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NordFX Names TOP 10 Providers of Forex Signals In April 2015


Nowadays, we have so many moneymaking opportunities that we don’t actually have to work day and night to generate a passive income regularly. Apparently, such an income may well outpace any monthly paycheck. There is no doubt that such opportunities can give you the key to higher standards of living leading you to true financial freedom provided that you know how to put them into practice to make your dreams come true.

Publication date: 25 April 02:47 PM

Nokia Announces Android Smartphone


Nokia is know for being devoted to Windows Phone as the operating system for its smartphones. Still, the things are likely to change in the future since Nokia is said to be going to release an Android-powered smartphone. It sounds especially interesting amid the fact that Nokia sold its mobile business to Microsoft, the owner and creator of Windows Phone.
Publication date: 12 February 05:12 AM

US Dollar Weakens, Gold At 2014 High


 The UD Dollar index lost 0,14% at the very beginning of yesterday and was trading within the 80,59 – 80,60 range. At the same time, gold gained 0,81%.
Publication date: 11 February 03:39 PM

Wall Street Closes Day In Green Zone, Dollar Rises


As you probably know, the US Dollar has been one of the key indicators of the global economic health for many decades. All of us, from ordinary people to sophisticated traders and investors, monitor the USD exchange rate every week if not every day.
Publication date: 11 February 03:37 PM

Lenovo Nexus 6 Sneak Pics


After Lenovo purchased Motorola Mobility from Google, several internet sources reported that Lenovo may be working on the next version of Nexus, a popular smartphone previously manufactured y Google.
Publication date: 11 February 07:19 AM

ASUS Introduces Its Own Chromebox


ASUS, a Taiwanese manufacturer of computer electronics, introduces its own version of Chromebox. It has just announced the prices. Market Leader reports that the hardware specifications of the new computers include Celeron 2955U, Core i3-4010U or Core i7-4600U, with 2 slots of DDR3-1600 (SO-DIMM) 4Gb total and SSD 16Gb.
Publication date: 11 February 07:19 AM

Nokia X to Come into Market in March


Not so long ago, several internet sources reported that Nokia was going to release a low-cost smartphone powered by Android. The device is said to be called Nokia X. They say the device used to be considered as a part of the Asha series.
Publication date: 07 February 11:48 AM

Samsung Galaxy S5 will be Presented on February 24


Korean company Samsung is planning to announce its new flagman Galaxy S5 within the framework of February exhibition of mobile novelties Mobile World Congress 2014. The device will enter the market this April. Just like Samsung Galaxy S4, the novelty is supposed to become a new flagman within the line of Samsung products. S5 has been informed to interact with several gadgets at a time, such as Galaxy Gear, and it will become a logical development of smartphone S4. This has been informed by the experts of the “Market Leader”.
Publication date: 07 February 09:42 AM

Apple Will “Give” Ads Depending on Users Mood


In an application, submitted to American Patent Bureau, Apple company has described a system that may select content, particularly advertisements, to users’ mood.
The “Market Leader” has found out that a person’s mood will be defined by his activity. By all appearances, the system monitors the songs listened to, the applications started, the videos watched, and the web-pages opened.
Publication date: 06 February 07:52 AM

Samsung to Introduce New Smartphone in February


Samsung has recently hinted at the possibility of introducing a new smartphone this month. The thing is that Samsung started sending e-mail invitations to the event called Samsung Unpacked, which will take place within the scope of another major even called the Mobile World Congress.
Publication date: 06 February 07:38 AM

Apple Creates Content Delivery Network


Frost & Sullivan, a US business consulting company, has released an analytic report which reads that Apple is about to start developing network infrastructure in order to control users and their content. In particular, Apple is already working on a content delivery network. This network will be used to distribute the content from App Store iTunes and other Apple projects including iCloud.
Publication date: 06 February 07:38 AM
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