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Wednesday, 23 July 01:44 (GMT -05:00)

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Foreign exchange market

EURUSD Trades Close To 1.3519


After hitting today's high at 1.3524, the common currency  declined down to 1.3518 at the beginning of the European trading session. The decline was caused by weaker-than-expected economic data from Germany published a couple of hours ago by Destatis.


Publication date: 21 July 07:55 AM

On the eighteenth of June, it will be shown the expected Amazon advanced mobile phone, as they recognized in Optionova

At unique occasion in Seattle on the 18 of June, Amazon will present another gadget. It ought to be noted that the organization did not tag anything. What for the gadget precisely it will be exhibited, with respect to numerous months on the web are bits of gossip about its own particular advanced cell from an online store, market masters have chosen to stay in this epitome.  

Publication date: 12 June 02:27 AM

Dollar's rate keeps growing on Forex against world currencies in the second half of the day, as they discovered in Optionova

Dollar's conversion scale for the current exchanging week has been creating absolutely. List of U’s money keeps on rising against worldwide monetary standards. Since yesterday, the Dollar rose to 80.76 to start with, and made greatest of the day, and at today's closeout of the European session, on the tenth of June, 2014, the Dollar rose to 80.91. The Dollar keeps on showing the quality against its rivals. Recently, extra backing to the dollar, made authorities of FRS of the U’s, James Bullard and Eric Rosengren, which pushed in their talks that the U’s economy is near situated levels of standardization and dependability.  

Publication date: 11 June 03:55 PM

GBPUSD Rallies On Stronger-Than-Expected UK Employment Figures


Today, on June 11th, the UK released strong employment data for Q1 2014.The British Pound gained some value against the US Dollar (+0,20%) during the European trading session and is currently trading around 1,6775.
Publication date: 11 June 10:48 AM

Forex Trend's PAMM Indices Bring Outstanding Yields Again! +10% during the First Week of June 2014!


They say success comes to those who really want it. Experienced people are sure that there is nothing impossible in this wonderful world. Impossible is for the lazy. Those who really strive to be successful are not afraid to face challenges, which are viewed as certain stimuli and can really improve their lives. The contemporary world of finance is no exception. There is nothing impossible in it as well. Ultimately, you can reach the desired financial freedom as long as you set goals and work hard to achieve them. This is especially topical these days, when the sophisticated and challenging world of money has already evolved so much that it can easily cater to the needs of various kinds of people.
Publication date: 11 June 07:54 AM

EURUSD. June 11th, 2014


The common European currency has been going down against the US Dollar since the start of this trading week. Yesterday, during the American trading session, EURUSD dropped down to 1.3533. After that, the US Dollar managed to gain a little bit more value against the Euro during the overnight trading, thereby letting the currency pair going down even lower to set a new weekly low at 1,3521.
Today, the common currency has already managed to regain a bit of its value. The currency pair touched 1,3545. This is the intraday high at this point.
Publication date: 11 June 06:17 AM

Masterforex-V Expo: Traders Name Top 9 Binary Option Brokers


Binary options are some of the most beneficial financial instruments in the contemporary trading industry. Trading binary options is simple and easy. Still, you just have to be good at trading conventional financial markets like Forex, stock, indices and commodities in order to succeed in trading derivatives like binary options.
Publication date: 10 June 11:22 AM

US Dollar Keeps On Ginning Value Against Other Majors Today


So far, this trading week has been bullish fro the American currency. The US Dollar index
Keeps on growing in value against a basket of 6 other major currencies. Yesterday, the index went up to 80.76, thereby hitting the intraday high. Today, during the European trading session, the price moved higher up to touch 80.91.
Publication date: 10 June 09:25 AM

Asian News and Decisions Will Dominate Dollar Markets This Week


This trading week (started on June 9th) the economic news and central bank decisions coming from the Asian-Pacific region will dominate the currency market. The list of major events includes the RBNZ and BoJ's decisions, Market Leader reports.
Publication date: 10 June 07:54 AM

USDCHF: Dollar Loses Value against Franc amid Higher Production and Inflation Figures


The latest economic news coming from Switzerland are reassuring investors and economists. Amid higher production figures for Q1 2014, consumer prices are reported to have increased in May as well.
Publication date: 10 June 05:21 AM

Dollar's rate on Forex started a week with development against all world currencies, as they figured out in Optionova

Throughout May Dollar's rate proceeded "bullish" pattern, demonstrating to its quality in world markets. At the end of the week the dollar has issued another high of 81.02, however then fell on Friday and floated into a level band of 80.30-80.68 reach. Reason of Flet-formed changes of the U’s coin got blended information on the work showcase (the amount of non-ranch payrolls declined from the level of 282 000 to 217 000 individuals, yet the unemployment rate continued as before - 6.3 percent).  

Publication date: 10 June 02:39 AM
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