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Saturday, 23 June 17:13 (GMT -05:00)

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Who will be Chosen the Best Micro Broker of 2012?

News of forex broker rating. Every beginning trader that decides to become a professional, having completed forex training, faces a dilemma – which Forex broker to choose in order to open his first real trading account.

How to identify the best micro broker worldwide, which provides support in Russian, possesses starting deposit ranging from 1 to 20, maximum to 50 US dollars, has no experience of requotes, slipping, fraud, and deceit?

Why should real trading at forex market start with micro accounts?

In his interview to the “Market Leader” Canadian financial expert of Masterforex-V Academy Evgeny Olkhovski explained why beginners at Forex market should start real trading with micro accounts. His arguments are the following:
1. Opening a big real account in a broker company or DC is not only unwise, but even dangerous: mere people’s psychology or lack of experience often play dirty tricks. And forex market remembers every mistake. It was Aleksandr Elder who paid attention to the point that trader’s psychological problems (fear and passion) are one of the first and foremost reasons of loss at forex market;

2. At present over 20 forex brokers provide traders-beginners with a unique service of micro real trading accounts from 1 US dollar. The best forex training project in Europe, Masterforex-V Academy, highly recommends starting real trade at forex market with these accounts. When your trading system is working and brings profit, you earn money and gradually proceed to micro accounts (0.1 lot when 1 point equals to 1 US dollar) and then to standard forex with 1 trading lot (1 point equals to 10 US dollars)
Such sum is optimistic, as it relieves psychological pressure and fear to lose a large sum of money. As a result, you will have no worries and master your trading system. What is more, not many traders-beginners can afford a large deposit at the start;

3. How to choose the best out of 20 micro forex brokers who provide support in Russian? This is the hardest to answer. You can rely on the opinion of your acquaintances or feedbacks in blogs or social networks (over one half of them are, at least, not objective, at most – “designed”), various ratings, etc.

How to objectively choose the best micro forex broker?

In order to choose the best micro broker with Russian support, Masterforex-V Academy has started an open poll for forex traders:
what do points at the left mean? At the very beginning all nominated brokers are placed according to the number of their points in the general forex broker rating at Masterforex-V Academy: upper positions are assigned to those, whose spread is the smallest, receives least complaints from forex traders, has serious stock exchange licenses, work experience at the market, international awards, etc. (the total of about 20 objective and criteria that served as a basis for assigning these points);
how soon will the best micro forex broker of 2012 be singled out? On the basis of traders voting. Your vote “for” automatically adds point, and vote “against” takes off 1 point. Every attendant of forex forum (registration takes 1-2 minutes) can give one vote “for” and one vote “against”.

■ points in the first column show the reliability of micro forex broker according to 20 major criteria;
■ votes “against” give a serious signal for a forex broker about the reasons for discontent of its clients – forex traders;
■ votes “for” will show micro brokers, about who most traders have positive impression.

As a result, there will be formed a deep and objective complex assessment of over 20 forex brokers, who forex traders find convenient or inconvenient to work with.

What is the sequence of DCs at the beginning of choosing the best micro broker of 2012?

It is clearly observed, continues the financial expert, that at the beginning the brokers nominated for the best micro broker of 2012 that have highest points in the general rating (Nord FX, BMFN, FreshForex, Grand Capital, Alpari, RoboForex, and Forex4you) have advantage over their rivals.

However, the final position of every micro broker will be defined by the independent vote of traders at the web-site of the Academy. Any trader can assign his vote for or against any micro broker. Every vote “for” will add points to an applicant, and every vote “against” will correspondingly lower them.

Where can one vote for the best micro forex broker of 2012?

At the web-site of Masterforex-V Academy in the voting section for The Best Micro Broker of 2012. Unregistered traders are to undergo a simple free registration at the forum of Forex Academy. Then they have to enter the assigned login and password at the page devoted to choosing The Best Micro Broker of 2012.

As for the question about whose chances of winning are higher, the expert said that the management of the Academy may have its own opinion, which may be different from the one of most traders. Therefore, in order to avoid any influence on the results of the vote, the Academy abstains from giving its opinion and encourages every trader to take part in choosing The Best Micro Broker of 2012. Every vote counts.

“Market Leader” holds a questionnaire at Masterforex-V Academy forum for traders and investors: in your opinion, which micro broker can be considered the best?
■ the one that is most widely advertised in media and at web-sites;
■ the one that has most positive feedbacks in the Internet;
■ the one that wins in Masterforex-V Academy voting (broker’s points in the rating + direct voting).


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Sugar market outlook

Now, when the harvesting campaign is nearly over, we can make certain conclusions about the global production of sugar. In mid 2011 the global production reached 165,7M tons, which is 5.8% more than in mid 2010.

Publication date: 27 September 02:56 AM

Tips for investors: lower oil prices threaten with another global crisis

On Sep 21st 2011 the Fed Reserve warned of significant risks to the U.S. economy, global oil prices and the world’s major stock indices (Dow Jones, Nasdaq, DAX, Nikkei 225, CAC 40, S&P 500) started a rapid downfall. The downfall has many signs of another major crisis.
The gloomy forecasts made by George Soros, Nouriel Roubini and Masterforex-V Academy about the forthcoming 2nd wave of the global crisis seem to be coming true. For more details read July’s article “A. Lukashenko confirms Masterforex-V’s forecast. Will the world see the next wave of the global crisis?
What awaits the world in the near future? How deep will oil prices decline? Is there anything that could stop the decline?
Publication date: 27 September 12:51 AM

Does US FRS threaten Russia with economic crash?

US news. The results of the meeting of the US FRS have cast down on the world markets, which have not received any help, but heard that the United States economy is officially recognized as “ailing”. It is obvious that due to this almost all assets have gone down in value, except for dollar.

Russian bond indexes, as admitted by the experts of Forex Academy and Masterforex-V Stock Exchange and Futures Trade, have decreased by 8% in the condition when ruble rate keeps falling. 32 rubles are currently exchanged for a dollar, and 43 – for a Euro. What shall traders and investors expect amid negative market dynamics and US news?

Publication date: 26 September 08:00 PM

Tax increase for the rich: how will it influence US dollar?

US news. US President Barack Obama has introduced to the Congress his detailed plan of creating jobs and increasing the profit of common American workers, representatives of small and medium business. It is a part of a large-scale plan to shorten the deficit of the country’s national debt in the nearest decade.

A week ago US President presented the key points of this plan. It is worth mentioning that the program cost has risen in 1.5 times in comparison with the initially announced one – from $ 300 bln. to $ 447 bln. One third of this sum ($ 140 bln.) is to be used for modernization of infrastructure and recovery of lost and creation of new jobs – for teachers, firemen, policemen, part-time and seasonal work for the youth, as well as for schools reconstruction, motorways repairing and construction, etc. A larger sum of $ 175 bln. is to be used for prolongation of tax incentives for common workers, and $ 70 bln. is aimed to support small business.

Publication date: 23 September 12:38 AM

What is the basis of Australian economic growth?

Forex news. Australian consumer demand for garments, household goods, and services is slowly coming back to life. However, the Assistant Governor at the Reserve Bank of Australia Phil Lowe warned that retail trade shall get ready to continue experiencing the week demand of the population.

The recent rather week consumer demand has hit retail trade hard. On the contrary, the situation in services sector is not bad: educational services consumption has risen by 5% during this year, rest and recreation services – by 7%, hotel and restaurant businesses have increased their earnings by more than 6%, and transport services have risen by 10%, he added. He also admitted that the rise of household savings has become steadier than it used to be during crisis. This gives a fair financial buffer for the unstable world that we live in and represents a return to more traditional economic model.
Publication date: 22 September 01:55 AM

Japan: investors are pessimistic

Forex news. The bids at Japanese stock exchanges on September 20 finished with the drop of Nikkei index by 1.6 %. The main reason for this was the debt crisis, which remains in Euro zone. In particular, today it has been reported that S&P had lowered the credit rating of Italy.

The shares of Japanese leading banks, which make up the countries three leading financial institutions, have dropped in price. These banks are Mitsubishi UFJ, Sumitomo Mitsui, and Mizuho. Companies Sony, Panasonic, and Toshiba have experienced serious decline, for their quotations have, on average, lowered by 2%. In general, by the results of September 20, Nikkei index has dropped by almost 195 points.

Publication date: 21 September 04:53 AM

Anti-missile defense talks between Russia and USA: possible consequences

Russia and the US are getting ready to have another round of anti-missile defense talks. It happens so that the topic became the major one in the Russia-US bilateral relations. Moscow is really concerned about the USA’s anti-missile defense in Europe.
The disputes are obviously dragged out. There are two parties participating in the disputes – Russia and the USA. However, there are some other parties concerned. Sometimes it seems that the 2 parties just talk about different notions and do not want to understand each other.
Publication date: 21 September 03:07 AM

Agencies strike back

Hardly has Italian government managed to approve the government austerity program, which is aimed to lower the national debt by 54 billion Euros, when international rating agency Standard & Poor’s expressed its opinion: “We suppose that lowering the rate of Italian economic activity today will make the government financial goals hard to achieve”. On the basis of its calculations S&P has lowered the long-term sovereign credit rating of Italy from А+ to А and the short-term rating – from А-1+ to А-1. The rating forecast is “negative”.
Moody’s Agency is currently having a close look at Italian economy, being in the state of “considering towards lowering”.

Publication date: 20 September 04:36 AM

Greece: A burden to the eurozone? Pros and cons


A few months ago any talk about the possibility of Greece's withdrawal from the eurozone was a taboo. Only independent experts and analysts could discuss it. But everything has changed. More and more opposing politicians and common people want Greece out of the eurozone.
For example, Christian Linder, general secretary of Free Democratic Party of Germany, promises to live Angela Merkel’ c coalition if she keeps backing Greece, allowing it to stay in the eurozone at the expense of German taxpayers. While Austria’s government supports Greece, according to Krone, 93% of the Austrians want Greece to leave the currency union.
2 years after the creation of the eurozone Greece fulfilled all the requirements of the Maastricht treaty and in 2001 entered the eurozone. 10 years later it may well become the first rogue member of the eurozone. If Greece is ultimately expelled from the eurozone, it will face a disaster. A return back to the Drachma will automatically double Greece’s public debt and will make the country go bankrupt.
Are there any benefits for the eurozone itself to expel one of its members? What should investors get ready for?
Publication date: 17 September 04:38 AM

Offshore zones: What is their meaning and essence for international investors?

Such terms as “offshore zone” and “offshore company” has been known to investors for decades. In the CIS states these notions are relatively knew (some 20 years) while in Europe and other regions this type of business has been known for a much longer period of time. An offshore company implies a new level of business, new international financial and investment tools.
Let’s look at the benefits that an offshore business can offer.
Publication date: 13 September 01:24 PM