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Wednesday, 1 April 12:44 (GMT -05:00)

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Apple Sees 15% Decline in iPad Sales


Apple and Samsung closed 2014 as the leaders of the global market of tablets even though they showed various results, Market Leader reports.

Publication date: 31 March 12:00 PM

Microsoft Windows 8.2 Will Get “Start” Button Back


Microsoft Windows 8.2 is likely to be available in the near future. In particular, Microsoft is about to bring back the classic menu with the “Start” button. The update promises to be interesting. At this point, some web sources report that the code name of the new operating system is Threshold. Some experts say that the new Windows operating system will come into market only in 2015.
Publication date: 12 December 07:00 AM

Huawei Patents PhoPad!


Apparently, the international show called CES 2014 will bring a lot of surprises. The show is scheduled for early 2014. The participating companies have already started preparing for the expo. Huawei, a major manufacturer of computer electronics is one of such companies. Not so long ago, the company got a patent on PhoPad!
Publication date: 11 December 09:18 AM

Samsung Galaxy J With Metal Body Introduced In Taiwan


Samsung Galaxy J with a metal body has recently been introduced. The presentation took place in Taiwan. Market Leader tried to find out more details about the new device.
Publication date: 11 December 09:18 AM

Samsung Introduces Low-Cost Galaxy Tab 3 Lite For €100.


Next year, Samsung, some of the biggest manufacturers of computer electronics in the world, is planning to introduce another low-cost device. This time it is going to be Galaxy Tab 3 Lite. Its cost is estimated at €100 per devices.
Publication date: 11 December 08:41 AM

Forbes: Windows Phone May Reach 2nd Place In 3 Years


At this point, Google and its Android OS have been the leaders among mobile operating systems. We know for sure, that most mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) are powered by Android. Apple and iOS are the runners-up. iPhones and iPads are still holding the 2nd place in the race of mobile devices. Windows Phone comes next. It is number in the race.
Publication date: 11 December 08:41 AM

Lenovo Plans Several Takeovers In BRICS Countries


Lenovo, the world-famous manufacturer of computer electronics, is planning to purchase several companies located on the territory of the so-called BRICS. Market Leader tried to find out what are the reasons for the planned takeovers and what companies are likely to be purchased.
Publication date: 11 December 08:40 AM

Traders Name Soybean Market Prospects

The IGC has recently published a soybean production report. The figures outpaced the forecast by 3 million metric tons, thereby reaching 285 mmt. At the same time, the consumption figures were 3 mmt higher as well (282 mmt).

Publication date: 09 December 06:55 PM

Arabica Coffee Futures Have Come Close to $1 per Pound


The price of the Arabica coffee futures is reported to have come close to a major psychological level of $1 per pound. At this point, there have been no major changes in the fundamental factors driving the coffee market and coffee prices worldwide.
Publication date: 09 December 06:55 PM

Alpari Names Promising Assets: Devon Energy's Stock

Now when financial instability is dominating the world and gold is down to $1210 per pounce form its all-time high ($1918 per ounce), Forex analysts are still arguing over currency exchange rates for EUR, USD, RUR, CNY, GBP, JPY and other major currencies in 2014. While households are struggling to secure their savings and preserve their jobs, more and more investors are getting risk-averse in an effort to save their investment capital form uncertainty and volatility dominating today's financial markets. They are looking for safe-have assets to survive the hard times we are seeing these days.

Publication date: 09 December 11:49 AM

Samsung Will Introduce Smartphone With 20-Megapixel Camera In 2014


Samsung, the world-famous South Korean tech giant is said to be planning to introduce a new smartphone with powerful hardware specifications. The developers will create a brand-new model, Market Leader reports.
Publication date: 07 December 04:38 AM
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