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Friday, 28 August 03:23 (GMT -05:00)

Foreign exchange market

EURUSD: EU Plans Banking Sector Reform

EURUSD: EU Plans Banking Sector Reform



The Euro Commission is planning to reform the union’s financial and banking sector. The main goal is to create a safer and more stable financial sector in favor of the EU’s real sector of economy and to study the fast-growing non-banking credit operations, which have been invisible for the union’s financial watchdogs so far.






Today the Euro Commission has published a Green Book on shady banking services and ways to fight them. The EU authorities are also planning to hold a special conference on shady banking services in Brussels.
According to the experts of Masterforex-V Academy, the 6E futures contract (EURUSD) is currently being traded in a narrow price range below 1.3250. The upward scenario is restricted by 1.3270. A break out of the range will define the direction of the future trend.




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Masterforex-V Expo Reveals Best FX PAMM Services in August 2015


If you want to get from rags to riches these days, working for someone else is not enough. Apparently, investing is an excellent opportunity to generate extra passive income. However, a lot of people don’t actually know how to invest so that this activity could generate stable income. Luckily, today’s Forex industry offers you a great opportunity to make money even if you know little or completely nothing about investing or trading….
Publication date: 21 August 06:28 AM

China’s Central Bank Will Have to Spend $40 Billion a Month to Support the Renminbi

The stability of the currently weakening Chinese Yuan seems to depend on the frequency and intensity of all those currency interventions made by the People’s Bank of China. Masterforex-V Academy experts say that this is going to shrink China’s currency reserves by as much as 40 billion dollars a month. This is the results of the survey conducted by Bloomberg. With that said, the Chinese authorities are expected to take urgent and tough steps to curb the devaluation of the national currency and stabilize the financial situation in the country.

Publication date: 21 August 06:21 AM

Chinese Stock Market Goes Down Again, This Time By 6,1%


Asian stock indexes saw another plunge on Tuesday following an overall Chinese market crash, Market Leader reports. For instance, MSCI Asia Pacific dropped by 0,6% down to 137,07 points over the reporting period. At the same time, Shanghai Composite and Hang Seng (Hong Kong ) lost 6,15% and 1,4% respectively. Nikkei 225 (Japan) was down by 0,3%.
According to Masterforex-V Academy, the Chinese stock market plunged amid investors’ concerns that the Chinese authorities are going to cut down on backing the market. It should be noted that last week the local Chinese regulator announced that CSF (China Securities Finance Corp.) had got funds from the People’s Bank of China and was backing the liquidity in the local stock market but it was going to cut down on investments due to lower volatility.
Publication date: 20 August 09:09 AM

HiWayFX Tells What Speed of Execution is Needed for Successful Trade at Forex


When choosing a Forex broker, one of most significant parameters is the speed of order execution. The quicker the company processes clients’ orders, the higher the chances are that the trader will enter the market with the posted price. And some hedge funds have staff members that specialize on execution of orders, i. e., bring them to the market at the price, claimed by the client.
Publication date: 19 August 09:38 AM

Forex. GBPUSD Outlook. August 19th, 2015


The UK construction sector saw positive changes in June, the official report confirms. Analysts assume that the revised UK GDP figures for Q2 2015 are not going to change the preliminary ones.
Publication date: 19 August 05:46 AM

Fort Financial Services on Benefits of Trading Binary Options


These days, binary options are some of the world’s most popular financial instruments designed to make money in financial markets. Most experts share the same opinion that binary options are so popular thanks to relative simplicity along with increase profitability coupled with fixed risk. In other words, you can generate up to 80% of the invested sum and even more if your prediction happens to be correct and the purchased binary option expires in the money.
Publication date: 18 August 10:43 AM

Chinese Yuan Devaluation: Cui Prodest?

Last Tuesday, the People’s Bank of China made an unprecedented step by devaluing the Chinese Yuan by as much as 1,86%. The Chinese authorities assured everyone that this is a one-time step. However, over the next 2 days, the Renminbi lost 1,62% and 1,12% against the U.S. Dollar respectively. As the result, the Chinese currency was devalued down to 6,4 CNY per 1 USD. This is the lowest CNY rate since 2011, Market Leader reports.

Publication date: 17 August 08:31 AM

Masterforex-V EXPO Reveals Best FX Brokers for MetaTrader 4 in August 2015


MetaTrader 4 is the most popular trading software in the FX trading industry. It has been the industry’s standard for many years. Charting, technical analysis, news and so much more… This is a truly powerful software. Almost very single broker out there uses MT4 to let traders access Forex.


However, the thing is that not all of those brokers are worth trusting. Truly reputable and decent FX brokers are actually scanty and outnumbered by mediocre and fake brokers. This is why it is crucial to know what companies to choose from. This holds especially fro everyone - from rookies who are just making their feed wet in FX trading to really pros with many years of expertise.
Publication date: 14 August 10:31 AM

People’s Bank of China Let Renminbi Strengthen A Bit After Devaluation


After the panic that took over financial markets following the devaluation of the Chinese Yuan, the People’s Bank of China decided to let its national currency recover a bit of the lost ground. In particular, after the 1,9% devaluation, the USDCNY exchange rate managed to win back 0,05%, Masterforex-V Academy reports.
Publication date: 14 August 07:56 AM

Oil Costing 50 Dollars Will Bury Russia – American Expert


Perspectives of Russian existense in conditions of cheap oil prices have been assessed by Nick Butler. He claims that during the latest 25 years Russia has been enjoy relative stability, but now the situation has changed. This has been studied by journalists of Internet edition for traders the “Market Leader”.
Publication date: 14 August 07:01 AM