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Sunday, 28 December 04:01 (GMT -05:00)

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Foreign exchange market

GBPUSD: UK Finance Minister Makes Economic Forecast




According to George Osborne’s speech made in the British parliament yesterday, the UK GDP will increase by 0/8% in 2012. The rate of inflation will reach 2.8% in late 2012.






He says the UK government the budget deficit to decline down to 7.6% of GDP by 2013. The current deficit is equal to 11%.
It should be noted that on March 14th 2012 Fitch Ratings confirmed Great Britain’s AAA rating, which is the highest ultimate one. The major reason is the government’s major breakthrough in budget reducing the country’s deficit. However, the forecast was changed to negative because the UK authorities don’t have enough funds to neutralize possible economic shocks.
According to the Department of Market Volume Analysis of Masterforex-V Academy, the price of the GBPUSD futures contract is fluctuating with a price range after testing 1,5887 (1,5896 Forex). If the price does succeed in overcoming the level of resistance, it will get a chance to rally up to 1,5900 (1,5909 FX), 1,5950 (1,5959 FX).  The closest major level of support is 1,5840 (1,5849 FX). If the bears succeed to break below it, there may well be a trend reversal with targets around 1,5821 (1,5830 FX), 1,5800 (1,5809 FX), 1,5750 (1,5759 FX) and 1,5716 (1,5725 FX).




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Masterforex-V Expo’s Highest Rating of Forex Brokers: Brokers Which Failed to Join it in December 2014 and Why


At a certain point in his /her trading career, any successful or promising Forex trader eventually faces the challenge of choosing a reputable broker. Indeed this is a vital aspect of success in trading Forex or pretty much any other financial market.  Only a reputable broker can actually help the trader to succeed in Forex trading in the long run. When it comes to withdrawing funds, only reliable licensed Forex brokers are capable of withdrawing money without delays( no questions asked and lame excuses made), which is definitely not the case with minor brokers and scam brokers.

Publication date: 26 December 06:58 AM

PAMM Indexes by Forex Trend: Over 11% Generated Last Week!


The year of 2014 really seems to have shown us a lot of negative economic, geopolitical and financial tendencies. Indeed, these tendencies cannot make people certain about their financial future, including traders, investors, financial experts and even plain folks. Most of the international financial markets cannot still boast relative stability while they become more volatile and less predictable for traders (not to mention an average person). The thing is that  the global economy is still slowing down, thereby making international demand for crude oil weaker and dropping oil prices to multi-year lows, which triggers economic slowdowns in many oil exporting nations like Russia, Iran etc. On top of that, the civil war in Easter Ukraine seems to be escalating amid tougher Western sanctions against Russia, which is seen as an aggressor and the trigger of the current situation in Ukraine.

Publication date: 26 December 06:36 AM

“Panteon-Finance” Names Winners of “Arena of Investors” in November 2014


In modern economic conditions it is getting more and more difficult to live on mere salary. Many people have to look for additional sources of profit. Participation at Forex market – the world’s largest trading ground, which allows earning high and regular profits – is one of most optimal ways to maintain and accumulate personal savings despite negative outer factors.
Publication date: 25 December 07:58 PM

GBPUSD: US Dollar Gains Value Against British Pound Despite Higher UK Labor Productivity


According to the recent report released by the Office for Nation Statistics (UK), the British labor power showed higher productivity in Q3 2014, Market Leader reports. On top of that, these are the highest figures in more than 3 years. According to Masterforex-V Academy this is definitely a benefit for the British economy and national currency (the British Pound).

Publication date: 25 December 06:29 PM

Forex Broker Named ActivTrades Expands Stock Asset Index By 156 Stocks

Anyone can become a winning Forex expert today provided that he/she is really willing to work instead of playing bingo. At the same time, those who trading financial markets via major Forex brokers are actually capable of trading other liquid assets on top of currency pairs. The list includes commodities, stocks and stock indexes as well as such derivatives as future and options. You can trade oil, natural gas, silver, gold and major stocks.

Publication date: 23 December 01:49 AM

Ultimate Experience in Binary Options Trading with Alpari

Binary options gain popularity worldwide. The unprecedented success of the relatively new derivative has a lot to do with its relative simplicity and affordability. Basically, conventional PUT/CALL binary options allow you to make 70-90% on average (sometimes even 100%) if they expire in the money while the risk is limited to your investment and therefore is fixed.


Publication date: 22 December 03:28 AM

TeleTrade Hosts Big-Scale International Forex Conference


In early December, the international Forex industry witnessed a major event. The thing is that TeleTrade, one of the true heavyweights and veterans operating in the Forex brokerage field, has just celebrated its 20th anniversary!

Publication date: 22 December 02:26 AM

Forex. GBPUSD Outlook


The unemployment level is going down in the UK. Still, the pace of this decline slowed down last month. This slowdown turned out to be bigger than expected. However, the salaries seem to be growing.

Publication date: 20 December 05:26 PM

Forex. USDCHF Outlook

Investors go less pessimistic regarding the Swiss economic prospects in December. Still, most of them are still worried about the possibility of negative consequences of the current economic instability in the Eurozone affecting the Swiss economy.

Publication date: 20 December 05:09 PM

Forex. NZDUSD Outlook


The current balance deficit seen in New Zealand is reported to have gone up to the highest point in 6 years, Market Leader reports. This is confirmed by official stats. Despite the decline, Moody’s experts refused to downgrade the country’s sovereign rating, which is pretty high at this point.

Publication date: 20 December 04:55 PM