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Friday, 29 May 12:05 (GMT -05:00)

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Foreign exchange market

Hantec Markets Announces New Webinars by Richard Perry

Teaching people how to trade Forex professionally and profitably has been the key focus of Hantec Markets, a reputable Forex broker. They say only those traders who have enough knowledge and skills can benefit from Forex trading in the long run. Therefore, being a client-oriented company, Hantec Markets is focused on getting their clients up and running in order to stay afloat and eventually succeed in trading currencies and other financial assets. Avoiding costly mistakes and making weighted trading decision on a daily basis are some of the cornerstones of long-term success in trading any financial markets.

That is why Hantec Markets decided to invite a true expert in trading financial markets to share his expertise, tips and tricks with the audience. His name is Richard Perry.

Publication date: 28 May 12:25 PM

U.S. Stock Market Growth Threatened After Strong Employment Figures

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, February’s growth of new jobs outside of the farm sector reached 295 000 units, thereby seriously outpacing analyst expectations, Market Leader reports. The rate of unemployment went down to 5,5%, the lowest level since May 2008. Still, the earnings growth remained unchanged at 2% per year. This has been going on since th end of the global recession on 2009, Masterforex-V Academy reports.

Publication date: 11 March 09:58 AM

RVD Markets Names RVD Championship Winners


If you have been in the forex industry for a while, you probably know that there are hundreds of loyalty programs and bonuses offered by contemporary forex brokers and aimed at stimulating traders to boost their activity and performance. Apparently, trading contests belong to them as well.

Publication date: 11 March 08:55 AM

TeleTrade – Best Forex Analytics 2015

Some of the major factors determining success in Forex trading include analytic data. It is the quality of the analytics that allows you to predict future price movement more precisely. Decent analysis allows traders to make more weighted trading decisions, thereby determining entry and exit points more precisely.

Publication date: 09 March 08:53 AM

MasterForex-V Academy Gives Alpari Invest a Test Drive


Any trader wants to work with a reputable broker offering cutting-edge technologies to leverage the trading performance at all times. All traders value security and efficiency. This is not a secret. Still, for most of those beginning and intermediate traders both there, those dreams and intensions remain unfulfilled due to the fact that they are messing with the wrong guy (they have made a poor decision when choosing a broking company to trade financial markets with). For most of them, losing traders are natural. They outnumber the amount of winning traders, thereby pushing the equity further and further down and closer to the margin call.

Publication date: 09 March 08:44 AM

Fort Financial Services Launches NinjaTrader

These days, Forex trading requires a lot of things to bring profits. The list is pretty long, including necessary skills, expertise, correct mindset, powerful and stable software and a reliable broker. Indeed, there are actually few Forex companies that can qualify. Fort Financial Services is one of them. Apart from offering some of the most competitive trading conditions out there, the company keeps on introducing innovative products and services to make Forex trading even more efficient and comfortable. Not so long ago,  Fort Financial Services introduced new trading software - NinjaTrader. It announced the launch on its official website. Let’s have a closer look at it…

Publication date: 27 February 06:41 AM

FBS Birthday Promo. Lots of Presents.


There is no doubt that in order to stay among the industry's best amid severe competition, broking companies just have to constantly come up with revolutionary solutions and innovative ideas, not to mention constantly improving services as well as nearly perfect trading conditions. They just have no other choice but to turn client-oriented in order to stay afloat.

Publication date: 27 February 06:20 AM

MasterForex-V Expo Recognizes TurboForex Most Reliable Forex Broker 2014


Obviously, when traders make up their mind regarding which Forex broker to go with, they seek reliability along with competitive trading conditions. While the quotes offered by Forex brokers nearly match, and 9/10 brokers out there are capable of providing you with truly excellent trading conditions (including tight spreads, instant execution of orders, flexibility, a long list of currency pair to choose from etc.), it is reliability that becomes the deciding factor (at least, it should be from most rookies out there).

Publication date: 18 February 07:22 AM

Arsenal FX - Beneficial Forex Trading, Minimal Expenses

Market Leader previously told the reader about Arsenal FX, which is relatively new but fairly promising Forex company. It was founded in 2012. Still, over the course of nearly 3 years, the company has already managed to win the hearts and minds of thousands of retail traders and investors from around the globe.

Publication date: 12 February 04:28 AM

Fort Financial Services – World’s Most Technologically Advanced Forex Broker 2014

Technology and innovation are obviously some of the cornerstones of success in today’s businesses. Forex brokerage is not an exception. Since the international Forex market is pretty dynamic, both traders and brokers have to improve and to be quick to adapt to all those market changes out there. Only those Forex broker who offer their clients cutting-edge technologies improving their overall performance can b considered long-term survivors these days since the industry is rather tough with dozens (if not hundreds) of counterparts fighting for the same clients.

Publication date: 11 February 04:27 PM

Leader of Forex Contest RVD Championship Reveals Secrets of Successful Trade


Today Forex market presents a lot of various contest for traders. As a rule, the main goal of most of them is to attract potential clients to the company by providing “convenient” trading terms together with attractive prize money means.
Publication date: 11 February 11:00 AM
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