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Who will be Chosen the Best Micro Broker of 2012?

News of forex broker rating. Every beginning trader that decides to become a professional, having completed forex training, faces a dilemma – which Forex broker to choose in order to open his first real trading account.

How to identify the best micro broker worldwide, which provides support in Russian, possesses starting deposit ranging from 1 to 20, maximum to 50 US dollars, has no experience of requotes, slipping, fraud, and deceit?

Why should real trading at forex market start with micro accounts?

In his interview to the “Market Leader” Canadian financial expert of Masterforex-V Academy Evgeny Olkhovski explained why beginners at Forex market should start real trading with micro accounts. His arguments are the following:
1. Opening a big real account in a broker company or DC is not only unwise, but even dangerous: mere people’s psychology or lack of experience often play dirty tricks. And forex market remembers every mistake. It was Aleksandr Elder who paid attention to the point that trader’s psychological problems (fear and passion) are one of the first and foremost reasons of loss at forex market;

2. At present over 20 forex brokers provide traders-beginners with a unique service of micro real trading accounts from 1 US dollar. The best forex training project in Europe, Masterforex-V Academy, highly recommends starting real trade at forex market with these accounts. When your trading system is working and brings profit, you earn money and gradually proceed to micro accounts (0.1 lot when 1 point equals to 1 US dollar) and then to standard forex with 1 trading lot (1 point equals to 10 US dollars)
Such sum is optimistic, as it relieves psychological pressure and fear to lose a large sum of money. As a result, you will have no worries and master your trading system. What is more, not many traders-beginners can afford a large deposit at the start;

3. How to choose the best out of 20 micro forex brokers who provide support in Russian? This is the hardest to answer. You can rely on the opinion of your acquaintances or feedbacks in blogs or social networks (over one half of them are, at least, not objective, at most – “designed”), various ratings, etc.

How to objectively choose the best micro forex broker?

In order to choose the best micro broker with Russian support, Masterforex-V Academy has started an open poll for forex traders:
what do points at the left mean? At the very beginning all nominated brokers are placed according to the number of their points in the general forex broker rating at Masterforex-V Academy: upper positions are assigned to those, whose spread is the smallest, receives least complaints from forex traders, has serious stock exchange licenses, work experience at the market, international awards, etc. (the total of about 20 objective and criteria that served as a basis for assigning these points);
how soon will the best micro forex broker of 2012 be singled out? On the basis of traders voting. Your vote “for” automatically adds point, and vote “against” takes off 1 point. Every attendant of forex forum (registration takes 1-2 minutes) can give one vote “for” and one vote “against”.

■ points in the first column show the reliability of micro forex broker according to 20 major criteria;
■ votes “against” give a serious signal for a forex broker about the reasons for discontent of its clients – forex traders;
■ votes “for” will show micro brokers, about who most traders have positive impression.

As a result, there will be formed a deep and objective complex assessment of over 20 forex brokers, who forex traders find convenient or inconvenient to work with.

What is the sequence of DCs at the beginning of choosing the best micro broker of 2012?

It is clearly observed, continues the financial expert, that at the beginning the brokers nominated for the best micro broker of 2012 that have highest points in the general rating (Nord FX, BMFN, FreshForex, Grand Capital, Alpari, RoboForex, and Forex4you) have advantage over their rivals.

However, the final position of every micro broker will be defined by the independent vote of traders at the web-site of the Academy. Any trader can assign his vote for or against any micro broker. Every vote “for” will add points to an applicant, and every vote “against” will correspondingly lower them.

Where can one vote for the best micro forex broker of 2012?

At the web-site of Masterforex-V Academy in the voting section for The Best Micro Broker of 2012. Unregistered traders are to undergo a simple free registration at the forum of Forex Academy. Then they have to enter the assigned login and password at the page devoted to choosing The Best Micro Broker of 2012.

As for the question about whose chances of winning are higher, the expert said that the management of the Academy may have its own opinion, which may be different from the one of most traders. Therefore, in order to avoid any influence on the results of the vote, the Academy abstains from giving its opinion and encourages every trader to take part in choosing The Best Micro Broker of 2012. Every vote counts.

“Market Leader” holds a questionnaire at Masterforex-V Academy forum for traders and investors: in your opinion, which micro broker can be considered the best?
■ the one that is most widely advertised in media and at web-sites;
■ the one that has most positive feedbacks in the Internet;
■ the one that wins in Masterforex-V Academy voting (broker’s points in the rating + direct voting).


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American Morgan Stanley Disappointed its Investors


One of the oldest and largest American commercial banks, which falls into the category of financial conglomerates, was founded in 1935 by Henry Morgan and Herald Stanley. For such long period of its existence the bank has managed to set a firm market position and be among its leaders.
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American Macrostatistics Remains Mixed

US macrostatistics remains mixed, but real estate market is still considered to be the main driver of the country’s economy. Laying the foundation of new housing kept growing in June (+6.9%MoM); last week mortgage credit lending rapidly rose (+16.9%), following the decline in June.

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Closing APX: Negative Resulting from Dangerous Predictions

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Latin America Sees Flight Of Capital: Consequences For US Dollar


Shortly after withdrawing funds from the eurozone (which contributed to the weakening of the common Euro currency against the US Dollar, the British Pound and other major currencies), investors started withdrawing funds from Latin America. What are the major reasons for this massive flight of capital? How serious is it? What may be the consequences for the national economies of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Mexico?
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Why to Choose Real Estate in Netanya

News of Israeli real estate. For Israel Mediterranean resort Netanya is the same as Sochi for Russia, Yalta for Crimea, or Nice and Cannes for the Cote d’-Azur in France. Millions of tourists from all corners of the world, who have been here at least once, call the city “The Pearl of the Mediterranean” or “Israeli Riviera”.

Publication date: 27 June 04:05 AM

Postrevolutionary Egypt Will Face Political Collapse

News of Africa, Egypt. Postrevolutionary Egypt has held the first democratic presidential elections. This truly is an epochal event, for we can see the logical development of such ambiguous phenomenon as “Arabic spring”.

Eventually, it will get clear whether the entire “free world” should have celebrated revolutionary events happening in the country of pyramids about one year ago. There exist many ways for the situation to develop, but Egypt is exposed to two major ones: either backwards (conservative), or forward (liberal). It is crystal clear that in the condition of Muslim Middle East the first way will mean Islamisation of the society, and the second one – further democratization. The paradox is that this choice became possible due to reformers, who very often have no idea of what they may bring people to. As the saying goes, slit own throat…

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Crude Oil: Will Saudi Arabia And USA Damage Russian Economy?


Crude oil is sometimes referred to as the “blood of the earth” or the “black gold”. All the economies around the globe feed off it. All of them can be divided into 2 confronting groups: exporters and importers. The former (Saudi Arabia, Russia, Canada, Iran, Iraq etc.) need higher oil prices in order to earn more money from exporting oil while the latter need lower oil prices to consume more oil for less money.


All the above-mentioned gives a lot of space for political intrigues, which may result in the collapse of an empire (The USSR disintegrated after a major oil price collapse in the 1980s), revolutions (Libya), clashes (Bolivia, Nigeria) and wars (Kuwait, Iraq). As a result, the sensitive market of oil futures starts reacting in the opposite way.
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“Financial Olympus” Named Most Perspective Forex Broker in Russia

Forex broker news. On May 29, 2012 Moscow saw another awards ceremony “Financial Olympus-2011”, Russian national professional award. In prestigious Ritz-Carlton Hotel the winners, represented by the best companies of financial sphere (banks, insurance companies, investment funds, UITs, forex brokers, etc.), have been awarded with diplomas and high-value awards that symbolize conquering the top of Russian financial sector. So, which Russian forex brokers have been awarded this year?

Publication date: 13 June 04:52 AM

Does USA need QE3?


The US stock market has shown a deep retracement so far. Moreover, the recent macroeconomic stats suggest an economic slowdown. Therefore, more and more traders and investors start speculating about another round of quantitative easing. The Federal Reserve officials are divided over QE3.
Publication date: 12 June 04:39 AM

Can Russia Initiate Another Major Crisis?


The current economic instability seen around the globe suggests that another major crisis may break out in the near future. According Elliot’s wave theory, another wave of the crisis should start in 2015-2017. However, today we can see the eurozone crisis escalating. Russia’s economy oriented toward exporting energy carriers is at risk as well.
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