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Saturday, 20 December 16:03 (GMT -05:00)

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OPEC Fights USA’s Shale Oil, Not Russia?


At tis point, the biggest event in the global oil market is the latest OPEC summit. This is believed to be the major reason why crude oil prices keep on going down. Well, it is hard to disprove this supposition since the price started instantly falling down after the OPEC announced its decision to remain its oil production unchanged at 30 million barrels a day. This took place during the latest summit in Vienna on November, 27th.

Publication date: 16 December 12:17 PM

Apple and Samsung May Start New Confrontation


Some internet sources report that Apple and Samsung are about to start a new clash in the near future. In particular, the new court trial is scheduled for February 19th. Let’s have a closer look at the reasons.
Publication date: 27 January 07:37 AM

Bill Gates Refuses to Become Microsoft’s CEO Again!

Bill Gates, the world-famous computer genius, billionaire and the founder of Microsoft Corporation, was asked to become the CEO of Microsoft once again. Still, during an interview Mr. Gates told the reporters that he is not going to become the CEO of his corporation once again.

Publication date: 25 January 03:27 PM

Grand Theft Auto V For PC Release Scheduled For Spring 2014


The web is getting increasingly full of rumors concerning Grand Theft Auto V, one of the most popular video games in the world. In particular, the rumors say that the developers of Grand Theft Auto V are planning to release the PC version of the bestseller within a couple of months, i.e. this spring.
Publication date: 25 January 03:27 PM

Lenovo Buys IBM’s Business


Not so long ago, Market Leader reported that IBM was holding talks with Dell about selling its server business. However, later on, we found out that Lenovo, a Chinese manufacturer of computer electronics, had resumed the older talks held between its representatives and IBM a couple of years ago.
Publication date: 22 January 10:00 AM

Microsoft Creates Smart Elevator


Several internet resources are reporting that Microsoft is currently working on the development of a smart elevator. The elevator will be listening to passengers’ conversations and tracking their daily activities to predict the necessary floor. For example, if you leave on the 9th floor, the elevator will be getting you their by default after recognizing you by your face or voice.
Publication date: 22 January 10:00 AM

Microsoft Pays For Advertising Xbox One


It turns out that Microsoft starts experimenting with advertisement. In particular, some internet sources report that Microsoft and Machinima conducted a hidden advertising campaign aimed at promoting the all-new game console called Xbox One by Microsoft.
Publication date: 22 January 06:04 AM

Huawei Shows New Ascend P6 S


Huawei, another heavyweight in the international mobile industry, has just introduced another smartphone. It is called Huawei Ascend P6 S. This is a renewed version of Ascend P6, which came into market last year.
Publication date: 21 January 10:51 AM

Nokia to Introduce Mini Version of Lumia 1520

The year of 2014 is underway. Nokia is about to hand its mobile business over to Microsoft after last year’s sales agreement. Still, the Finnish manufacturer of mobile devices looks full of ideas and determined to continue creating mobile devices.

Publication date: 21 January 09:07 AM

Apple to Introduce 2 iPhones in 2014


Apple, the world-famous American tech giant is currently working on new gadgets, including a new version of iPhone. According to some sources, the all-new iPhone will be introduced this summer.
Publication date: 21 January 09:07 AM

Sony Xperia Z2 Will Be Introduced At MWC 2014


Sony, one of the biggest tech companies in the world, is expected to introduce a new smartphone during the forthcoming expo called MWC 2014. In particular, the corporation is working hard to create the successor of the famous smartphone called Sony Xperia Z1.
Publication date: 20 January 04:16 PM
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