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Thursday, 26 November 08:19 (GMT -05:00)

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SunbirdFX Teaches Gold and Silver Trading

Precious metals have always stood out from the crowd of financial assets. Millions of traders around the globe start buying gold and silver when the global economy starts seeing problems. With that said, precious metals have ben seen as safe-haven assets among market uncertainty and economic instability.
Still, in order to trade them profitably, you need certain skills and expertise. That’s why SunbirdFX offers you exclusive coaching on how to trade gold, silver and other precious metals the way professional do. This will help you to take you trading to the next level while enjoying stable profits.
Publication date: 24 November 07:08 AM

LG G3 Goes Waterproof, Stock Goes Down


LG has recently upgraded one of its devices called LG G3. In particular, the device became waterproof and dirtproof according to the standard known as IP67. The South-Korean tech giant decided to follow the way of its multiple counterparts, including Sony and Samsung, which turned this into a tendency.
Publication date: 11 March 10:52 AM

Apple Stock Gains 0,09% after Presentation of Wello Case for iPhone


Apparently, iPhone by Apple is one of the most popular mobile devices in the world. These gadgets are always in high demand both in developed and emerging economies. Still, what happens when it's been a couple of months since the release of a new gadget? The company definitely has to introduce something new (at least an accessory). This is exactly what Apple decided to do.
Publication date: 11 March 07:25 AM

Samsung Develops Smart Glasses With Virtual Keyboard


Samsung has decided to catch up with one of its major rivals and to create smart glasses. At this point, little is known about the new gadget. Still, the developers are sure this one will definitely make rival to Google Glass.
Publication date: 11 March 07:25 AM

Google Adapts Android to Smart Watch


Google is going to adapt is own mobile operating system called Android to portable gadgets. The internet company will introduce an SDK for those who want to develop apps for Android-powered portable gadgets like smart watches for example. 
Publication date: 10 March 12:10 PM

Microsoft Announces 3D Browser, Stock Drops 0,66%


Microsoft's official website reads that the company's engineers are currently working on a new type of a web browser. The thing is this is going to be a 3D browser. The working name is SurroundWeb 3D. This is the successor of IllumiRoom, which is designed to create realistic effects for games and multimedia thanks to projecting the image to the wall.
Publication date: 10 March 12:10 PM

Gold Drops 0,2%


Today, on March 10th, the price of gold is already down by 0,2%. At this point, gold is trading in the 1336,46 – 1337,00 price range.
Publication date: 10 March 10:03 AM

US Safety Trap: Will US Dollar and Gold Become Safe-Haven Assets?


All those economic roller-coasters seen since the global economic crisis of 2008 seem to have changed the way traders and investors think.
  Before the crisis, they used to be focused on getting some decent return on their investments. The things have changed and now they are focused on avoiding risks and looking for safe-haven assets. Apparently, such an approach minimizes investor profits, not to mention th fact that this approach backs economic slowdowns worldwide. This has turned into a tendency. How can this tendency affect the global economy and financial markets? Which investment instruments will be considered safe-haven assets in th near future? Let's try to find the answers to these questions together with Masterforex-V Academy, Europe's best online Forex training project since 2009.
Publication date: 10 March 07:56 AM

TSMC Develops Processor for iPhone 6


According ot the representatives of TSMC, the company is currently busy working on the processors for the next version of iPhone ( which is likely to be called iPhone 6).
Publication date: 07 March 11:20 AM

New Head of Qualcomm on Mobile Market Innovations


Steve Millenkopf has recently been appointed new CEO and President of Qualcomm.
The appointment was announced in December 2013.
Publication date: 07 March 11:20 AM

iPhone 5S Spies On Users Even When Off


One of the owners of the smartphone called iPhone 5S told us an interesting story about his gadget. In particular, Reddit (the nickname is Glarznak) claims that iPhone 5S tracks the user's location and motion even when it is off.
Publication date: 07 March 09:59 AM
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