keeps slowing down.
As for the US Dollar index, it is fluctuating within the range created by the bullish wave «с(С)/5» of wave level H6. According to Masterforex-V Academy experts, 80.34 will become the next major level of resistance. If the price breaks and consolidates above it, the rally will resume. In order to reverse the mid-term uptrend, the price will have to break below 79,65 and form a FZR below it.





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EURUSD Trades Close To 1.3519


After hitting today's high at 1.3524, the common currency  declined down to 1.3518 at the beginning of the European trading session. The decline was caused by weaker-than-expected economic data from Germany published a couple of hours ago by Destatis.


Publication date: 21 July 07:55 AM

Forex Trend and Forbes Start First World Contest of PAMM Managers

At the times of rather tense economic situation in Russia and CIS countries more and more citizens are obliged to look for alternative ways of earning.  Once popular bank deposits have become meaningless as a source of passive additional profit – 7-8% per annum does not cover inflation. Therefore, many people “go to” Forex – the world’s largest financial, owing to innovative technologies of which even beginners can get stable and high profit from every deal.


Publication date: 21 July 12:43 AM

Forex Traders: It Is Possible To Benefit From Inflation


According to many sociological surveys, many people all around the world still prefer to keep their hard-earned savings at home. Still, they are unaware of the fact that it is impossible to keep their money safe at home anyway as inflation gradually devalues the money and deprives it of its purchasing power day by day, month by month.
How to secure your savings against inflation? Let’s ask several Masterforex-V Academy, a reputable expert in everything that concerns money, trading and investment.
Publication date: 18 July 10:30 AM

EURUSD Goes Flattish


The 3-day range  of the common European currency suspended a little bit during today's European trading session. After the currency pair set another local low at 1,3512, the price started trading within the scope of a pretty narrow range between 1.3512 and 1.3539.
Publication date: 18 July 09:23 AM

Forex Trend Opens “Summer Money Boom” at Forex

Everyone of us would like to get such source of profit that would never run out; consequently, there would be no threat of financial collapse. However, in the conditions of non-stop inflation growth instead of increasing their capitals more and more citizens are obliged to record predominance of expenses over their earnings.
Publication date: 18 July 08:09 AM

EURUSD Goes Up To 1.3539


The common European currency is still recovering a bit against the American currency on Thursday, July 17th, At the beginning of the European trading session, the common currency started gaining value against the US Dollar after a major 2-day-long decline triggered by Janet Yellen’s speech. She is currently presiding over the US Federal Reserve, also known as the Fed.
Publication date: 17 July 08:20 AM

EURUSD: Dollar Lost 0,8% Against Euro in Advance of Eurozone Inflation Report


Today, on July 17th, the US Dollar is trading within a pretty tight price range against the common European currency tight in advance of another inflation report coming from the Eurozone. Yesterday, on July 16th, the USA imposed even tougher sanctions on Russia, thereby blaming it for escalating the Ukrainian conflict. The EU is expected to support those sanctions.

Publication date: 17 July 05:03 AM

Alpari Presents Know-How at Forex Market – Constructor of PAMM Portfolios


PAMM service has becomes common at Forex market. Being initially implemented by the largest Forex broker in Russia Alpari, it has immediately spread from Moscow to Vladivostok, from Warsaw to New York, having thus conquered the popularity of hundreds of thousands traders around the globe.

Many Forex brokers have then started to implement these technologies of getting passive income, but hardly anybody could bring something truly new into in service in order to improve the know-how even more. However, its developer, Alpari company, which is rather logical, could go even further and offer users of the novelty new horizons of work with one of most profitable and least risky technologies at financial markets.
Publication date: 16 July 09:08 PM

Forex Trend Increases Investment Bonus “Premium” to 13%

Today, when inflation is eating all wages and prices for everything keep rising, the question of saving and possibly accumulating one’s means is more topical than ever. And if in Europe and the USA, having all their economic problems, the level of buying capacity remains rather high, then in Russia and CIS countries there seems to be a disaster.
When most people do not earn enough money to “live” till the next wage, thus having to address to banks and take credits at insane interest, to pay off which the next wages are used, stability and financial wellbeing are too good to be true.
Publication date: 16 July 07:09 PM

EURUSD Drops To 1.3525 During American Session


Amid yesterday's speech made by Janet Yellen, who currently presides over the Fed, the US Dollar keeps on gaining value today. During the second part of the day, he currency pair set a bearish session trend. EURUSD dropped down to 1,3525, Market Leader reports.
Publication date: 16 July 12:15 PM