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Thursday, 5 May 06:22 (GMT -05:00)

Foreign exchange market

Nordhill Capital, Sponsors iFX EXPO International 2016

In late May, Cyprus is going to host another major Forex event. This is iFX EXPO International 2016. The forthcoming event already starts attracting attention of the international trading and investment community, including international banks, financial holdings, hedge funds, insurance companies, and investment funds as well as some of the best FX traders and analysts in the world.

Publication date: 04 May 10:06 AM

Partnership with SFX Markets – Risk-Free Moneymaking Opportunities

Today, anyone can make big money in financial markets in general and FX in particular. There are several ways of doing so. For instance, you can trade currencies on your own provided that you know what you are doing and have enough skills and expertise to succeed over the long term. At the same time, you can trust your money with professional traders if you lack skills and expertise. Those guys will do everything for you for a certain share of the profit they have generated.

Publication date: 29 March 05:20 PM


 According to KOF experts, Switzerland’s economic growth is going to drop relative to the previous expectations. The key reasons for that are the global economic decline coupled with structural reforms in the region, Market Leader reports.

Publication date: 27 March 04:20 PM


 According to the Japanese government, they have recently downgraded their estimates of the overall economic situation in the country. At the same time, it should be noted that this is the first time over the past 5 months that the government has done such a step.

Publication date: 27 March 04:11 PM


 New Zealand's external trade surplus showed some growth in February 2016, the country’s statistical agency reports. At the same time, experts say that over the past 12 months, the external trade balance still hasn’t made its way out of the deficit zone.

Publication date: 27 March 02:12 PM

Forex Broker Rating: FXTM Let’s You Become a Forex Legend

 Everyone can succeed in today’s world. Forex is an excellent option do just that. Unfortunately, more and more people see Forex and pretty much any other financial market out there as something to gamble. They cannot tell the difference between Forex and casinos. While, you can actually gamble at any financial market, comparing Forex to casinos is ridiculous at best. The thing is, people want to get rich fast, which is why they do not want to take some time to learn to trade Forex professionally and make money over the long term. Yet, they have to pay for it by losing all the money that fell prey to gambling. It is such gamblers that give birth to various myths, rumors and other information undermining the status and image of the entire international FX industry.  

Publication date: 27 March 01:04 PM


According to the latest report released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), British residential property kept on appreciating in January 2016. On top of that the experts say that this was the strongest monthly growth seen over the past 10 months.  
Publication date: 24 March 12:05 PM

Masterforex-V Expo: Best FX Micro Brokers. March 2016

For those of you who don’t know, micro brokers or cent broker are FX brokers that make it possible to trade Forex even of you don’t have thousands of dollars to start with. Their minimal deposit requirements are usually around a couple of bucks or something like that. The equity is usually displayed in cants rather than dollars. That is why they are called micro brokers or cent brokers.


Publication date: 24 March 12:04 PM

MasterForex-V Expo: Best FX PAMM Offers. March 2016

PAMM is all about managing other’s funds and investing them in financial assets to generate profits. For those of you who don’t know, PAMM accounts are usually created in order to collect the money pool to invest in financial markets and let the investors capitalize on it proportionally. More precisely, managing traders manage their personal funds as well as the money invested by others. With that being said, PAMM is an investment solution with a number of benefits. Top be more specific, a professional trader can become a PAMM manager in order to attract extra funds and eventually generate much bigger profits.
Publication date: 24 March 11:44 AM


More and more experts say that Canada’s budget deficit is going to expand this financial year. The thing is that Canada is rather dependent on oil exports, which is why the current situation in the international market of crude oil with ultra oil prices cannot but widen the deficit.
Publication date: 24 March 11:16 AM

Forex. GBPUSD. Pound Weakens

According to the latest report released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), British residential property kept on appreciating in January 2016. On top of that the experts say that this was the strongest monthly growth seen over the past 10 months. 

Publication date: 24 March 10:37 AM
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