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New Zealand foreign trade is showing a steady increase


Forex news. During August New Zealand manufacturing companies have exported more own goods than a month ago. Import has also risen during August, with oil and petrol becoming the leaders of growth, which has lead to $641 mln. trade balance deficit. Export has risen by more than a quarter in comparison with the lowest point in 2009 and remains record, according to Statistics New Zealand.

A traditional deficit of foreign trade is observed in August. However, this year the deficit amounts to 19% of export, whereas last August it amounted to 27% of export.

Export has increased by $313 mln. due to meat and foodstuffs. Import has increased by $523 mln. due to oil, petrol, power-operated cars, and equipment.

New Zealand dollar maintains correction motion towards long-term bullish trend at Forex market. The experts of the Department of Masterforex - V Trading System explain that once the currency pair has broken pivot MF, it has started forming bear impulse, which may be reversal. However, stopping at a sloping channel suggests that ascending motion within wave с(С) of Weekly level may last. The maximal point at the beggining of August – 0.8841 – will form resistance. Breaking a sloping channel may signal about the formation of reversal impulse provided that there is support of АО index. Such index can later start a correction motion or reverse a long-term tendency.



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Trial over Dominique Strauss-Kahn: conspiracy or crime?

Europe keeps being shocked with various scandals, which have a negative impact on the image of the European Union and its national currency. Apart from the debt problems of Greece, Ireland and Portugal and the disputes over the Schengen Agreement, there is another major shock: arrest of the famous French politician Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who used to be the Managing Director of the IMF.


This unpleasant situation has a few peculiarities, which intensify its importance in the eyes of the global community:

1.       62-year-old Dominique Strauss-Kahn was the IMF head at the moment of his arrest
2.       He was arrested in New York, USA. He is accused of attempted rape, which means that under the US Law he may be sentenced to many (up to 70!) years of imprisonment if he is found guilty. Anyway, his political career was destroyed when he was arrested. That is the specifics of sexual scandals, which have recently been the most efficient weapons against politicians of any level.
3.       The Russian-based “Interfax” news agency has found an interesting fact: Strauss-Kahn’s arrest took place a day before he was to meet with Angela Merkel to finally solve the EU’s debt problem, which literary drowns the EU and its currency. A question arises: was it a coincidence or was someone interested in undermining the debt problem solution?
Is Strauss-Kahn really guilty of the crime?
Publication date: 19 May 05:44 PM

Schengen Agreement is under threat: reasons and possible consequences for investors

The European Union is in trouble again. Apart from the unexpected decline of the Euro currency, the Brussels officials have faced another threat. This time it’s all about the Schengen Agreement. If the agreement undergoes considerable changes, it can affect the entire EU and its currency.
The Schengen Agreement, a document signed by 25 members of the EU, has been considered the main achievement of the European integration. The plans to create something like “the United States” of Europe without the internal borders now seem to bulge at the seams.
Which EU country was the first one to regret not having its borders guarded?
Numerous analysts from the West-European Association of Traders and Investors under Masterforex-V Academy have given a number of answers and explanations on the Schengen issue:
Publication date: 18 May 01:00 PM

Obama calls for opening America for emigrants: what does this mean to investors?

USA news. On May 10 American president made a really sensational claim. This has undergone immediate circulation in the worlds leading media.


Barack Obama, while delivering a speech in a near-border town El-Paso, Texas, announced to its citizens about his intention to seriously reconsider those points of national legislation that concern emigration.


Judging from the announced claim, the scope of the intended reform is unlikely to yield to the reforms in health sector, which are currently considered almost a “business card” of the first tenure of Obama‘s presidency. Nowadays, in anticipation of his election for the second term, US leader calls for more dramatic changes.


What tasks are set for emigration reform”?

Publication date: 17 May 12:52 PM

Norway: is crude oil good or evil? How to avoid “resource curse”?

Is crude oil good or evil when it comes to a country’s economic potential? In late April the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin made an annual report to the Russian Parliament. Reacting to the global oil boom he said that Russia shouldn’t waste the benefit of growing oil prices. The report raised another wave of discussion in the media about the threat of the so-called “resource curse” (the correlation between a country’s considerable profits from the export of energy sources and its weak economic development, which is expressed in the form of an economic slowdown, a decline in the competitiveness of the other economic sectors, currency devaluation, inflation and unemployment growth). Experts say that there are many countries around the world that haven’t got enough benefits from the export of energy sources.

In the meantime, there are many examples of strong resource-exporting economies: Canada, USA, Australia and Norway.

Norway: a “Northern miracle” through the eyes of statistics
Publication date: 14 May 10:40 AM

Will USA announce default on its debt?

Not so long ago the press service of the IMF released to the speech made by the IMF's first deputy managing director John Lipsky during the US-French seminar in Washington. The report shows that the IMF is concerned about the current situation of the US economy and national currency (which is a global currency).
Masterforex-V Academy experts have considered the current financial and economic situation:

What is happening to the US economy?

The world’s biggest economy (25% of the global economy) keeps losing its ground:
·         According to the World Bank’s forecast released in March the Chinese economy is expected to outpace the US one by 2030.
·         Lipsky assumes that it is going to happen by 2020.
·         Not so long ago Standard & Poor's decreased the long-term forecast for the US sovereign debt from “stable” down to “negative” for the first time in 70 years.
·         Within the next decade the USA’s net budget deficit is expected to grow by $10,6 trillion up to $25 trillion. In order to pay the debt the US economy should grow by 5% every year within the next 10 years, which is very difficult for a developed country (the Fed Res expect the growth to be half as much).
However another (and more dangerous for the global economy) way for the US to solve its economic and debt problems could be the devaluation of the US Dollar:
Publication date: 14 May 10:31 AM

Will trading robots replace human traders?

Trading robots keep filling all kinds markets (stocks, futures, currencies). According to some estimation, automated trading systems (ATS) make 50% to 75% of all trading. In some marketplaces like EUREX or RTS it is 90%.

Thus, we can see that the markets have seen the most considerable evolution in the last 10 years. Here is a simple example: Goldman Sachs with its army of supercomputers had only 14 unprofitable days in 2010.

Publication date: 07 May 06:36 PM

World War II by the eyes of investors: outcomes of winners and losers?

The situation in 2011 looks likebefore 1939, doesn’t it? Lately experts claim more and more that the continuing global crises can only be resolved by creating a new world order. What is the worlds news media silent about?


According to the experts of Forex academy and Masterforex-V stock trade:

1. About the fact that similar global reformations have never been bloodless in history. Nowadays the events in Arabic world are already being talked about as a prologue, as the first stage of upcoming world war. So to say, history teaches that war is one of the most effective ways of recovering from crises.

2. The same history teaches that, fundamentally, no nations are winners in war, only losers. The victory in global war and the reward of the state are two things. Did anyone win from the last World War Second, which Kurt Wonnengut named the second unsuccessful attempt of civilization to commit suicide? Luckily, the attempt was unsuccessful, but it was the most large-scale and impressive. The war:

lasted for a long period of 6 summers and winters or 2195 days and nights;

Publication date: 06 May 02:40 PM

The World Bank VS poverty: a game played by its own rules

The top management of the World Bank, including its president Robert Zoellick, is seriously concerned about the threat of a global food crisis. The financier says that if there is a crisis it will be much more severe than all the preceding food crises ever seen.

Zoellick’s pessimistic expectations are based on the pace at which food prices are currently growing around the world. According to him, there has been a 38% price increase in the global food market, nearly reaching the critical level of 2008.

According to Robert Zoellick, such a situation may increase the poverty around the world. Masterforex-V Academy experts note that it is the World Bank (headed by Mr. Zoellick) that mainly influences the poverty levels of numerous countries by decreasing or increasing their ratings. Consequently, the World Bank and the IMF not only form their monetary and credit policies but also influence the international image of a country and its attractiveness for international investors.
Publication date: 05 May 05:29 AM

Nazarbaev urges to create new global reserve currency

On May 3rd in Astana, Kazakhstan, the 4th international economic forum was opened. Experts from 80 countries of the world arrived to take part in the event, including 8 Nobel prize winners.

During the opening speech the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev pointed out the urgent need for a global currency reform. For a couple of years he has been promoting the abandonment of the US Dollar as the global reserve currency.

Masterforex-V Academy and Market Leader have analyzed Nazarbaev’s offer, trying to define whether there is an opportunity to create a new global reserve currency (or to use another existing currency for that purpose) in the near future.
What is so negative about the Dollar?
Publication date: 04 May 08:46 AM

Can the military campaign in Libya be considered the beginning of World War III?

As soon as the Western powers started a military campaign in Libya against Muammar Kaddafi, the famous Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovski called it the beginning of World War III. His statements are usually not considered as serious, but this time numerous experts seem to share this point of view. For example, last year George Soros said that the current situation resembled the 1930s. Probably he meant not only the Great Depression but also the series of local conflicts (Spain, Abissinia etc) preceding World War II.

Should we really get ready for another major war? If so, then what is going to be the reason: energy carriers like crude oil or something else?

Is it all about crude oil?
Publication date: 28 April 01:26 PM