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Who will be Chosen the Best Micro Broker of 2012?

News of forex broker rating. Every beginning trader that decides to become a professional, having completed forex training, faces a dilemma – which Forex broker to choose in order to open his first real trading account.

How to identify the best micro broker worldwide, which provides support in Russian, possesses starting deposit ranging from 1 to 20, maximum to 50 US dollars, has no experience of requotes, slipping, fraud, and deceit?

Why should real trading at forex market start with micro accounts?

In his interview to the “Market Leader” Canadian financial expert of Masterforex-V Academy Evgeny Olkhovski explained why beginners at Forex market should start real trading with micro accounts. His arguments are the following:
1. Opening a big real account in a broker company or DC is not only unwise, but even dangerous: mere people’s psychology or lack of experience often play dirty tricks. And forex market remembers every mistake. It was Aleksandr Elder who paid attention to the point that trader’s psychological problems (fear and passion) are one of the first and foremost reasons of loss at forex market;

2. At present over 20 forex brokers provide traders-beginners with a unique service of micro real trading accounts from 1 US dollar. The best forex training project in Europe, Masterforex-V Academy, highly recommends starting real trade at forex market with these accounts. When your trading system is working and brings profit, you earn money and gradually proceed to micro accounts (0.1 lot when 1 point equals to 1 US dollar) and then to standard forex with 1 trading lot (1 point equals to 10 US dollars)
Such sum is optimistic, as it relieves psychological pressure and fear to lose a large sum of money. As a result, you will have no worries and master your trading system. What is more, not many traders-beginners can afford a large deposit at the start;

3. How to choose the best out of 20 micro forex brokers who provide support in Russian? This is the hardest to answer. You can rely on the opinion of your acquaintances or feedbacks in blogs or social networks (over one half of them are, at least, not objective, at most – “designed”), various ratings, etc.

How to objectively choose the best micro forex broker?

In order to choose the best micro broker with Russian support, Masterforex-V Academy has started an open poll for forex traders:
what do points at the left mean? At the very beginning all nominated brokers are placed according to the number of their points in the general forex broker rating at Masterforex-V Academy: upper positions are assigned to those, whose spread is the smallest, receives least complaints from forex traders, has serious stock exchange licenses, work experience at the market, international awards, etc. (the total of about 20 objective and criteria that served as a basis for assigning these points);
how soon will the best micro forex broker of 2012 be singled out? On the basis of traders voting. Your vote “for” automatically adds point, and vote “against” takes off 1 point. Every attendant of forex forum (registration takes 1-2 minutes) can give one vote “for” and one vote “against”.

■ points in the first column show the reliability of micro forex broker according to 20 major criteria;
■ votes “against” give a serious signal for a forex broker about the reasons for discontent of its clients – forex traders;
■ votes “for” will show micro brokers, about who most traders have positive impression.

As a result, there will be formed a deep and objective complex assessment of over 20 forex brokers, who forex traders find convenient or inconvenient to work with.

What is the sequence of DCs at the beginning of choosing the best micro broker of 2012?

It is clearly observed, continues the financial expert, that at the beginning the brokers nominated for the best micro broker of 2012 that have highest points in the general rating (Nord FX, BMFN, FreshForex, Grand Capital, Alpari, RoboForex, and Forex4you) have advantage over their rivals.

However, the final position of every micro broker will be defined by the independent vote of traders at the web-site of the Academy. Any trader can assign his vote for or against any micro broker. Every vote “for” will add points to an applicant, and every vote “against” will correspondingly lower them.

Where can one vote for the best micro forex broker of 2012?

At the web-site of Masterforex-V Academy in the voting section for The Best Micro Broker of 2012. Unregistered traders are to undergo a simple free registration at the forum of Forex Academy. Then they have to enter the assigned login and password at the page devoted to choosing The Best Micro Broker of 2012.

As for the question about whose chances of winning are higher, the expert said that the management of the Academy may have its own opinion, which may be different from the one of most traders. Therefore, in order to avoid any influence on the results of the vote, the Academy abstains from giving its opinion and encourages every trader to take part in choosing The Best Micro Broker of 2012. Every vote counts.

“Market Leader” holds a questionnaire at Masterforex-V Academy forum for traders and investors: in your opinion, which micro broker can be considered the best?
■ the one that is most widely advertised in media and at web-sites;
■ the one that has most positive feedbacks in the Internet;
■ the one that wins in Masterforex-V Academy voting (broker’s points in the rating + direct voting).


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S&P500: investors are expecting EU problems to be solved

Exchange news, SP500. It was a rather busy week. For the first time in last two months S&P 500 index has gone beyond 1250. A lot of market players were longing for the results of European Union summits. Friday trading session has been rather neutral in comparison with the rest of the week.

This tranquility can be explained by the fact that there was no news significant enough to bring in liveliness into the market. Last week’s reports on profit were mostly better than expected, which had a positive soothing impact on the market.


Publication date: 31 October 10:00 AM

Venezuela: outlook for investors

For many years mass media from different parts of the world have been highlighting the situation in Venezuela. Sometimes the highlights are controversial: some media report that Venezuela is one the verge of economic collapse (According to Forbes, it is one of the world’s 10 worst economies). Others report that in terms of GDP-per-capita it is Latin America’s number 3 ($12 600), thus yielding only to Chile and Argentina. It is also Latin America’s 3rd biggest economy after Mexico and Brazil. It is reported that in the first half of 2011 Venezuela’s GDP gained 4.5%.
Therefore, these days Venezuela seems to be a striking example of how a country can live without US advisors and their subsidies ,especially against the background of continuous protests against “financial terrorism” in the USA and Europe.
Obviously, the truth, as usual, lies somewhere between the 2 extremes. Yet there are no other people who need this truth as desperately as investors. Investments always carry certain risks, it is vital for an investor to make a comprehensive analysis of the economic model of the country he/she is going to invest in. it is crucial to define all the strengths and weaknesses.
Publication date: 27 October 10:48 AM

For investors: revival of US market

Exhange news. The volatility of S&P 500 future gradually declines, which means that market situation is getting “healthier”. Technical condition of the market is also pleasant, as the top line of the sloping channel as well as a 50-day moving average have already been passed:

Publication date: 25 October 02:17 PM

Nouriel Roubini: USA, UK and Europe have 12 months to avoid recession

Nouriel Roubini, co-founder and chairman of Roubini Global Economics LLC., assumes that some of the most powerful economies in the world may face a recession if they do not take urgent steps within a year:
“Unfortunately, in my view there is a risk, at least a 50 percent probability, that in the U.S., in the eurozone, in the United Kingdom, and in most advanced economies, the future in the next 12 months might suggest a recession, a downturn, rather than reacceleration of growth…”
The eurozone crisis is escalating. Mr. Roubini assumes that it may spread over other economies outside the region as the steps taken by EU leaders are not sufficient to overcome the crisis.
Publication date: 25 October 09:26 AM

For investors: what has most influence on the market?

Exchange news. Last week the market was mostly influenced by the reports about income of European countries, which were followed by various rumours and comments of top-officials from financial sector. At this point, the plan of economic recovery is very general, but market is certain that it will be effective and will help Europe to recover from crisis. The plans will be further regarded during European Union summits. The first part of the summit was held during this weekend, and the second one, which is expected even more, will be held in the middle of this week.

Publication date: 25 October 05:22 AM

Rating Agencies: Weapon of Economic and Financial Manipulation?

After cutting to junk the sovereign ratings of Greece, Portugal and Ireland and intimidating investors with possible cuts in Spain and Italy’s ratings, the world’s most influential rating agencies switched to European banks.
A week ago Moody’s agency cut the ratings of 12 British and 9 Portugal banks. Standard & Poor’s downgraded Dexia’s rating. A couple of days ago Fitch cut the ratings of the Royal Bank, Scotland , Lloyds Banking Group and UBS and changed the rating forecast for the world’s 8 major banks -  Bank of America Corp, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Barclays Bank Plc, BNP Paribas, Credit Suisse Group AG , Deutsche Bank AG and Societe Generale.
David Buik, an analyst for BGC Partners is sure that “hell has a better chance of freezing over than the British government allowing Lloyds or RBS to go to wall. So this is ridiculous.”
According to the Guardian, in 2006 an S&P employee wrote in an email to his colleague, which contained the following lines: "Let's hope we are all wealthy and retired by the time this house of cards falters. :o),"
Publication date: 20 October 08:55 AM

Record deficit of US budget: is there any threat to investors?

Record deficit of US budget: is there any threat to investors?
US news, Washington. During the recent years US federal budget has been facing record deficit. Summing up the results of the expiring financial year, American Treasury has calculated that in 2011 the budget deficit amounted to 1 trillion 299 billion dollars. It has generally become the second worst result – it was worse only in 2009.
Publication date: 19 October 09:10 AM

Eurozone integrity – €2B euro Greece?

The current economic situation in Greece is probably the most discussed issue around the world. It wouldn’t be so heavily discussed but for the threat to the entire eurozone, an consequently to the global economic and financial system.
The fear of being infected with the “debt virus” makes other countries and various financial institutions participate in the salvation process though flexible credit lines and endless financial inflows. All this cannot but affect financial markets, making them rather volatile and unpredictable.
Publication date: 19 October 06:31 AM

Who won and lost from the disintegration of the USSR?

On August 19th it was 20 years since the failed Soviet coup d'état attempt (19–21 August 1991), also known as the August Putsch or August Coup. The State Committee of the State of Emergency’s spontaneous and uncoordinated actions finished off the USSR.
The disintegration of the USSR disappointed many of those who later found themselves living in one of the 15 independent states of the former USSR.
Let’s look at the consequences in terms of figures, which is the only objective language for traders and investors:
Publication date: 17 October 07:18 PM

EU summit in Dusseldorf was not what investors expected

Stock exchange news. The summit of European Union in Dusseldorf on October 17 did not meet the expectations, which immediately influenced the price of WTI oil future. The plan on the EU recovery from crisis has not been adopted during the summit.

Disappointment during the summit was caused by the statement of Greek Minister of Finance that the previously announced date of October 23 was too early to announce the tools of European Union economic recovery. Nevertheless, the main principles of next (second) financial tranche to Athens will be announced on October 23.

Publication date: 17 October 03:05 PM