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Apple Sets USA’s New Market Cap Record

Apple turns out to be the first American company to exceed the market cap limit of $700bn. at the same time, Apple now enjoys the title of the world’s most expensive company, Market Leader reports. 

Publication date: 11 February 12:18 PM

Brazilian Apple Stores Sell World's Most Expensive iPhones


On February 15th, the first retail store was opened by Apple in Latin America. Still, the event was spoiled by high prices on local products.
Publication date: 18 February 09:13 AM

Best Investments – Bank Deposits, Investment Funds, Forex or Stocks?


These days more people turn to the Internet as a major or secondary source of income. Indeed, the web offers us a whole sea of investment and moneymaking opportunities, from 50% a month to %5 a day. Still, most mediocre investors are rookies. They know little or nothing about genuine investment opportunities and cannot tell fakes from real winners. That is why most of them lose money in the long run.
Publication date: 18 February 08:28 AM

Alpari Names Best Investments in Biotechnology


Over the last few years, investors have been increasingly interested in the biotechnological sector of the stock market. Despite the global crisis started in 2008, most biotechnological stocks have been showing outstanding performance, gaining up to 60% per year. Therefore, these companies are still attractive in terms of investment prospects.
Market Leader asked representatives of Alpari, one of the heavyweights in the trading industry, about the current state of affairs and the prospects of the biotech sector.
Publication date: 17 February 08:25 AM

Windows May Start Porting Android Apps to Windows Mobile


At this point, more experts say that Microsoft's major problem and deterrent in the international mobile business is the lack of mobile apps as compared to the app stores for Android and iOS. The same holds true for full screen WinRT apps for Windows 8.
Publication date: 14 February 04:06 AM

Apple iPhone 6 Sneak Pics Revealed


Several web sources are already publishing the so-called sneak pics of iPhone 6, which is to come out later this year. Apparently, these pictures are unofficial but look fairly convincing. Apple hasn't commented on the matter, which is rather common for such companies. So, all we are left to do is to speculate on the information available.
Publication date: 14 February 04:06 AM

Nokia Announces Android Smartphone


Nokia is know for being devoted to Windows Phone as the operating system for its smartphones. Still, the things are likely to change in the future since Nokia is said to be going to release an Android-powered smartphone. It sounds especially interesting amid the fact that Nokia sold its mobile business to Microsoft, the owner and creator of Windows Phone.
Publication date: 12 February 05:12 AM

US Dollar Weakens, Gold At 2014 High


 The UD Dollar index lost 0,14% at the very beginning of yesterday and was trading within the 80,59 – 80,60 range. At the same time, gold gained 0,81%.
Publication date: 11 February 03:39 PM

Wall Street Closes Day In Green Zone, Dollar Rises


As you probably know, the US Dollar has been one of the key indicators of the global economic health for many decades. All of us, from ordinary people to sophisticated traders and investors, monitor the USD exchange rate every week if not every day.
Publication date: 11 February 03:37 PM

Lenovo Nexus 6 Sneak Pics


After Lenovo purchased Motorola Mobility from Google, several internet sources reported that Lenovo may be working on the next version of Nexus, a popular smartphone previously manufactured y Google.
Publication date: 11 February 07:19 AM

ASUS Introduces Its Own Chromebox


ASUS, a Taiwanese manufacturer of computer electronics, introduces its own version of Chromebox. It has just announced the prices. Market Leader reports that the hardware specifications of the new computers include Celeron 2955U, Core i3-4010U or Core i7-4600U, with 2 slots of DDR3-1600 (SO-DIMM) 4Gb total and SSD 16Gb.
Publication date: 11 February 07:19 AM
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