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Saturday, 24 March 15:24 (GMT -05:00)

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Что будет с золотом в марте?

What should we expect in the global market of gold in March? Some experts decided to share their forecast.

Publication date: 21 March 03:38 AM

Iran Dumps Oil Prices For Europe and Refuses to Back Venezuela

According to the recent report released by National Iranian Oil Company, Iran decided to cut the oil prices for its European importers earlier in February. According to the price list, the discount for Western Europe is $4,85 per barrel relative to the weighted average price of Brent oil. For the sake of comparison, January’s discount was $4,3 dollars per barrel. At the same time, it is expected that the the discount for the heavy oil is going to reach $6,5/b in March 2016.

Publication date: 25 January 03:31 AM

Apple Won’t Risk Releasing iOS 10 In 2016, Experts Say

All the Apple fans have already got used to the fact that Apple releases another version of iPhone powered by a new iOS version every single year.  The operating system often has improvements as well as new and exclusive features. June is usually the time when Apple announces new products and software while September is the release time.
Publication date: 20 January 11:00 AM

Microsoft Is Working On iOS Virtual Keyboard Named Word Flow

Not so long ago, iOS got an opportunity to compatible with alternative virtual keyboards. This holds true for both iOS 8 and iOS 9.  The Hi-Tech Department of Market Leader managed to found out that a lot of developers have created their virtual keyboards for iPhones and iPads since then. Now, Microsoft seems to have decided to join them and create its won version of the virtual keyboard for iOS.
Publication date: 20 January 08:15 AM

Russian Oil Prices Go Below Production and Transportation Costs

As you probably know, oil prices continue their way down to new major lows driven by multiple factors like China’s economic slowdown and Iran’s comeback to the international market of crude oil as a major player along with the USA, which recently saw the oil export ban canceled.

Publication date: 20 January 07:26 AM

Oil Prices Go Below $28/b

Oil prices are reported to have resumed their move down to new major lows. Masterforex-V Academy reports that today’s ICE Futures on Brent oil for February delivery lost another 1,67% to drop down to $28.28 per barrel earlier on he trading day. 

Publication date: 20 January 06:02 AM

Traders Bet On Lower Oil Prices

Oil traders are reported to have increased their short trades in the market of WTI oil all the way up to a new record. The biggest reason for that is the fact that the USA and its Western allies canceled the sanctions imposed on Iran a couple of years ago. As the result of this decision, Iran is now coming back to the global market of crude oil as am major player. It is ready to supply some 1 million barrels of crude oil a day right off the bat, which is definitely another bearish driver for the market amid increasing oversupply and declining demand. 

Publication date: 19 January 02:39 AM

Saudi Arabia and Mexico Can Stabilize Oil Prices

According to the Saudi Arabian Minister of Oil, the global market of crude oil is going to start recovering at some point in the near future.  As oil-exporting nations are said to be in tighter cooperation in their attempt to stabilize oil prices and make them reverse eventually, Saudi Arabia as the unofficial OPEC leader still insists on optimism regarding the future of crude oil.

Publication date: 18 January 04:46 AM

Experts Predict $10/b, OPEC Urged To Conduct Another Summit

The representatives of several OPEC nations addressed the cartel's leaders to conducted another emergency summit in the near future. During the recent energy conference in Abu Dhabi, Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu -  Nigeria Oil Minister OPEC President – told the reporters that OPEC may discuss possible changes in the cartel’s policies during the forthcoming meeting in March 2016.
Publication date: 18 January 04:00 AM

Brent Goes Down To $29/b

Market Leader reports that Brent oil futures for March deliver are trading aroid $29/b - $29,11/b to be more exact. The same futures on WTI oil are trading at $29,64/b.
Publication date: 18 January 12:55 AM

Brent Oil Plunges Below $30/b.

The price of Brent oil futures for March delivery plunged below the psychological level of $30/b and reached $29,95 per barrel around the closing time in London. This is a new 12-year low. By the way, WTI was the first one to break the psychological level and plunged below $30/b a day before while setting a new 13-year low. According to Bloomberg, WTI futures for February delivery cost $29,93/b yesterday.

Publication date: 14 January 11:42 AM
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