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Herman Van Rompuy: there is a way out from crisis

Forex news. The web-site of European Union displays a video message from EU President Herman Van Rompuy, in which he announces that another meeting of EU heads has been planned for January 30, 2012. Formally, the problem of unemployment will be the key topic of discussion, whereas in fact the issue of Eurozone debt crisis will certainly be raised.
In general, the message is rather positive: "We are to take drastic measures in the sphere of unemployment. Providing financial stability within Eurozone is of major importance for our future. This year we have made significant decisions to fight the crisis of sovereign debt. Almost all countries, members of the union, are holding reforms aimed at rising the competitiveness of our companies and strengthening public finance. There is a social way out from crisis".

As a balance to the official optimism of European Union, RBC Daily newspaper has published a translation of Nobel Prize winner in economics Joseph Stiglitz’s view on current situation. Its main idea can be summed up as "World is on the point of new chaos". Stiglitz supposes that the best thing about the expiring year of 2011 is that it has probably been better than the coming 2012.

At FOREX market EURUSD currency pair is forming a rising wave "С" of h1 level, which corresponds to sub-wave "с" within the ТР (Turning Point) of h4 level.
4th sub-wave is being formed as a part of wave "С". As soon as it is over, the current rising trend will probably continue, provided that there are no signals about its termination. In such a case, point 1.3183 will be the nearest target, as stated by the specialists of the System of Early Prediction Sub-department under the Department of Masterforex-V Trading System .



SRP Sub-department under the Department of Masterforex-V Trading System will signal about the change of the situation or trend.


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Text: Alex von Stachelkopf, expert of SRP Sub-Department under the Department of Masterforex-V TS
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Italy’s credit rating is cut. Reasons and consequences

A day ago Moody’s downgraded Italy’s credit rating from Аа2 down to А2, with a negative outlook. The news wasn’t a surprise for the Italian authorities. Silvio Berlusconi said the rating cut was predictable.
Italy’s rating cut will inevitably make rating agencies downgrade the rating of Italian banks, which will make lending even more difficult and costly for them. 2 weeks ago Standard & Poor's also downgraded Italy’s credit rating from А+ down to А, with a negative outlook.
What does the rating cut mean for Italy and its investors?
Publication date: 06 October 09:21 AM

Barclays Capital: refusing to purchase assets will make pound stronger

Forex news. Barclays Capital analytics expressed an opinion that the expecting the session of the Monetary Policy Committee (МРС) of the Bank of England provokes a considerable number of the British pound short-term positions. The bank believes that if on Thursday МРС does not claim that the quantitative easing program is extended, investors will probably start closing their shorts.

Publication date: 06 October 08:01 AM

Greek issues push price up

Exchange news. The issue of possible default in Greece is extremely topical. Last weekend Athens officially claimed that the country cannot cut its expenditures, as required by the agreements. This, in its turn, casts doubt on the possibility of Greece to receive mutual assistance credit from European Central Bank.

Publication date: 05 October 03:54 PM

Wall Street Blockade: possible consequences for USA

Last Saturday thousands of protesters crowded the streets of Manhattan, New York. The police arrested more than 700 participants of the protest.




What is common between the Arab revolutions and the Wall Street Blockade?
Publication date: 04 October 10:25 AM

What has caused market decline?

Stock exchange news. Most significant S&P500 volumes and levels in order to define the trend for the next trading week (Monday, July 17, 2011)

According to the traders of Masterforex-V Academy Department of Futures Trade and Stock Exchange, the “roller coaster” rally that started in July continues:

Publication date: 04 October 05:04 AM

Business sentiment index has risen in Japan

Forexnews. Today another key review of business sentiment, which was published by the Central Bank, gives careful conclusions about the growth of big business confidence and further economic development. These estimations are rather positive amid global tendency of expecting decline and exacerbation of crisis.

Publication date: 03 October 02:39 PM

Greece: balance of interests is out

Greece badly needs money. Time is running out. If there no more tranche of help, the available means will not be enough to service the national debt and to pay out wages and pensions, which basically is a default.
The difficulty is the fact that it is extremely difficult to reduce the budget deficit to the extent, which is required by the creditors “trio”, which consists of EU, IMF, and ECB. Sunday evening during the special government session it turned out that according to the results of 2011 the budget deficit amounted to 8.5% from GDP, instead of planned 7.6%. Forecast for 2012 also worsened.
Were these circumstances the reason of a gap in EURUSD pair at the opening of today’s trading?

Publication date: 03 October 07:55 AM

The Nagoya Protocol: Advantages and Disadvantages for Tajik Investors

News from Tajikistan 21 September. In UN's New York headquarters, Tajikistan's Minister of Foreign Affairs Hamrokhon Zarifi took part in the ceremony of signing the Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising from their Utilization to the Convention on Biological Diversity. Tajik MFA believes this to be a major achievement and pins high hopes on the document it has signed. What does the signature of this international document hold for investors and authorities of the Republic of Tajikistan?
The Convention on Biological Diversity and the Nagoya Protocol
Publication date: 02 October 07:48 AM

Uzbekistan and China Getting Closer: What Concerns do Washington and Moscow Have?

News from Uzbekistan. China continues expanding its presence in Middle Asia. Last week, the dynamically developing cooperation between Beijing and the region's states reached new highs.
The parliamentary delegation of the People's Republic of China led by Chairman of the Standing Committee of the People's National Representatives of China U Bango visited Uzbekistan that had long claimed the status of an informal leader in the region.
Publication date: 02 October 07:40 AM

Experts confirm Masterforex-V Academy’s expectations of another wave of the global crisis.



Investors around the world are seriously concerned about the processes in the global economy. There are rumors that the humanity is on the verge of another global crisis (the so called 2nd wave), which is expected to be more devastating than the first crisis (2008).



According to Bloomberg, Jim O’Neill, Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, says that a new crisis will break out if the eurozone’s debt problems affect the US banking system.
It is worth mentioning that Mr. O’Neill assumes that the comparison with the previous global crisis is exaggerated. Last time we saw the collapse of the entire financial system. As a result, banks stopped lending, most companies sharply reduced production, thus causing unemployment growth. At the moment there are no such major threats to the world financial system.
Publication date: 02 October 07:01 AM