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Friday, 22 May 18:07 (GMT -05:00)

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NordFX Names TOP 10 Providers of Forex Signals In April 2015


Nowadays, we have so many moneymaking opportunities that we don’t actually have to work day and night to generate a passive income regularly. Apparently, such an income may well outpace any monthly paycheck. There is no doubt that such opportunities can give you the key to higher standards of living leading you to true financial freedom provided that you know how to put them into practice to make your dreams come true.

Publication date: 25 April 02:47 PM

Sony is Bringing Waterproof Sheet Xperia Tablet Z2 to MWC Exhibition

Sony company is getting ready to bring a new sheet Xperia Tablet Z2 to the exhibition MWC 2014. The “Market Leader” will describe the features of the innovation.

Publication date: 25 February 08:43 AM

Samsung GALAXY S5 to Come into Market in March 2014


Several web sources report that Samsung is going to introduce its new devices called Galaxy S5 in March 2014. In the meantime, experts say that even if Samsung confirms the info, the March sales are only going to start in the so-called “first wave” countries while the rest of the world will see the new smartphone later.
Publication date: 21 February 04:07 PM

Facebook Buys WhatsApp For $16bn


Facebook is reported to have filed documents on the acquisition of WhatsApp to the SEC. The deal is estimated at $16bn. Several sources report that the purchase will be paid by cash and stocks.
Publication date: 21 February 04:07 PM

Sony Reports 5 Million Sold PS4


Sony, the world-famous tech giant, has recently reported on the sales of PlayStation 4. In particular, the report says that the Japanese corporation managed to sell over 5 million game consoles since the beginning of the official sales worldwide. The more exact total is 5,3 million copies.
Publication date: 20 February 11:30 AM

Google to Test New Superfast Network


According to several web sources, Google, the world-famous tech giant, is currently working on a new superfast network. The experts working on the project are reported to be ready to test the network to amaze the audience with its speed.
Publication date: 20 February 11:30 AM

Sony Focuses On Portable Gadgets


According to several web sources with reference to their own info sources, Sony is currently planning to stop its laptop business as it is (Sony VAIO). In particular, the corporation is said to be determined to create a standalone company that will be owned by Japan Industrial Partners. Therefore, Sony VAIO will most likely stop being produced in March 2014.
Publication date: 20 February 11:27 AM

ASUS Introduces New Graphic Accelerator


According to the latest press release of ASUS, a major Taiwanese manufacturer of computer electronics, the company has recently introduced a new graphic accelerator for desktop PCs. The new device is called R7 265 DirectCU II (model R7265-DC2-2GD5), based on AMD Radeon R7 265.
Publication date: 19 February 12:53 PM

Intel Promises Multiple Updates in 2014


Intel, one of the leading computer giants and manufacturer of computer chips, is planning to implement multiple updates of its products this year. Obviously, 2014 promises to be a tough year for the company. Still, the top management is set to strive hard to impellent these ambitious goals and to make Intel the center of hi-tech innovation.
Publication date: 19 February 12:52 PM

ASUSTeK Computer Is Among TOP3 Major Latop Manufacturers


According to the representatives of ASUSTeK, a Taiwanese manufacturer of computer electronics, the company is planning to hold a conference dedicated to the publication of the latest financial quarterly report.
Publication date: 19 February 12:29 PM

Windows 9 Rumors


Microsoft, the world-famous software giant, is rumored to be working on the next version of the world's most popular operating system – Windows. The next version of the popular OS is obviously believed to be called Windows 9. The biggest rumor is that Microsoft is planning to adapt the next version of Windows and Windows Phone to Android apps. In particular, the focus is on Windows Phone. Apparently, if the plan is a success, the sales of Windows-powered mobile devices will skyrocket.
Publication date: 19 February 12:28 PM
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