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Monday, 21 August 11:50 (GMT -05:00)

Stock and commodities markets

Dow Jones Industrial Average Set New All-Time Record, Above 22K Points

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is reported to have set a new all-time record. For the first time in its history, the index has exceeded the 22K threshold.


For those of you who don’t know, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is one of the oldest and most significant indexes indicating the health of the American stock market. It was created by Charles Dow and Edward Jones. In 1889, Mr. Dow founded The Wall Street Journal, one of America’s first business editions. In 1896, The WSJ published the DJIA for the first time when analyzing the current state of the U.S. stock market for the first time. Back then, the DJIA was at 40,94 points, NordFX experts report.
Publication date: 04 August 06:09 AM

Crude Oil: Near-Term Forecast

Brent oil is reported to have dropped below 39 dollars per barrel on Friday. This is the first time the price has gone that low over the last 7 years, Masterforex-V Academy reports. Therefore, over the week following the latest OPEC summit, the price dropped 10% down. The thing is that OPEC is not going to cut its oil production in the near future and decided to postpone the solution till the next summit in mid 2016. Apparently, this fact is going to press the market harder and harder over the time.
Publication date: 13 December 02:04 PM

What Do Oil Prices Under $40/b Mean For Russia?

The other day, Brent oil saw its price dive right below the $40/b psychological level for the first time in 7 years.  Apparently, such a low price level prevents Russian oil exporters from exploring and developing new oil fields. But the biggest worry is, the Russian economy is going to see another shock if oil prices are still this low in 2016.
Publication date: 13 December 01:48 PM

Renewed Samsung Galaxy S7 Will Get 3 Various CPUs

The new version of the best-selling series by Samsung named Samsung Galaxy S7 is probably going to be redesigned and look completely different from the rest of he family in general and the Galaxy S6 series in particular. Some insider report that design is not the only new thing Samsung is going to apply to the new device. They say that manufacturer is going to make changes to the technical specifications as well.

Publication date: 10 December 03:43 AM

Apple Watch 2 Announcement Planned For March 2016

According to 9to5Mac with reference to some reliable sources, Apple is planning to announce Apple Watch 2 in March 2016. They say this may happen along with introducing iPhone6c with a 4-inch display. Masterforex-V Academy says there are too many rumors about iPhone 6c. If to believe some of those rumors, the device is going to get the next generation CPU which is A9. At the same time, it will support Apple Pay and is expected to cost $499.

Publication date: 10 December 03:43 AM

Apple Starts Apple TV 5 Production in Q1 2016

Some sources report that Apple is going to start the test production of Apple TV 5 in late December. This is confirmed by several Taiwanese distributors. The Hi-Tech department of Masterforex-V Academy previously reported that Apple TV 4 was launched in September. The device enjoys a the A8 64-bit processor, a flash module 32/64Gb, Bluetooth 4.0 + Wi-Fi 802.11ac with MIMO, such interfaces as HDMI 1.4 and USB-C as well as a remote control with a touchscreen, accelerometer and gyroscope.  
Publication date: 10 December 03:20 AM

OPEC Postpones Oil Production Cuts Till Next Time

Saudi Arabia, which is considered the informal OPEC leader, announced its readiness to back oil production cuts in case other OPEC members like Iran and Iraq as well as non-OPEC members like Kazakhstan, Mexico, Oman and Russia do the same.

Publication date: 08 December 08:48 AM

OPEC Continues Oil Dumping

Friday's OPEC summit seems to have failed to come up to our expectations. The thing is that the trading community had expected an oil production cut or at least no change in these terms. However, I dare assume that none of you can say they were betting on another production hike by OPEC. Apparently, a production cut may have stabilized the situation in the global market of crude oil. Even if there had been no change made, the prices would have felt less downward pressure. Still, despite the increasing oversupply of crude oil in the global market, OPEC is not going to cut the oil production. On the contrary, they cartel is reported to have raised the bar from 30 million all the way up to 31.5 million barrels a day. At least this is what Bloomberg reports. This triggered a slowdown across the oil market and outside of it. Later on, the Iranian Minister of Oil disproved the rumor by saying that OPEC that production quotas hadn’t been added to the agenda at all.

Publication date: 07 December 03:36 PM

Lenovo Reveals P1 Mini Specifications

The Hi-Tech Department of Market Leader reports that Lenovo is going to expand the Lenovo P1 series of smartphones in the near future.  These smartphones are powered by Android, the world’s most popular mobile operating system.

Publication date: 07 December 12:06 PM

Oil Is Getting Ready To Break Through $42/b

Oil prices keep on going down in the international market of crude oil. Within the scope of the existing downtrend, Brent oil is getting ready to go below $42 per barrel, Market Leader reports.

Publication date: 07 December 11:26 AM

OPEC Says Oil Production Cuts Possible

Saudi Arabia, which is considered the informal OPEC leader, announced its readiness to back oil production cuts in case other OPEC members like Iran and Iraq as well as non-OPEC members like Kazakhstan, Mexico, Oman and Russia do the same.

Publication date: 06 December 10:43 AM
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