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Sunday, 23 November 07:53 (GMT -05:00)

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Publication date: 21 November 03:04 PM

BlackBerry Outsources Its Mobile Business To Foxconn


Blackberry, a Canadian manufacturer of mobile devices, has recently started implementing the plan that was discussed for several years before it actually started. The tech company tried to avoid the scenario by all means but eventually gave up and had to get down to it in order to save its business.
Publication date: 23 December 06:44 AM

LG and Samsung Will Introduce TVs With Bent Displays


LG Electronics officially announced its decision to introduce a next-generation TV set during CES 2014, a major tech expo. The TV will get the Ultra HD resolution and a 105-inch screen.
Publication date: 21 December 07:15 AM

Стартовали продажи ПК Apple Mac Pro для профессионалов


Apple, the world-famous manufacturer of premium-quality computer electronics, has recently introduced a new device. The powerful computer is crated to cater to the needs of those professionals who need extremely huge computing power, from game developers to digital artists.
Publication date: 20 December 03:02 PM

Microsoft to Appoint New CEO in Early 2014


At this point, we know that Microsoft the world-famous software and the giant, is set to appoint new CEO in early 2014. His name is still kept secret. In this aspect, more and more online sources start making their own suppositions.
Publication date: 19 December 05:51 AM

IBM Tells About Key Future Innovations Within 5 Years


IBM, the world-famous tech giant headquartered in the USA, has just made another forecast for the key innovations within the next 5 years. This time, 5 innovative categories are combined into a single one. They say the electronics will be able to learn. The humanity enters the era of cognitive systems. Where machines will be learning, analyzing, concluding, reasoning. This will definitely take the interaction of humans and machines (robots, electronic devices) to a whole new level.
Publication date: 19 December 05:51 AM

Why Does Google Need Robots?


It seems like Google, the world-famous US tech giant, is getting increasingly interested in companies developing various robots. Some experts say that the real reason for this fact is that the contemporary market of mobile devices is oversupplied with millions of mobile devices powered by Andorid, iOS and other mobile operating systems. Therefore, the world’s leading tech companies are shifting their focus to other sectors.
Publication date: 19 December 05:20 AM

Huawei Introduces Honor 3X and 3C


Huawei has just released 2 new smartphones. The company decided to expand its mobile business which means we will see more devices released by Huawei in the near future.
Publication date: 18 December 07:30 AM

Samsung Introduces Galaxy Core Advance


Samsung, the world-famous tech giant from South Korea, has just released a new mobile device. This time it is called Samsung Galaxy Core Advance. Experts say that this device will probably enjoy huge success among mobile phone users .
Publication date: 18 December 07:29 AM

Samsung Introduces Galaxy Note 3 Lite With PLS Displays


Samsung, the world-famous South-Korean manufacturer of computer electronics, keeps introducing new mobile devices along with updated versions of some older devices. This time, the company decided to experiment with Galaxy Note 3.
Publication date: 17 December 09:41 AM

New Mobile Devices Will Introduced on January 6th


It is reported that January 6th, 2014 will be the day of multiple presentations of new mobile devices. The industry's most prominent companies will release new smartphones and tablets. 
Publication date: 17 December 09:41 AM
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