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Friday, 30 January 20:41 (GMT -05:00)

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Crude Oil: USA and OPEC’s Higher Oil Reserves Press Oil Prices



As of April 27th 2012, the oil supply to US refineries reached 14.7M barrels a day, which was 230K b more than a week before. The refining capacity increased up to 86%. The production of gasoline saw almost no changes as compared to the previous week - 8,8M b/d. The production of distillates declined by 4.1M b/d week-over-week.






Over the last 4 week the oil import reached 8.7M b/d, which was 15K b/d more as compared to the same period a year ago. Last week’s total gas import was equal to 777K b/d. Last week’s total import of distillates was equal to 91K b/d.
The US oil reserves increased by 2.8M b up to 375.9M b, which is the7-month high. The gasoline reserves shrank by 2M b. The total reserves of distillates declined by 1.9M b while the total oil reserves increased by 1.9M b.
The demand for oil products was estimated at 18.8M b/d during the last 4 weeks. This is 1.7% less than a year ago. The demand for gasoline reached 8.7 b/d over the same period. This is 4.7% less than a year ago. The overall consumption of oil products was lower than a year ago.
According to the Commodity Trading Department of Masterforex-V Academy, the mid-term trend in the global market of crude oil remains bearish amid record-high reserves in the USA and OPEC countries.





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Crude Oil: Nigeria Threatens To Stop Production



Nigeria’s biggest labor union of oil-and-gas workers promises to stop the production of natural gas and oil if the local authorities don’t resume the subsidizing of the industry. On Monday the labor union started a nationwide strike, because the cancelation of the subsidies had resulted in higher (+100%) gasoline prices, thus making the transportation of oil much costlier.
Publication date: 12 January 06:56 PM

Gold Will Reach $1650


The risk of an armed conflict with Iran escalated after the killing of an Iranian nuclear expert. Iran blamed Israel. Japan confirmed its gradual reduction of crude oil export from Iran, thus supporting the embargo imposed on Iran. China refused to do the same. In the meantime, Iran’s national currency keeps depreciating.


Publication date: 12 January 06:31 AM

Gold And Silver: Market Outlook



Today Germany will hold a 5-yer bond auction to the amount of 4B euro. Spanish and Italian bond auctions are scheduled for tomorrow. The countries are planning to attract 17B euro from today’s bond sales. The eurozone GDP report is scheduled for today. Yesterday’s data on France’s manufacturing production came out much better than expected (+1.1% in Dec).


Publication date: 11 January 05:07 AM

Natural factors put pressure on coffee market

Stock exchange news, coffee. This year coffee producers will have higher spirits due to rains in Brazil. According to predictions of Conab, production volume will vary between 49 mln. and 52.3 mln. bags, in comparison to 43.5 mln. bags last year.

Publication date: 11 January 04:58 AM

Crude Oil Prices Rally On Iran Threats



Is Iran keeps threatening to block Hormuz Strait, crude oil prices are rallying worldwide. It should be noted that Iran is one of the largest exporter of crude oil in the world. That is why any issues with exports of oil from that country push oil prices up. However, some experts say that the threats to block Hormuz Strait are nothing but bluffing.
Publication date: 10 January 10:53 AM

EU Will Decide Iran Oil Issue On Jan 23rd



EU finance ministers have brought forward their meeting  (to Jan 23rd) in order to solve the Iran oil issue a week before the EU summit scheduled for Jan 30th.
Publication date: 10 January 10:38 AM

Gold And Silver: Gold Is Ready To Rally

The situation around Iran remains tough. Yesterday a US citizen of Iranian descent was sentenced to death for spying. Today Timothy Geithner is on his visit to China. He is expected to ask China to back the sanctions against Iran. According to Dennis Ross, President Obama’s former Mideast advisor, the USA is ready to attack Iran in order to cease its nuclear program. Goldman Sachs has increased its oil price forecast for 2012.

Publication date: 10 January 10:10 AM

Nokia Is About To Release Lumia 900



Nokia is planning to release Lumia 900, its new product powered by Windows Phone, during CES 2012. Another new product that is going to be released is called Lumia Ace. It is developed jointly with AT&T and Microsoft.
Publication date: 09 January 09:21 AM

Gold and Silver: Market Outlook



The tense situation around Iran escalated over the weekend after Iran and the USA made their statements. Iran reported about its intension to start uranium enrichment in an underground facility, which is capable of producing 3.5 and 20% uranium. In his turn, the head of Pentagon underlined that the USA will do its best to prevent Iran form blocking Hormuz Strait.
Publication date: 09 January 07:14 AM

Oil price: how much will a barrel cost in 2012?

Stock exchange news, oil. Translated from Greek, oil means “to flash, to ignite”. Current oil use is so wide that it has become the major fuel worldwide. It is this time of goods that is carefully watched by financial experts, investors, and businessmen.

Oil export currently gives major profit in Russia. Analytics of Masterforex-V Academy sum up annual results. The dynamics of oil price in 2011 and predictions for 2012 are provided further.

For investors: major performance indicators of 2011

Events at oil market during the last week of December 2011. Five last days of December have not been quiet for the USA and Iran. The price of February contracts on futures of WTI oil has risen by 0.2% to 99.85 dollars per bushel. In December maximal price of such contracts has amounted to 100.16 dollars per bushel. Before the last leap the value of papers has risen by 0.29%. Speaking about Brent grade, the cost of futures contracts is also rising; it has risen by 0.03%, having reached the point of 108.04 dollars per bushel.

What was the reason of such change?

Publication date: 07 January 11:22 AM