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Wednesday, 28 January 08:04 (GMT -05:00)

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Microsoft Doesn’t Count on Big Profits in 2015


Microsoft, the world-famous tech giant from the USA, reported about its financial performance in the forth quarter of 2014, which ended on December 31st. According, to the Hi-Tech Department of Masterforex-V Academy, the corporation’s net profits seen over the period of October through December reached $5,9 billion. For the same of comparison, the same figures seen 12 months before indicated $6,6 billion. With that said, this was a 10% decline in Microsoft’s quarterly net profits.

Publication date: 28 January 05:04 AM

Natural Gas Market: Mid-Term Outlook


The North American market of natural gas is subject to seasonality more than any other NG market. It usually sees higher prices in winter, which is natural since more NG needed during the heating season. The seasonality is reflected in NG futures prices shown by New York Merchantile Exchange (NYMEX).
Publication date: 02 December 01:19 PM

Galaxy Note 3 Will Come In Gold And Scarlet


Next year, Samsung, the world-famous South Korean manufacturer of computer electronics, will introduce several interesting mobile devices. The tech giant is planning to produce something interesting and extraordinary. At the same time, the company will renew several existing devices.
Publication date: 30 November 10:23 AM

The average price of iPhone drops down to $577,2


According to the recent research conducted by Digitimes Research, Apple managed to sell 33,8 million iPhones during Q3 2013. This is +25,7% year-over-year! However, there are certain problems.
Publication date: 30 November 10:22 AM

Lumia 525 – Successor of Lumia 520



On November 27th, Nokia officially announced a new low-cost smartphones Lumia 525 – the successor of Lumia 520. The event took place in Singapore. This is the new version of the most popular Windows-powered smartphone.
Publication date: 29 November 02:42 PM

American Sculptor Creates Robot Girl For Apple Gadgets



Mark Ricchi, an American sculptor, has recently created an unusual doc-station for Apple devices. It is called Robot Girl since it resembles a beautiful robot girl.  The devices are connected via Bluetooth, that is why the doc-station is compatible with non-Apple devices as well.
The doc-station is available at eBay. The starting price is $6500. The youtube video below shows how the girl is rotating and shining from inside.
Publication date: 29 November 02:42 PM

British Gamers Welcome PlayStation 4



On November 15th, Sony started the US sales of the long awaited game console called PlayStation 4. Now, it is the UK's turn to welcome PlayStation 4. On Friday, British users will be able to purchase the game console. However, this will be only those who preordered the console until August. Those who preordered it after August, will have to wait for the shipment until the Christmas.
Publication date: 29 November 12:46 PM

Acer to Start Selling Chromebooks in December


Western sources report that Acer, a major manufacturer of computer electronics, is about to start the sales of its chromebook called Acer C720P. The sales will start in December.

Publication date: 29 November 12:46 PM

Hewlett Packard Shows Amazingly High Sales


Hewlett Packard's stock gained 7% after the company published a quarterly sales report. This report reassured investors, simultaneously making them more loyal towards the company’s anti-crisis plan.
Publication date: 29 November 12:27 PM

ZTE Is Ready to Start Producing a Low-Cost Smart Watch


ZTE is reported to be planning to start the production of its own smart watch in the near future. Market Leader reports that the devices may come into market in Q2 2014.
Publication date: 29 November 12:27 PM

Alpari: Aluminum Futures and Alcoa's Stock – Promising Investment Assets


A broker's ability to determine assets for profitable investing is one of the key factors when considering the consistency of its analytic department. This aspect of broker activities is getting increasingly popular since more brokers start giving their own predictions and analytic outlooks to help their clients earn more money in the long run, simultaneously helping them make more decent trading and investment decisions. Forex brokers start giving their predictions on stocks, indices and commodities without limiting themselves to currencies.
Alpari is one of such companies. Alpari is a heavyweight in the international Forex arena. It can boast one of the best analytic teams in the industry. Today, those guys will share with us some of their promising investments…
Publication date: 29 November 05:02 AM
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