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Friday, 1 August 07:50 (GMT -05:00)

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Foreign exchange market

Franc Rate: Swiss Bank will Protect the Rate at 1.20 Francs per Euro

Forex news, rate of Swiss franc. Swiss National Bank has defined the fixed rate that may be set for national currency – 1.20 francs per euro. As reported by Bloomberg, the institution recognizes certain signs of stabilization, but there is high threat of deflation.

Analysts expected that the significant level against euro was to be kept. Gross national product unexpectedly rose during the last quarter of 2011, and investors’ trust rose in March. These days the government has raised its expectations about this year’s economic growth. New hopes foresee the 0.8 percent economic growth instead of formerly predicted 0.5 percent.

Central bank has lowered its predictions about inflation in 2014. This year deflation is expected to reach 0.6 percent, and during next two years living standards are expected to rise by 0.3 and 0.6 percent accordingly.

"In short-term perspective inflation will be negative. Last summer the rate of Swiss franc was stronger than expected in relation to pressure on prices. In long-term perspective inflation will be low due to worse perspectives of growth in euro zone and high cost of franc", the Central Bank stated.

As mentioned by Ilya Presler, the head of DFWA Department of Masterforex-V Academy, technically, the situation at forex market is very similar to fluctuations of EURUSD currency pair. Three-wave correctional structure seems finished, but it may go further on Monday. One way or another, strong rising reversal wave is expected:




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FBS Succeeds In Manila Money Summit 2014

These days, young, gifted and promising broking companies keep on coming to the international Forex broking industry, which certainly makes the competition inside the industry much tougher. With that said, most broking companies (especially the younger ones) have to face multiple challenges related to rivalry as they try to expand their client base by fighting for new clients while striving hard to deserve the prestigious right to render broking services within the scope the contemporary Forex environment, which can sometimes be very rough.

Publication date: 01 August 04:53 AM

US Dollar: Strong Employment Report May Trigger Next Big Forex Move

July's US employment report, which is scheduled for today, August 1st, may show a further increase in the amount of new jobs created in the US during the reporting period, thereby indicating lower unemployment in the USA, the world's biggest economy. Actually, if this is the case, this is going to be the lowest unemployment level since 2008.

Publication date: 01 August 04:30 AM

IAFT Beats Record on Number of Services for Clients

By connecting one’s activity with exchange market, every trader strives to reach set goals – make maximal profit and become a professional in the sphere of trade. However, it is rather difficult to achieve everything on one's own, for work at Forex market are connected with high risk. For this reason some traders give up trade at exchange market after first losses. Others make correct decisions - to entrust their destiny to rebate-companies, the absolute leader of which is International Association of Forex Traders.


Publication date: 31 July 06:01 PM

Exchange Rate of Dollar at Forex: 5 Conclusions from Report on US GDP During Second Quarter

Increase in productivity of American economy risen to 4.0% during the second quarter, аnd its considerable decline to (-2.9%) during the first quarter has been reconsidered to growth to (-2.1%), according to the latest data, published by US Department of Commerce.


On July 30 US Dollar Index, which shows the power of US dollar exchange rate against the basket of 6 major currencies, rose by 0.36%. The analytics team of “FIBO-Group” broker company have given the readers of the “Market Leader” Internet edition five main conclusions from the report on US gross domestic product, the major factor in production of goods and services in American economy.
Publication date: 31 July 03:16 PM

Forex Trend's PAMM Indices Generate Some 2% ROI On Average Last Week


If you want to succeed in something it is not that difficult reach your goal. Practice shows that anything is possible in this world. «Impossible» is the word used by lazy people while people who want to be successful treat this word as a challenge and a stimulus to improve their lives. In today's financial world, there is nothing impossible as well. You can ultimately reach financial freedom if you work hard and overcome all those challenges you face to achieve it. This holds especially true these days, when the world of money has evolved so as to cater to the needs of various kinds of people, including lazy ones.
Publication date: 31 July 09:35 AM

EURUSD: EUR Keeps On Declining Versus USD


The 2-day-long consolidation of the currency pair within the scope of the 1.3420-1.3443 range ended yesterday, at the American trading session, Market Leader reports. The common currency resumed the downtrend against its American counterpart mid positive economic figures from the USA.
Publication date: 30 July 06:31 AM

USD Dollar: Wall Street Concerned About Fed's QE Tapering


Wall Street economists seem to be concerned about the fact that the Fed is currently tapering QE3, which is nearing its end. They are afraid that once the quantitative easing program is tapered to zero, this even may trigger a market crisis coupled with an economic decline and inflation hike. 
Publication date: 29 July 03:57 PM

Forex: EURUSD Stays Neutral


Since the beginning of the trading week, the EURUSD currency pair has been neutral and trading within the scope of a pretty tight price range -1.3420-1.3443. The price range was formed during yesterday's trading sessions. Today is not exception. The currency pair remains neutral. The price keeps on fluctuating to and fro – from top to bottom and back.
Publication date: 29 July 08:21 AM

Forex Trend: PAMM Index “Balance» - 90% ROI in 2 Years


One of the most promising niches in the international Forex industry is the PAMM niche. Apparently, not all the PAMM indices offered by today's Forex brokers are equally beneficial and stable. There are cases when a trading manager stats losing money as his investors are keep on seeing a drawdown and suffering losses. With that said, more often than not PAMM investors cannot boast sufficient financial security and often have to put up with high risks.
Publication date: 29 July 07:51 AM

EURUSD: Euro Trades Close To 1.3441


The common European currency started this trading week on a bullish note. In particular, at the beginning of today's European trading session, the currency pair traded within the scope of the 1.3420-1.3438 price range. Still, later on, the common currency made a bullish attempt and rallied up to 1,3441 against the US Dollar, Market Leader reports.
Publication date: 28 July 12:37 PM