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Wednesday, 10 February 17:56 (GMT -05:00)

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Analysts Expect Crude Oil to Hit the Bottom in 3 Months

As predicted by most experts, the global market of crude oil keeps on seeing another decline. With that being said, everyone is not pondering upon when the market is going to hit the bottom.

Publication date: 09 February 09:17 AM

New Head of Qualcomm on Mobile Market Innovations


Steve Millenkopf has recently been appointed new CEO and President of Qualcomm.
The appointment was announced in December 2013.
Publication date: 07 March 11:20 AM

TSMC Develops Processor for iPhone 6


According ot the representatives of TSMC, the company is currently busy working on the processors for the next version of iPhone ( which is likely to be called iPhone 6).
Publication date: 07 March 11:20 AM

iPhone 5S Spies On Users Even When Off


One of the owners of the smartphone called iPhone 5S told us an interesting story about his gadget. In particular, Reddit (the nickname is Glarznak) claims that iPhone 5S tracks the user's location and motion even when it is off.
Publication date: 07 March 09:59 AM

Apple Expands Developer Teams in China


According to several web sources, Apple, the world-famous tech giant, is currently looking for the ways and means to expand its developer teams in China (in Shanghai and Taibei). They say the expansion may take place mainly at the expense of major Asian companies like HTC, Quanta and Inventec. In 2013 alone, the amount of Apple employees in China increased up to 600.
Publication date: 07 March 09:29 AM

Microsoft-Nokia Deal Scares Google and Samsung


The consequences of the deal between Nokia and Microsoft (Microsoft purchased Nokia's mobil business) seem to be scaring such tech giants as Google and Samsung. Market Leader found out what exactly Google and Samsung are afraid of. It seems like the 2 heavyweights in the international mobile industry are getting increasingly worried that the recent purchase of Nokia's mobile business by Microsoft may eventually lead to higher license payments for using the company's patents (which now belong to Microsoft).
Publication date: 07 March 08:07 AM

Trading the News: +20% a Month on Option Trading


What is the difference between traders and investors? Investors can only invest in businesses hoping that the investments are going to grow in value or bring dividends.
On the contrary, traders are more flexible in terms of opening, maintaining and closing a trade (time, lots, asset etc). Investors usually benefit from growth and can only exit their investments in order ot reduce the loss in the worst-case scenario. On the contrary, traders can benefit from any market state (whether the market goes up or down).
More often than not, the so-called «buy and forget» approach to investing can give you higher yield than interest on bank deposit. Still, what if we want more ROI than 10% a year?
Publication date: 06 March 10:07 AM

PocketBook Introduces Waterproof Reader


PocketBook has recently introduced the world's first waterproof reader. The device is called PocketBook 640. This gadget will show within the scope of the expo called Salon Du Livre, which is to take place in Paris in the near future.
Publication date: 06 March 06:53 AM

Google Testing Second Version of Google Glass

12 months ago, Google made a lot of noise with its new gadget called Google Glass. The device became the focus of global attention even before coming into market. While some countries banned the sales of Google Glass, millions of users were looking forward to them.
Publication date: 06 March 06:53 AM

Credit Suisse Goes Scandalous. Forex Reaction?


At this point, we know that Credit Suisse, a major bank, has recently found itself in a very peculiar situation in the USA. What's wrong with Credit Suisse and how may it affect Forex traders?
Publication date: 05 March 11:42 AM

Google to Test New Superfast Network


According to several web sources, Google, the world-famous tech giant, is currently working on a new superfast network. The experts working on the project are reported to be ready to test the network to amaze the audience with its speed.
Publication date: 05 March 11:40 AM
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