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Wednesday, 16 April 15:20 (GMT -05:00)

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Stock and commodities markets

Will foreign countries buy Russian oil and gas for rubles or not?

Will foreign countries buy Russian oil and gas for rubles or not?
In response to the sanctions of the West related to the annexation of the Crimea to the Russian Federation, Russian exporters want to refuse the U.S. dollar as the main means of payment with foreign buyers of oil and gas. However leading Russian energy players offer different approaches to this issue.


Publication date: 14 April 06:30 AM
Author: Alexander Dynnichenko

Samsung Informs about Growing of Dividends


Lee Sang Hun, Director of Financial Operations at Samsung company, informs that this year dividend yield will amount to at least 1 percent from average stock value, but not 0.6 percent, like last year. However, the “Market Leader” journalists suppose that financial policy should not be expected to change drastically.
Publication date: 06 November 05:30 PM

Price of Corn Future Updated its Low


Today, on November 6 price of December corn future has again updated its low and is currently traded at 424.75 dollars per bushel.
Publication date: 06 November 04:34 PM

Forecast: Apple May Sell 66-68 Mln iPads in 2013

A sheet iPad Air from Apple was announced at the end of October. Successful sale of the model has been promised by experts. There have appeared forecasts on how many sheets Apple will sell by the end of current year. A number of suppliers of sheets components predict that during the 4th quarter Apple will sell 18-20 million iPad sheets together with compact versions of first and second generation devices and iPad Air.

Publication date: 06 November 03:44 PM

Windows Phone Gets First Place in Italy, Having Left iOS Behind

According to the research on sale of smartphones in European countries, during the period of July-September in 13.7 percent of cases Italian buyers have preferred Windows Phone. As informed by the “Market Leader”, the share of iOS has amounted to 10.2 percent.

Publication date: 05 November 04:31 PM

Facebook Reports 60% Proceeds Increase


Facebook, the world-famous social network, is reported to have seen a 60% increase in proceeds. At the same time, the company’s income is said to have reached $425 million or 17 cents per share.
Publication date: 05 November 05:41 AM

Panasonic Predicts Operating Income to Rise


One of the largest world producers of electronic goods Japanese company Panasonic has made predictions about its operating income; it is expected to rise to 270 bln. yen or 2.75 bln. dollars. The “Market Leader” informs that earlier it was expected to amount to 250 bln. yen.
Publication date: 02 November 10:38 AM

Panasonic Will Stop Releasing Plasma TV Sets in December

Japanese company Panasonic has officially informed about quitting the market of plasma TV sets. The company’s press release says that closure of this production will start in December 2013. It is specified that this will truly happen in December, for it used to be informed earlier that the department will work till March.

Publication date: 02 November 09:56 AM

Sale of iPad Air Started. What does Apple Expect?

On November 1st there started the sale of sheet iPad Air in 39 countries of so-called first wave. These days traders will keep a close eye on demand for these devices, which will influence the company’s stock prices. Presentation of new iPhone has done no good to the company; however, during the first day of sales stocks started rising due to record demand. Will the same happen to iPad Air?

Publication date: 02 November 09:41 AM

Sony Publishes PS4 Game List



There is a couple of weeks till the official release date of PlayStation 4. At this point, there is plenty of information on PS4 circulating around the web. This is definitely going to be the best and most popular game console over the next few years. This is one of the most long-awaited computer devices of the year.
Publication date: 01 November 06:30 AM

iPad Mini 2 Will Come Into Market On November 21st



The sales of iPad Mini 2, another long-awaited product by Apple, are reported to start later this month. In particular, some sources report that the new mobile device will come into market on November 21st.
Publication date: 01 November 06:28 AM
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