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Saturday, 1 August 09:45 (GMT -05:00)

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OPEC Expects Stable Oil Prices In 2016



According to the Secretary General of the OPEC Abdallah el-Badri, oil prices are expected to stabilize next year. He views the current situation as a challenge for everyone. On top of that, the prices are expected to become balances and stable for longer-term perspective.

Publication date: 30 July 06:36 PM

Huawei Shows New Ascend P6 S


Huawei, another heavyweight in the international mobile industry, has just introduced another smartphone. It is called Huawei Ascend P6 S. This is a renewed version of Ascend P6, which came into market last year.
Publication date: 21 January 10:51 AM

Apple to Introduce 2 iPhones in 2014


Apple, the world-famous American tech giant is currently working on new gadgets, including a new version of iPhone. According to some sources, the all-new iPhone will be introduced this summer.
Publication date: 21 January 09:07 AM

Nokia to Introduce Mini Version of Lumia 1520

The year of 2014 is underway. Nokia is about to hand its mobile business over to Microsoft after last year’s sales agreement. Still, the Finnish manufacturer of mobile devices looks full of ideas and determined to continue creating mobile devices.

Publication date: 21 January 09:07 AM

Sony Xperia Z2 Will Be Introduced At MWC 2014


Sony, one of the biggest tech companies in the world, is expected to introduce a new smartphone during the forthcoming expo called MWC 2014. In particular, the corporation is working hard to create the successor of the famous smartphone called Sony Xperia Z1.
Publication date: 20 January 04:16 PM

Google Is Said To Be More Innovational Than Apple


Walter Isaacson, is a US author who published a book on the late Steve Jobs in 2011. Mr Jobs approved this book by himself. In a matter of months it became a bestseller and later was recognized the book of the year. Sony purchased the rights and is going to film a movie based on the book. The author of the book gave an interview right in advance of the start of the filming.  During the interview, Mr. Isaacson said that Google is more innovative than Apple these days.
Publication date: 20 January 03:43 PM

Forex Traders On Natural Gas Disputes Between Russia and Europe


There situation around Ukraine keeps escalating. Europe and Russia seem to be competing for it. The «Euromaidan» that is going on in Kiev came as the result of President Yanukovich's decision to abandon signing an agreement with the EU. This fact made Brussels angry. The USA urges European politicians to be tough in fighting for Ukraine and show the opponents all the trump card up their sleeves.
It is all about friendship with Russia once again. The EU threatens to deter the construction of Gazprom's most ambitious project called South Stream.
Publication date: 10 January 02:27 PM

Microsoft Brand Turns More Expensive Than Apple


A couple o days ago, Microsoft was announced the USA's most expensive brand, thereby outpacing Apple, one of its major rivals. The informations is provided by ComputerWorld with reference to the research conducted by Forester Research.
Publication date: 10 January 09:05 AM

Gold Forecast 2014


While stocks, futures and other non-physical assets are getting riskier every day, gold has always been considered a safe-haven asset. Even though seeing a downtrend these days due to low inflation in major developed economies, gold is still one of the major commodities for traders and investors worldwide.
What are the price prospects for the precious metal in 2014? Let's ask Masterforex-V Academy, Europe's best online Forex training project since 2009.
Publication date: 06 January 09:03 AM

Forex Traders Call Promising Investment Opportunities in 2014


Apparently, millions of people around the globe are looking for the ways and means of gaining some extra profits and saving their money from inflation. For some people, 2013 was a terrible investment year while others showed consistent results throughout the year.
Not it is time to focus on the moneymaking opportunities offered to us in 2014. Masterforex-V Academy will help us with that…
Publication date: 05 January 05:02 PM

Apple Will Introduce iPad 6 and iPhone 6 in 2014


Apple, the world-famous tech giant headquartered in the USA, is set to keep following its tradition, i.e. introducing new mobile devices in 2014.
Publication date: 27 December 06:04 AM
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