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Sunday, 26 June 20:51 (GMT -05:00)

Foreign exchange market

Nordhill Capital: HYPER FX – Major Source of Passive FX Income

These days, Forex trading has become one of the best sources of income of all kinds. For some people who trade Forex professionally on a daily basis, this is a major source of income. For others, this is a source of extra income to some extent.

Publication date: 23 June 04:43 PM

PrimeTime Finance on Advantages of Going with EU-Regulated FX and Binary Options Brokers

When it comes to choosing a reliable FX or binary options broker, the trader should be guided by multiple criteria at a time. That said, one of the key criteria to keep in mind boils down to major licenses. The broker either has a license granted by a major financial regulator or hasn’t one. If the latter is the case, you just cannot be 100% sure about security, reliability, and safety of your funds when it comes to trading with unregulated brokers. The thing is that unregulated brokers can make big yet empty promises and break them consistently without being punished for that whatsoever. In this case, non-market risks skyrocket to a point where your investments cannot be safe.

Publication date: 16 May 04:47 PM

SFX Markets Introduce TrueFX and FIX Trading Technologies

It is not a secret that we are living in a world of technology. Technology is everywhere, including today's financial markets. All of those technological innovations you can find in financial markets today are designed to makes trading faster, easier, more comfortable, secure, and efficient in terms of making more money.

Publication date: 12 May 08:40 AM

Forex Broker Rating - PrivateFX: 128% to 261% on PAMM Investing in 3 Months

Market Leader keeps on watching PrivateFX getting more and more popular with the international trading and investment community. The thing is, PrivateFX remains some of the greatest options on the Internet when it comes to promising investment opportunities.

Publication date: 11 May 06:43 PM

Nordhill Capital, Sponsors iFX EXPO International 2016

In late May, Cyprus is going to host another major Forex event. This is iFX EXPO International 2016. The forthcoming event already starts attracting attention of the international trading and investment community, including international banks, financial holdings, hedge funds, insurance companies, and investment funds as well as some of the best FX traders and analysts in the world.

Publication date: 04 May 10:06 AM

Masterforex-V Expo: Best FX Affiliate Offers. April 2016

Anyone has several moneymaking options to choose from when it comes to contemporary financial markets. First off, you can be personally involved in trading Forex or any other market out there and take 100% of the profit you have generated if you know how what you are doing. Alternatively, you can become an investor by trusting your money with talented traders and and capitalizing on their trading activities. Still, there is one more option to consider. To be more specific, you can become an affiliate (a partner) promoting various FX companies and generating the so-called leads for them. In this case, the brokers are willing to pay you generous fees.
Publication date: 02 May 11:35 AM

Forex. USDJPY: Japanese Yen Rallies Despite Lower Economic Growth Expectations by Reuters

The Japanese economy showed weak growth in Q1 2016. However, the results of the recent survey conducted by Reuters showed that Japan managed to avoid an economic recession this time.  The economic growth in Japan has been curbed by weak demand as well as a relatively strong national currency. At least, this is what the respondents think on the matter.


Publication date: 02 May 10:22 AM

Forex. USDCAD: Canadian Dollar Rallies Amid Lower PPI In Canada

Canada’s producer price index kept on going down in March, which is confirmed by the official stats released by Statistics Canada, the country’s major statistical agency. It is interesting to note that the purchasing prices on raw materials increased over he same reporting period.
Publication date: 02 May 10:00 AM

Forex. NZDUSD: N.Z. Dollar Get Stronger After RBNZ's Monetary Policy Decision In April

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand is reported to have left its monetary policy unchanged in April 2016. Despite mild rhetoric of the central bank and the discontent with a strong national currency, the New Zealand Dollar continued its strengthening against the U.S. Dollar and some other major currencies out there.
Publication date: 02 May 09:34 AM

Experts On Powerful and Popular Forex Analytics By FXTM

In order to succeed in financial markets, each and every trader out there cannot do without these 3 things:
1- skills and expertise
2- a decent broker
3- high-quality analytics or data to analyze


Publication date: 29 April 07:35 PM

Free Advisors of pro-rebate.com Earn Over 13 Ths. Points at the Beginning of April

One half of spring has passed, and the "Market Leader" has decided to address the vice-rector of Masterforex-V Academy Sergei Cherepanov (nick at forex-forum Rich man) in orders to find out this month’s news of innovative project pro-rebate.com.
Publication date: 29 April 06:28 PM
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