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Wednesday, 1 October 18:18 (GMT -05:00)

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Foreign exchange market

EURUSD in the Light of IMF Empowerment

Forex news.
Since next Friday till next Sunday the meeting of the heads of tax authorities from the countries of the "Big Twenty" will be held in Washington. Major issue to be discussed is the possibility to expand the resources of International Monetary Fund, the necessity of which was pronounced by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde on April 04, 2012 in her appeal to industrial countries. IMF empowerment is stipulated by the necessity to resist crisis developments, including the ones in eurozone.
In general, the participants of the forum have given the appeal preliminary support. "We have been promised to receive over 316 billion dollar. And I believe that the final sum will be even larger," said Christine Lagarde during her speech in Washington.
Not all participants, though, are easy to come to terms with. For example, Russia, China, and Brazil have agreed to donate funds, but only in exchange for additional votes in the framework of IMF. Canada has absolutely refused to take part in the rescue of Europe, explaining that European Union has enough means to settle crisis developments.

Technically, the actions of EURUSD currency pair at FOREX market may be called moderate content with news. The pair has not yet finished the rising correctional structure h1-h4, where wave "С" continues. According to the System of Early Prediction Sub-department of Masterforex-V Trading Academy, points 1.3179 and 1.3270 are the targets of the uptrend.



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Text: Alex von Stachelkopf, trader of SRP Sub-department of Masterforex-V Trading Academy
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EURUSD Starts New Month From Consolidation


The world’s most popular currency pair starts October with consolidating within the scope of the 1.2570-1.2634 price range. The current trading week started from a move within the 1.2663-1.2714 range. The currency pair started moving to the bottom of the range, thereby narrowing it a bit. Later on, during yesterday’s European trading session, the currency pair went on declining and finally set a new 2-year low at 1.2570.

Publication date: 01 October 06:34 AM

Dollar Keeps On Rallying Amid Euro Weakness Forex Experts Report, Currency Prospects Defined


The dollar index, which is evaluating the USD value against a basket of 6 other major currencies, is still rallying actively. All in all, the USD index managed to gain 4,4% in September. This happened mainly at the expense of the common European currency, which accounts for the lion’s share of the index – some 50%. Apparently, the common European currency keeps on losing value amid disappointing economic figures coming from the Eurozone. At the same time, most traders and investors are anticipating another round of quantitative easing by the ECB in an effort to back the economic recovery in Europe, which is definitely going to exert some downward pressure on the common currency amid the fact that the Fed is about to taper QE3 to the end this month.

Publication date: 01 October 06:09 AM

RVD Markets Lunches Industry’s First Investment Portfolios


These days, investing in financial markets (including Forex) represents one of the most promising opportunities in terms of making money. Indeed, passive investing in Forex gives you a decent chance to generate really stellar profits regularly and without the necessity to be an expert in trading. This can actually be considered a win-win situation for everyone – the company, the managing trader and the investor. Those who dare invest in successful Forex traders eventually find themselves making the right choice since they can enjoy rewards while being relatively passive.

Publication date: 01 October 04:41 AM

Forex: Investors Anticipate Further Weakness of Euro and Yen


Investors are looking forward to a further long-term downtrend in the markets of EUR and JPY amid an economic slowdown seen in Japan and the Eurozone while the US economy seems to be strengthening at a pretty stable rate.

Publication date: 01 October 02:19 AM

Euro Drops To 1.2693


As you have already noticed, the common European currency is still losing value against the US Dollar. It happens day by day. Yesterday, on September 29th, the currency pair declined from the intraday high of 1.2714 down to the low of 1.2693. Previously, the recovery up to 1.2714 was caused by relatively stable data coming from the Eurozone earlier on that day.
Publication date: 30 September 05:20 AM

Forex: US Dollar Gains More Value VS Euro As Eurozone Cuts Lending


The Eurozone continued cutting its lending in August. The ECB is determined to reconsider its arsenal of measures used to reach the inflation target. With that said, the lending volume within the Eurozone's private sector shrank by 1,5% in August 2014 as opposed to August 2013. With that said, the pace of decline slowed down as compared to July's 1,6%. The lending decline has been seen for 28 months so far. This gives the ECB a signal to start stimulating it.

Publication date: 30 September 01:20 AM

US Dollar Gains Value 11 Weeks. This Week’s Key News


Investors and other market participants have already noticed that the US Dollar has been actively growing steadily against other major currencies for 11 weeks so far. According to Deutsche Bank, this is the first time in history. On Friday, September 26th, the USD index closed at the highest price level since 2010 close to 85,69. As of Monday, September 29th, the index managed to set another high at 85.80.
Publication date: 29 September 03:36 PM

Forex. US Dollar Index Gains 0,15% Amid Stock Sellout


Today, on September 26th, 2014, the USD index, reflecting the strength of the US Dollar against a basket of 6 other majors, seems to be continuing its rally. So far, the index has gained 0,15%. This happened after US stock indices closed the trading day in the red zone yesterday. The US Dollar and other safe-haven assets gained value amid higher concerns about the near-term future of the global economy as well as the existing geopolitical risks, including the situation in Ukraine.
Publication date: 26 September 05:17 AM

Forex Trend’s PAMM Indices Gain Stellar Weekly Profits - over 11,7%!


The year of 2014 seems to have projected the negative economic tendencies seen over the last few years following the global crisis. Indeed, these tendencies far from reassuring investors, financial experts and plain folks. Even though most of us have almost forgotten about the crisis in Greece, Spain and other Eurozone economies while the Fed is finally close to taper its QE3 to the end due to (seemingly) stronger economic performance in the USA, financial markets cannot still show relative stability while they are getting less and less predictable for an average person amid overall weakness of the global economy coupled with some geopolitical issues like the situation in Eastern Ukraine.
Publication date: 25 September 10:51 AM

EURUSD: Euro Trades Near 1.2715


Today’s European trading session was dominated by the bears. The currency pair started another downswing from 1.2768 at the beginning of the trading session. As the result of this move, the currency pair managed to go down to the local low of 1.2696. On top of that, this is a new 2-year low!



Publication date: 25 September 10:07 AM