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Friday, 4 September 14:44 (GMT -05:00)

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Russian Economy Will Crash If Oil Drops Below $2,5/b

It is common knowledge that the Russian economy heavily depends on the export of crude oil and natural gas. Based on the current situation in the global market of crude oil, the international expert community sure that if the price of crude oil goes below $22,5 per barrel, the Russian economy and financial system will crash.


Publication date: 31 August 09:28 AM

Google's Stock Drops 1% on Scandal


Google is facing a court trial. A collective claim was filed to the US court by all those victims of authorized in-app purchases. The thing is that all of those mobile apps were targeted at kids. Therefore, all of those purchases were made by kids, which contradicts the law. 
Publication date: 12 March 12:44 PM

Golden iPhone 5 Becomes Available, Apple's Stock Gains 0,09 %


Even though Apple has always produced relatively expensive (yet high-quality) devices, these products have always been in great demand worldwide. According to the reporters working for Market Leaders, several jeweller's started selling tuned golden iPhones, sometimes with diamonds.
Publication date: 12 March 08:01 AM

Yahoo! Sees its Stock Appreciating by 0,08% Despite Spoiling Relations with Google and Facebook


Several web sources report that the users of many Yahoo! services wont be able to sign in using their Facebook or Google accounts anymore. The thing is that Yahoo! is about to introduce its own ID system called Yahoo ID.
Publication date: 12 March 08:01 AM

Motorola Gains 0,11% After Moto X Price Cut


Several web sources report that Motorola is working on a new collection of back panels for the smartphone called Motorola Motto X. The collection is called College Collection. Market Leader reports that the collection includes new colors along with the emblems of 40 major US higher education institutions, which can be stick to those panels.
Publication date: 11 March 10:53 AM

LG G3 Goes Waterproof, Stock Goes Down


LG has recently upgraded one of its devices called LG G3. In particular, the device became waterproof and dirtproof according to the standard known as IP67. The South-Korean tech giant decided to follow the way of its multiple counterparts, including Sony and Samsung, which turned this into a tendency.
Publication date: 11 March 10:52 AM

PS4 Is 43 times As Fast As PS2


It's been 4 months since the sales of Sony PlayStation 4 started. Since then, Sony has already sold over 6 million copies of the popular game console. The company managed to become the industry's leader, thereby outpacing Microsoft's Xbox 720, its major rival. Still, in order to avoid overloading users with information, Sony appears to have concealed some facts about the popular game console. It wasn't until recently that Sony decided to reveal those interesting hidden facts about PlayStation 4.
Publication date: 11 March 10:52 AM

Samsung Develops Smart Glasses With Virtual Keyboard


Samsung has decided to catch up with one of its major rivals and to create smart glasses. At this point, little is known about the new gadget. Still, the developers are sure this one will definitely make rival to Google Glass.
Publication date: 11 March 07:25 AM

Apple Stock Gains 0,09% after Presentation of Wello Case for iPhone


Apparently, iPhone by Apple is one of the most popular mobile devices in the world. These gadgets are always in high demand both in developed and emerging economies. Still, what happens when it's been a couple of months since the release of a new gadget? The company definitely has to introduce something new (at least an accessory). This is exactly what Apple decided to do.
Publication date: 11 March 07:25 AM

Microsoft Announces 3D Browser, Stock Drops 0,66%


Microsoft's official website reads that the company's engineers are currently working on a new type of a web browser. The thing is this is going to be a 3D browser. The working name is SurroundWeb 3D. This is the successor of IllumiRoom, which is designed to create realistic effects for games and multimedia thanks to projecting the image to the wall.
Publication date: 10 March 12:10 PM

Google Adapts Android to Smart Watch


Google is going to adapt is own mobile operating system called Android to portable gadgets. The internet company will introduce an SDK for those who want to develop apps for Android-powered portable gadgets like smart watches for example. 
Publication date: 10 March 12:10 PM
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