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Saturday, 20 September 05:56 (GMT -05:00)

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Stock and commodities markets

The expense of gold on today's offering arrived at 1266, 28 dollars for every ounce, pointed in Optionova

On today's, the exchanging cost of gold stays stable even against the foundation of moderately frail business sector detail of the American work and geopolitical strains in Eastern Europe on the region of Ukraine, composes Reuters.  

Publication date: 09 September 10:06 PM

ZTE Shows Concept of Module Smartphone


Not only Phonebloks and Motorola decided to create a device, the constituents of which may be easily replaced; this has also provoked the interest of ZTE engineers, who have shown their vision of a module device called ECO-MOBIUS. According to journalists of the “Market Leader”, ZTE device has similar concept to that of Motorola.
Publication date: 15 November 05:22 PM

Update for Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Brought Numerous Problems to Owners of GALAXY S III

New update for Android 4.3 Jelly Bean has brought a number of inconveniences to the owners of GALAXY S III. Despite the long anticipation of the novelty, Google has decided to update GALAXY S III and GALAXY Note II to Android 4.2 in the first place. However, it was later decided to skip this update and switch to Android 4.3. This has resulted in long anticipation, which has not brought any comfort to the users.

Publication date: 15 November 05:01 PM

Apple Will Introduce 2 Smartphones With Curved Displays In 2014



Several we sources report that Apple, the world-famous American tech giant, is planning to release 2 smartphones with curved displays in 2014. The displays will be widened and will get curved glass. At the same time, the displays will become more sensible to touches. They will be able to differentiate between soft and hard touches.
Publication date: 15 November 07:05 AM

Sugar Futures Market Outlook


Yesterday, the price of the sugar futures declined down to 17.7 cents per pound. The price is still going down. In general, the factors driving the market haven’t changed or gone anywhere. The major driver is overproduction around the globe. Still, the surplus is not as big as last year.

The chart below, courtesy of the Commodity Trading Department of Masterforex-V Academy, reflects the current state of affairs in the market of sugar:

Publication date: 15 November 04:58 AM

Android and Windows Phone - Russia's Most Popular Mobile OS


A contemporary individual is living a more complicated life. People use more and more computer devices, including smartphones and tablet PCs. In other words, we go mobile.
People need more than just a phone. Today's mobile device should be a phone, a watch, a player, a camera, a computer, a web browser etc.
Apparently, complicated devices are computers run by operating systems. Smartphones and tablets are no exception. They are powered by mobile operating systems.
In this article e will take a look at Russia's most popular mobile operating systems.
Publication date: 14 November 09:32 AM

Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 Revealed


The FCC USA mentioned Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 on its official website. This is the new tablet PC that is still under development.
The model number is SM-P900. May be this is the very device that is being upgraded. Not so long ago the following models (SM-P901 and SM-P905V) were seen on the Bluetooth and AnTuTu websites.
Publication date: 14 November 06:52 AM

Samsung Introduces GALAXY Core Plus.



Samsung has just introduced a new mobile device - GALAXY Core Plus. The smartphone is a more advanced version of GALAXY Core, which was introduced in May 2013.
Strange as it may seem, but despite all the efforts made by the developer, several specifications are worse than those shown by the predecessor.
Publication date: 14 November 06:52 AM

Apple Invests In Innovation


The official representatives of Apple, the world-famous American tech giant, report that the corporation is willing to invest a record-high amount of money in innovation and development. The estimated sum is $10,5bn.


Publication date: 14 November 06:30 AM

Google Renews Gmail Interface


From now on, Gmail users can save files attached to e-mail messages directly without leaving the mail account inside Google Drive, the cloud service developed by Google.
Publication date: 14 November 06:30 AM

Pad Air and iPad mini 2 Come to Moscow. Prices and Specifications



Russian fans of Apple products welcome new devices by Apple as the world-famous tech giant starts the official sales of iPad Air and iPad mini 2 in Moscow. Apparently, the demand for tablets is going to be fairly high.
Publication date: 13 November 06:29 PM
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