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Thursday, 17 April 23:49 (GMT -05:00)

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Will foreign countries buy Russian oil and gas for rubles or not?

Will foreign countries buy Russian oil and gas for rubles or not?
In response to the sanctions of the West related to the annexation of the Crimea to the Russian Federation, Russian exporters want to refuse the U.S. dollar as the main means of payment with foreign buyers of oil and gas. However leading Russian energy players offer different approaches to this issue.


Publication date: 14 April 06:30 AM
Author: Alexander Dynnichenko

Qualcomm Want to Supply All Mobile Devices With Its CPUs


Last week, Qualcomm reassured the public by  introducing a new processor form mobile devices – Snapdragon 805. At the same time, the company set an ambitious goal to introduce another powerful processor called Zeroth and to use it to all the future mobile devices.
Publication date: 25 November 11:50 AM

Microsoft Sells Over 1 000 000 Xbox One Consoles During Day 1


Wester sources report that Microsoft, the world-famous tech giant, managed to sold over 1 million copies of the long–awaited Xbox One game console during the starting sales day.
Publication date: 25 November 11:50 AM

Microsoft Gets Interested In Purchasing Winamp


According to several unofficial sources, Microsoft, the world-famous tech software giant, is reported to be interesting in purchasing Winamp. At this point, Microsoft is having talks with AOL.


Publication date: 25 November 08:31 AM

Sony Plans Major Spending Cuts


According to the official representatives of Sony Corporation, the Japanese tech giant is planning major spending cuts in the near future. In particular, Sony wants to cut some expenses on its entertainment business by 250 million dollars within 2 year.
Publication date: 25 November 08:31 AM

Characteristics of GALAXY S5 from Samsung Revealed. How will the Smartphone Look?

Slightly less than six months ago smartphone GALAXY S4 was presented; however, there are speculations that a new model produced by Samsung will be released. GALAXY S5 may be advertized in January 2014. The novelty is believed to receive a 5.3-inch screen and record resolving capacity 2560x1440. This information appeared at the presentation of the head of Samsung Display on Samsung Analyst Day.

Publication date: 24 November 02:50 AM

Apple Will Get Money From Samsung


The Federal Court of California resolved to fine Samsung Electronics for violating 4 patents that belong to Apple. In particular, the South-Korean manufacturer of computer electronics will have to pay Apple $290,45 million dollars for using some of the technologies used to create iPhones and iPads.
Publication date: 23 November 07:54 AM

Rumors: Apple Is Testing Future Smartphone With 4,9-Inch Display



Internet users are actively discussing the latest rumors connected with Apple. In particular, the rumor says that the company is currently working on a new smartphone with a 4,9-inch display.
Publication date: 23 November 07:53 AM

Microsoft Starts Xbox One Sales In 13 Countries



Microsoft is reported to have finally started the sales of the long-awaited game console called Xbox One. The first wave of sales is covering 13 countries, including the USA, Canada and Europe.
Publication date: 22 November 05:21 PM

PlayStation 4 Costs Sony $381 Per Device


The analytic team of HIS iSuppli has recently reported about research conducted by them. The research was aimed at defining the production cost of Sony PlayStaytion 4. The sales of the new and long-awaited game console are underway only in North America. The price is $399 per console.
Publication date: 21 November 08:34 AM

iOS 7 Available to Order – MOGA Ace Power


Representatives of MOGA company have officially announced about the opportunity to order a new game pad iOS 7 – MOGA Ace Power for fifth generation and iPod Touch and iPhone 5/5c/5s. As specified by the “Market Leader” the device is designed for connection to Lightning port in novelties of Apple; it is equipped with a pair of analog joysticks, headphones socket, as well as additional keys L1/R1 and L2/R2velty will charge by means of MOGA Boost option.
Publication date: 20 November 01:29 PM
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