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Sunday, 1 February 17:08 (GMT -05:00)

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Foreign exchange market

US Dollar: US External Trade Deficit Keeps Growing



The US import exceeded the export by 145 in April. The external trade deficit reached $51,8B, which is $6.4B more than February’s deficit.






As for the US import costs, they declined by 0.5% (m/m) in April and gained 0.5% (y/y).
Lower fuel prices were the major reason for lower import costs as compared with March’s stats. The import costs increased by 1.4% (m/m) in March and by 3.5% (y/y).
Analysts say that the import cost increase (y/y) is the lowest in 3 years. This suggests that the global economic growth keeps slowing down.
As for the US Dollar index, it is fluctuating within the range created by the bullish wave «с(С)/5» of wave level H6. According to Masterforex-V Academy experts, 80.34 will become the next major level of resistance. If the price breaks and consolidates above it, the rally will resume. In order to reverse the mid-term uptrend, the price will have to break below 79,65 and form a FZR below it.





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AUDUSD: RBA’s Activity Will Intensify Pressure On Australian Dollar



According to the latest reports published by the RBA, the Reserve Bank Board Members are willing to consider the inflation data for Q1 2012 prior to making their interest rate decision.
Publication date: 18 April 07:55 AM

USDJPY: Japan Wants To Contribute To IMF Expansion



Japan is determined to contribute to the expansion of the IMF reserve by lending $60B in order to help the eurozone resolve its debt crisis. The Japanese authorities are expected to officially announce their decision during the forthcoming G20 summit, which will take place in Washington later this week. Mr. Azumi, Finance Minister of Japan, hopes that this step will urge other states to contribute to the IMF expansion as well.
Publication date: 18 April 07:40 AM

Tips For Investors: Masterforex-V Academy Introduces Rating Of Institutional Brokers


In late March 2012 Masterforex-V Academy started a new rating - Best Institutionary Broker 2012. At this point, there are 22 brokers. What are institutional brokers? What is the difference between them and ordinary dealing centers?
Publication date: 17 April 06:55 PM

Wall Street Casts Pressure on EURUSD

Forex news, EURUSD. At the end of last week US stock indexes were rather weak, and it was only on Friday that the market considerably extended. Price drop has been caused by concern about slowdown of economic growth, which followed the released information about GDP of China. Constant problems of eurozone and additional growth of income from Spanish government bonds stipulated the decline of EURUSD.

Publication date: 17 April 08:12 AM

ASB: New Zealand Dollar Will Strengthen In Long-Term Perspective



According to Mike Jones, an analyst from the Bank of New Zealand, the negative sentiments over the eurozone debt crisis has been pressing the New Zealand Dollar exchange rate. This week’s Spanish bond auction will determine the future succession of events.
Publication date: 17 April 07:58 AM

National Australia Bank: Australian Dollar Remains Under Pressure



The Australian Dollar keeps being pressed by external factors. Currency strategists at National Australia Bank assume that the Australian Dollar will remain under pressure amid concerns over the global economic slowdown.
Publication date: 17 April 07:43 AM

EURUSD: Mid-Term Intricacy

Forex news.
In mid-term reference at Forex market, common European currency remains within descending trend h4 against US dollar. Yesterday EURUSD currency pair was rather active, having covered over 150 standard points upwards, thus compensating for strong bearish impulse at the end of last week.

Publication date: 17 April 05:54 AM

GBPUSD: S&P Confirms UK Rating


Standard & Poor's confirmed the UK’s credit rating. The long-term rating is AAA, the short-term one is А-1+, with positive forecasts.
Publication date: 17 April 05:29 AM

PAMM Index: Secrets Of New Possibilities For Investors


These days investment is probably one of the most convenient and optimal ways of earning extra profits. Who doesn’t dream of being another George Soros or Warren Buffet? Even some traders strive to turn into investors in order to avoid spending day and night trading in front of their PCs. Another reason why Forex traders want to invest their profits is that investing is less risky than trading Forex. How to find out whether you can be a successful investor?
Publication date: 16 April 10:53 AM

Demand For Crude Oil Get Weaker


As of April 6th 2012, the daily consumption of US oil refineries was estimated at 14.4M barrels a day, which was 395K barrels less than a week before. The production capacity was equal to 83.8%. the week-over-week production of gasoline declined down to 8.9M barrels a day. The production of distillates declined down to 4.3M barrels a day.
Publication date: 16 April 08:56 AM