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Friday, 22 August 05:47 (GMT -05:00)

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Stock and commodities markets

Expense of oil gas Expanded for 21% in Europe, noted in Optionova

The expense of the European characteristic gas recuperates after greatest decrease in 5 years in the midst of expanding reasons for alarm that the clash in the middle of Ukraine and Russia could prompt disturbances in the supply of gas, composes finanz.ru.

Publication date: 20 August 04:59 PM

Sugar Futures Market Outlook


Yesterday, the price of the sugar futures declined down to 17.7 cents per pound. The price is still going down. In general, the factors driving the market haven’t changed or gone anywhere. The major driver is overproduction around the globe. Still, the surplus is not as big as last year.

The chart below, courtesy of the Commodity Trading Department of Masterforex-V Academy, reflects the current state of affairs in the market of sugar:

Publication date: 15 November 04:58 AM

Android and Windows Phone - Russia's Most Popular Mobile OS


A contemporary individual is living a more complicated life. People use more and more computer devices, including smartphones and tablet PCs. In other words, we go mobile.
People need more than just a phone. Today's mobile device should be a phone, a watch, a player, a camera, a computer, a web browser etc.
Apparently, complicated devices are computers run by operating systems. Smartphones and tablets are no exception. They are powered by mobile operating systems.
In this article e will take a look at Russia's most popular mobile operating systems.
Publication date: 14 November 09:32 AM

Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 Revealed


The FCC USA mentioned Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 on its official website. This is the new tablet PC that is still under development.
The model number is SM-P900. May be this is the very device that is being upgraded. Not so long ago the following models (SM-P901 and SM-P905V) were seen on the Bluetooth and AnTuTu websites.
Publication date: 14 November 06:52 AM

Samsung Introduces GALAXY Core Plus.



Samsung has just introduced a new mobile device - GALAXY Core Plus. The smartphone is a more advanced version of GALAXY Core, which was introduced in May 2013.
Strange as it may seem, but despite all the efforts made by the developer, several specifications are worse than those shown by the predecessor.
Publication date: 14 November 06:52 AM

Apple Invests In Innovation


The official representatives of Apple, the world-famous American tech giant, report that the corporation is willing to invest a record-high amount of money in innovation and development. The estimated sum is $10,5bn.


Publication date: 14 November 06:30 AM

Google Renews Gmail Interface


From now on, Gmail users can save files attached to e-mail messages directly without leaving the mail account inside Google Drive, the cloud service developed by Google.
Publication date: 14 November 06:30 AM

Pad Air and iPad mini 2 Come to Moscow. Prices and Specifications



Russian fans of Apple products welcome new devices by Apple as the world-famous tech giant starts the official sales of iPad Air and iPad mini 2 in Moscow. Apparently, the demand for tablets is going to be fairly high.
Publication date: 13 November 06:29 PM

Europe Plans to Hinder High-Frequency Trading


The European parliament has finally managed to reach a compromise over the draft law that is aimed at regulating HFT in European marketplaces.   The document touches multiple HFT issues, including the minimal price shift.
Is it good or evil for other market participants and financial markets in general? How may this influence financial markets and various stages of trading? Let's ponder on this question together with Masterforex-V Academy.
Publication date: 13 November 01:21 PM

Details About Motorola Moto G Revealed



It is been a couple of weeks till the official release of Motorola Moto G. The German retailer Phone House and the British retailer British Tesco accidentally shared the information wit the public.
Publication date: 13 November 11:22 AM

Samsung and Apple Start Another Patent War



Samsung and Apple, two major rivals and global-scale tech giants, are going to meet in court ounce gain. The patent war doesn’t seem to be over. The 1bn fine that was imposed on the South-Korean company from violating one the patent that belong to Apple may well be reconsidered in the near future. Later, the case was revised, and the sum of the fine was reduced to 450 million dollars.
Publication date: 13 November 11:21 AM
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