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Tuesday, 5 May 01:10 (GMT -05:00)

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Foreign exchange market

Tip For Traders: How To Find Best Forex Bonuses And Promos?

Tip For Traders: How To Find Best Forex Bonuses And Promos?



When making first steps, beginning Forex traders mostly cannot afford (or just don’t want to) invest real money. Consequently, most of they keep looking for ways and means to allocate fund to make their first deposit.






Moreover, finding a good, reliable broker is not an easy task. Finding a broker with good promos and bonuses is even harder.
Masterforex-V Academy offers more flexible and professional solution - Best Forex Bonuses and Promos 2012.
FX Bonuses: Essence
According to Eugene Olkhovsky, bonuses and promotions give traders an opportunity to boost their trading capital or to get free money for trading. That is why there are so many bonus hunters among Forex traders.
How To Find The Best Forex Bonuses And Promos?
Brokers offer a lot of various bonuses, including +10% or +20% first deposit bonuses or spread refunds. Some brokers pay per posting on their forums. Others even offer no deposit cash bonuses for new clients.
Best Forex Bonuses And Promos 2012
In order to help traders find the most suitable bonuses and promos, Masterforex-V Academy decided to introduce some kind of an unbiased rating, which is based on the votes cast by skilled and professional traders. This is open voting.
We have selected the following group of brokers and dealing centers: Nord FX, Forex Trend, BMFN, Fresh Forex, Forex Club, Grab Capital, Forex4you, Liteforex, Forex MMCIS group, System Forex.
Now let’s look at the voting results:







According to Masterforex-V Academy, the brokers with the least popular promos and bonus programs will be put on the blacklist -   the so called “Anti-brad Broker 2012”.
Everyone is free to participate in the voting at Masterforex-V Academy’s forum for traders and investors.




You are free to discuss this article here:   forum for traders and investors


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Forex Broker Named FBS Acts as Gold Sponsor at Angat Pilipinas Financial Literacy Awards!


The balance of powers in the contemporary forex brokerage industry is constantly changing. While some heavyweights start neglecting some of the aspects influencing their status and image, other promising companies are doing their best to reach the industry’s top. They keep coming up with innovative products and services and improving their trading conditions. They expand their geography to make their services available to more clients worldwide. They participate in various events and shows, making their brands more popular.

Publication date: 04 May 11:04 AM

Gone Hopes: What Divergence Spoilt Your Trade?

How to trade effectively using mainly the methods of technical analysis? Every trader having at least small experience of work at Forex undoubtedly asks himself this question. For he finds technical analysis the easiest to access method of making predictions. However, in order to gain expected profit, you should learn how to use it with highest efficiency. Sadly, but most participants of trading sessions at Forex are beginners, who merely search for a good time to open a positions to the trend. Can such strategy help you to gain the desired financial independence? We looked for answers to this and other questions with experts of YA-HI.com company.

Publication date: 02 May 10:32 AM

No Deposit Bonus by Forex-Market


These days, many rookies dream of starting trading Forex without investing a penny. In today’s reality, this is truly possible. You can start small and dream big thanks to no-deposit bonuses offered by many Forex broker.

Publication date: 29 April 07:18 AM

FinFx Offers Passive income Via Signal Trader


As you know, Forex trading requires a lot of expertise, skills, time and other aspects that have to do with professionalism. Only when these factors come together, you can count on long-term success. Still, the trading industry is evolving. Today’s Forex brokers offer you online moneymaking opportunities even if you have no idea how to trade financial markets in general and currency market in particular. You can generate a passive income by trusting your funds either with expert human traders or with trading robots. Anyway, you will be able to enjoy passive profits on a regular basis this way since the system is designed to do the rest of the job for you. The only thing you need is to invest your funds properly.

FinFX, a reputable Forex broker from Finland, offers one of the best solutions for auto-copying trading signals of high quality. This solution is called  Signal Trader.

Publication date: 29 April 06:54 AM

Forex-Market Launches Forex MBinary For Binary Options Trading


Binary options are often called the ideal investment solution of the 21s century. These financial instruments are easy to use, affordable and accessible to almost everyone around the globe. And by the way, binary options are fairly perspective from the technological standpoint. Still, there are some experts who call it another variation of online casinos where you gamble rather than trading.

Publication date: 28 April 05:08 PM

Forex Broker Named FBS Opens Office in Egypt


As with any business out there, the success of a Forex company  depends mainly on how intensive it is in promoting its product and services  all around the globe. This has a lot to do with such an aspect as higher demand. Consequently, the higher demand the company’s products and services enjoy worldwide, the more client join the company and consequently the wider opportunities the company has in terms of development and improvement.

Publication date: 27 April 03:45 PM

FxPro on MetaTrader 5 Benefits

Not so long ago, FxPro, one of the most prominent representatives of the contemporary Forex brokerage industry, launched  its own version of the new trading platform called MetaTrader 5.
What is the difference between it and the older versions? How comfortable is the transition to it? Let’s find this out…

Publication date: 26 April 02:53 PM

Masterforex-V Expo’s Secondary League of Forex Brokers. April 2015


All Forex traders have to face the challenge of choosing a reliable broker sooner or later. They need the Forex company that will let them to succeed in Forex trading over the long term. The thing is that it is always easy to deposit funds with any Forex broker, whether it is a fake or a reputable company. At the same time, when it comes to withdrawing funds, it is reputable client-oriented brokers only that can actually withdraw your profits without any delays, questions or lame excuses, which is certainly not the case with fake brokers.

Publication date: 26 April 12:28 PM

Spring Exhibition MOSCOW FOREX EXPO: Pleasant Surprises Await for Forex Traders

Today Forex market is one of most attractive ways of profitable investment. Traders, investing money in their trade, often get rather considerable profit. Investors, prefering to entrust management of capital, get passive income from work of their managers. And partners of broker companies, attracting clients, make money without trade or investment.

Publication date: 25 April 01:22 AM

Best Forex Traders Manage over Accounts of Pro-rebate.com and Arsenal-FX

How to Make Big and Stable Money in Modern Conditions?For many citizens of Russia and CIS, this, unfortunately, is impossible. The main reason of this is not inflation or devaluation, not miserable salary, and not even prices, which sprout like mushrooms after the summer rains.
The main reason of impossibility to earn as much as we want lies in ourselves. Anxiety, greed, fear, lack of self-confidence, doubt, life by a Murphy’s Law that “every decision leads to new problems” hide real opportunities of financial independence.
Publication date: 22 April 10:07 AM