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Saturday, 24 January 23:46 (GMT -05:00)

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Herman Van Rompuy: there is a way out from crisis

Forex news. The web-site of European Union displays a video message from EU President Herman Van Rompuy, in which he announces that another meeting of EU heads has been planned for January 30, 2012. Formally, the problem of unemployment will be the key topic of discussion, whereas in fact the issue of Eurozone debt crisis will certainly be raised.
In general, the message is rather positive: "We are to take drastic measures in the sphere of unemployment. Providing financial stability within Eurozone is of major importance for our future. This year we have made significant decisions to fight the crisis of sovereign debt. Almost all countries, members of the union, are holding reforms aimed at rising the competitiveness of our companies and strengthening public finance. There is a social way out from crisis".

As a balance to the official optimism of European Union, RBC Daily newspaper has published a translation of Nobel Prize winner in economics Joseph Stiglitz’s view on current situation. Its main idea can be summed up as "World is on the point of new chaos". Stiglitz supposes that the best thing about the expiring year of 2011 is that it has probably been better than the coming 2012.

At FOREX market EURUSD currency pair is forming a rising wave "С" of h1 level, which corresponds to sub-wave "с" within the ТР (Turning Point) of h4 level.
4th sub-wave is being formed as a part of wave "С". As soon as it is over, the current rising trend will probably continue, provided that there are no signals about its termination. In such a case, point 1.3183 will be the nearest target, as stated by the specialists of the System of Early Prediction Sub-department under the Department of Masterforex-V Trading System .



SRP Sub-department under the Department of Masterforex-V Trading System will signal about the change of the situation or trend.


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Text: Alex von Stachelkopf, expert of SRP Sub-Department under the Department of Masterforex-V TS
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Tips for investors: US public debt. Possible threats.

The day when the US may default on its debt (August 2nd) is getting closer. The entire world is pondering on the problem. The US economy is the world’s biggest one (25% of the global GDP). But the main thing is that nobody knows what comes next if the US eventually defaults on its debt because the entire global economy depends on the US debt obligations.
A US default will initiate a wave that will be more dangerous than the Japanese tsunami as it will hit the entire world. Yet there is no defensive plan in case the US economy and financial system collapse. That is why there is no point in getting ready for a US default.
Publication date: 20 July 01:15 PM

Tips for investors: What to expect when some EU banks fail to pass stress tests?



Europe keeps worrying investors. Now it’s about the EU’s banking system. The results of the stress tests conducted by the Euro Banking Authority (EBA) are not so reassuring: 8 banks were financially unstable while 16 other banks almost collapsed.
Publication date: 20 July 06:46 AM

Euro is under pressure as Moody’s cuts Ireland’s rating to junk. Possible consequences for investors.



The world media have been enthusiastic about Moody’s decision to cut Ireland’s credit rating to “junk”. The rating agency did it on Tuesday, saying that the debt-ridden economy will probably need extra financial aid.
Not so long ago the experts of Masterforex-V Academy warned that the eurozone’s countries would keep having their credit ratings cut as the amount of those countries would only grow. This is what we can see now. Just a week ago Moody's Investors Service downgraded the status of Portugal ’s T-bonds and cut Italy’s credit rating.  Now it is Ireland’s bond rating that is cut to “junk”.
Publication date: 19 July 09:47 AM

US credit rating under threat: step towards default or one more game?

The talks between the US President and the Republican part of the Congress on the debt ceiling issue finally brought first results. The Republicans officially announced their decision to approve a $2.4 trillion increase in the federal borrowing limit (or the debt ceiling). Consequently the expected August default of the US economy seems to be at least postponed. However, on July 14th Moody's Investors Service unexpectedly warned the US about reconsidering its credit rating.

Publication date: 19 July 05:23 AM

Less than 3 weeks to possible US default: President VS Congress

The info-analytic service of Market Leader and the U.S. Association of Trader and Investors under Masterforex-V Academy previously wrote about the problem of the USA’s budget deficit for a couple of times. They considered the reasons, possible consequences and tried to anticipate the future succession of events.
Of course, Masterforex-V Academy experts have recently been focused on the measures taken by the U.S. Government, Congress and President in order to solve the problem.
It is obvious that there is no need to explain once again why investors around the world are seriously concerned about the current condition of the world’s biggest economy. That is why any speech made by Barack Obama or any political piece of news from Washington are paid special attention to. We remind you that in order to avoid a technical default the U.S. Congress will have to lift the debt ceiling until August 2nd.
If the USA defaults on its debt, that will be a real shock for the entire global market and global economy.
Publication date: 18 July 11:32 AM

Tips for investors: Dot-com fever and tech bubble. Possible consequences.


At the moment all of us can witness an extraordinary flurry in the investment and tech (IT or dot-com) markets.  The success gained by global tech giants during the IPO and the breathtaking growth of the companies’ capitalization cannot but amaze and inspire investors. However, there are some concerns about whether the rapid growth of such tech giants as Facebook, Skype, Google and others can lead to another tech bubble, which in this case will seriously affect the entire global economy.  


Publication date: 14 July 10:44 AM

New Zealand economy grows despite expectations

Forex news. The data on GDP has proved surprisingly high – 0.8%, although economists were predicting the growth of a little less than 0.5%, whereas Reserve Bank was expecting only 0.3%. A devastating earthquake in February had a strong influence on the countrys economy; however, as it turned out, this had a minor influence on manufacturing sector, which was almost unaffected. Rapid growth was mainly achieved by means of manufacturing and, although some enterprises in Christchurch were disabled during the earthquake, most of them continued their work.

Publication date: 14 July 04:44 AM

Panic in EU: Is it time for investors to get rid of European T-bonds?

The current week started with another unpleasant surprise for investors. The eurozone’s periphery keeps being feverish. Before the EU leaders decided on the Greek debt there emerged problems in Italy and Portugal (read the article “Credit rating of Portugal : troubling sign for investors and the whole EU?”). On July 11th Italy’s 10-year bond yield hit a new record high (5,46%). Investors keep being worried about the eurozone’s growing debt crisis while getting rid of some risky and unreliable Euro T-bonds.

Publication date: 12 July 01:56 PM

Tips for investors: differences and similarities between Austria and Germany

Some investors may consider Austria and Germany as something united: common ethnic origin, common language, close cultural and historical ties etc.

In German “Austria” means “Eastern lands”. Strange as it may seem but sometimes close ties and relations may cause rivalry and conflicts. Indeed, Austria and Germany can be considered brothers or sisters. Genetics says that brothers or sisters can share only 50% of the same genes. So what should investors know about the differences and similarities between the two neighboring countries?
Publication date: 12 July 09:56 AM

Market overview from Capital Invest Management

Last short week S&P500 index continued its upward movement; however, on Friday it has bounced from the upper margin of horizontal channel, in the framework of which it has been remaining for several months. Considerable support to the market has been provided by demand for oil, which has increased amid positive expectations towards economic recovery

Publication date: 11 July 10:42 AM