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Tuesday, 31 May 17:45 (GMT -05:00)

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Experts On Stability Of Oil Bull Market

The other day, oil prices exceeded the $50/b level for the first time in 6 months. Despite the rally from under $30/b all the way up to $50/b, some experts are still questioning the potential of the current bull market of crude oil. While some representatives of the international expert community see the current market bias as a stable long-term tendency, others do not share their optimism, saying that this is a temporary recovery backed by some seasonal factor and some secondary factors dominating the market at this point. In a broader scale, the market bias is still bearish and there are no fundamentals to reverse the longer-term tendency today.

Publication date: 27 May 09:29 AM

Apple Focus On Multi-Core ARM Processors


Apple may start supplying its desktop and laptop compters (iMacs and Macbooks) with the processors similar to those used in its mobile devices, including iPad and iPhones. In particular, MacBidouille, a French online sources specializing in Apple news, refers to a reliable information source, which tells that the American tech giant is currently testing computers powered by ARM processors.
Publication date: 28 May 03:14 PM

Sony: understanding for assembling and offers of PlayStations in China is marked, as they figured out in Optionova

In the relatively recent past, the first data about the way that the organization Microsoft arrangements to begin offering amusement support of new era of Xbox One in China from September, which got conceivable after the Chinese government was lifted the boycott on the import and offer of feature diversion reassures and feature amusements. Processing and advancement of Xbox One of the Chinese business will be overseen by a joint wander, which was made by Microsoft and by the organization Bestv New Media.  

Publication date: 27 May 07:24 PM

In the rating of client fulfillment Samsung took the top spot surprisingly, as discovered experts of Optionova

Surprisingly Samsung Electronics has avoided "Apple" maker in "Satisfaction Index of American consumers" along the smartphone market. As specialists of Binary Options Broker Optionova figured out, the South Korean Goliath attained magnificent come about because of an extensive variety of models Galaxy S and Note.  

Publication date: 26 May 02:37 AM

LG about reported essential advanced cell L35, as they discovered in Optionova

LG has declared an advanced mobile phone L35. Characteristic of this new item is a 3.2- inch show, which today appears to be simply modest. Cell phone entered into an arrangement of L. It is pointed at a crowd of people that is simply beginning to utilize advanced mobile phones. Model will be applicable to developing markets, as noted by masters of the Binary Options Broker Optionova.  

Publication date: 20 May 01:43 PM

As per Optionova, the most famous cell phone is Samsung - Galaxy S5

Not very far time ago, Samsung has discharged data that short of what a month since the developing of the sale was sent more than 10 million of Galaxy S5. As discovered the masters of Binary Options Broker Optionova, authorities of Bloomberg Publishing have arranged a graph, per which it was clear and apparent the amount of time an alternate line of Galaxy S gadgets require to attain the same focuses. The leader, obviously, has turned out to South Korean Goliath of cell phone Galaxy S5.

Publication date: 15 May 05:17 PM

ASUS, Acer and Lenovo are fortifying their available positions by method for Samsung and Sony, as they assume in Optionova

At the European business of notebooks it is made a stage - the organization ASUSTek Workstation, Acer and Lenovo can reinforce their positions by method for that their adversaries Samsung Hardware and Sony will amend the procedure for machine business. As it was discovered by the masters of the Binary Options Broker Optionova, Samsung laptops section of optional and essential level had been left to concentrate on the arrival of portable PCs on OS Chrome. Japanese company Sony, as we know, disposed of all its divisions VAIO, by which it was made the laptops` advancement and deal. Sony is still at present rebuilding, and its catch up would like to dispose of misfortunes.  

Publication date: 14 May 09:14 AM

Alpari Presents New Mobile Application Alpari Invest for iPad


It is hard to believe that 10 years ago the world’s largest financial market Forex was considered a privilege for chosen ones. In order to partake in it a trader had to replenish his trading account by a considerable sum of money. At the same time, he had no safety guarantees, for risks were much higher than invested means.

Publication date: 08 May 05:08 AM

The broadest adaptation of Android remains the Jam Bean, as they report in Optionova

Market authorities talk about the facts of the dissemination of a mixture alternative for Android OS at the start of May not long from now. As specialists of Binary Options Broker Optionova have discovered the fact that Jam Bean remains the most widely recognized form of Android. As per detail, form 4.1.x 33, 5% piece of the pie of gadgets on Android. It has accepted on 4.2.x records for 18.8%, and 4.3 Upgrade - 8.5%. It was clarified that the entire share of Jam Bean today is like 60.8%.  

Publication date: 07 May 08:49 AM

Dollar rate was diminished against the world monetary forms stood out from conjectures upon the development of fuel costs, as they think in Optionova

Before the summer holidays` season, American vehicles holders are looking for fuel costs` increasing, while the oil organizations keep expanding fuel trades from the USA. Through another pipeline that crosses along the country`s center, they refined raw petroleum to the oil stations in the Gulf of Mexico, where petrol and diesel fuel are generated.  

Publication date: 29 April 09:26 AM

They discovered in Optionova, that the quarterly income of Microsoft has surpassed systematic estimates

Microsoft executives told about the organization's outcomes in the third quarter of the financial year 2014, which was closed on the 31st of March.  

Publication date: 28 April 08:39 AM
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