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Saturday, 28 November 12:33 (GMT -05:00)

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ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 will get a 2K display

ASUS is planning to introduce a new tablet to the European market this month.  The new device is called ZenPad S 8.0. The device is said to be powered by an Intel chip as well as the well-known Android 5.х operating system.

Publication date: 26 November 11:16 AM

Apple Creates Content Delivery Network


Frost & Sullivan, a US business consulting company, has released an analytic report which reads that Apple is about to start developing network infrastructure in order to control users and their content. In particular, Apple is already working on a content delivery network. This network will be used to distribute the content from App Store iTunes and other Apple projects including iCloud.
Publication date: 06 February 07:38 AM

Samsung to Introduce New Smartphone in February


Samsung has recently hinted at the possibility of introducing a new smartphone this month. The thing is that Samsung started sending e-mail invitations to the event called Samsung Unpacked, which will take place within the scope of another major even called the Mobile World Congress.
Publication date: 06 February 07:38 AM

Apple Will Spend Over $500 Million On New Companies


Apple is reported to spend over $500 million on taking over small companies to expand its business. The sum is almost doubled as compared to the one spent in 2013.
Publication date: 05 February 10:58 AM

Apple Patents Sapphire Glass For New iPhones


Several internet sources report that we may have the next version of the iPhone series equipped with new something called sapphire glass instead of Gorilla Glass. Apple is reported to apply for a patent by addressing the US Patent & Trademark Office.
Publication date: 04 February 10:56 AM

Nintendo Gets Ready to Buy Back


According to the official representatives of Nintendo, the company is currently getting ready to start buying back its stock. At this point, the estimated amount of the buyback is $1,1bn. Experts say that such a step may well help the company to support its market capitalization, thereby making the founder of the company a fortune.
Publication date: 04 February 10:55 AM

Apple Sold 26 Million iPads In Q4 2013


According to the official report published by Apple the world-famous tech giant, the corporation managed to sell 26 million iPads in the last quarter of 2013. All in all. Apple managed to reach the proceeds equal $56,7bn from selling its devices during the reporting period. The net profit figures stand at $13,1bn for the same reporting period.

Publication date: 04 February 09:27 AM

Lenovo Conquers Mobile Business


Not so long ago, the CEO of Lenovo was interviewed by Fortune. During the interview, the CEO told the reporter about the company's plans to conquer the international market of mobile devices, thereby becoming a major player in the industry along with Samsung, Apple and other respected brands.
Publication date: 04 February 09:27 AM

Apple Reports Patent on Ultra Sensitive Touchscreen


The United States Patent and Trademark Office has recently approved another patent from Apple. This time Apple decided to patent the technology of creating touchscreens that can recognize the degree of the pressure and react accordingly. Apparently, this technology allows the corporation to expand the possibility of a mobile device with such screens.
Publication date: 03 February 02:09 PM

Apple and Samsung Continue Patent Wars


Samsung and Apple seem to be involved in patent wars once again, In particular, Samsung, a major South-Korean manufacturer of computer electronics, doesn't want to obey to Apple's demands. Apple accuses Samsung of violating some of its patents and wants the US court to ban Samsung mobile devices from sales in the USA.
Publication date: 03 February 02:09 PM

Open Compute Project Joined by Microsoft and IBM


Facebook has organized Open Compute Project to develop new methods of data management and storage. It has recently gained new participants. Open Compute Project has been joined by Microsoft and IBM. Some time before the list of its participants has been enriched by AMD, Seagate Technology, and about 150 companies. Perspectives of the project have been studied by “Internet” Department of the “Market Leader”.
Publication date: 03 February 10:36 AM
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