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Tuesday, 6 October 16:10 (GMT -05:00)

Foreign exchange market

Masterforex-V EXPO: Best FX Bonus. September 2015

The contemporary international Forex industry is hard to imagine without endless bonuses and promos offered by all kinds of Forex brokers operating in the industry. Apparently, this is done to attract new clients and stimulate existing ones. At first sight it looks like It is all about loyalty and reputation. The winners of various promos get luxurious prizes while the participants of bonus offers enjoy some kind of a safety cushion. This how it should be.

Publication date: 05 October 10:35 AM

Alpari and TeleTrade Named CIS Most Popular Forex Brokers of July 2015


Sooner or later there comes a moment when every trader has to choose a broker at international forex currency market, which he can give his personal savings not only for their safety, but also for their further accumulation. Nevertheless, this choice is much more difficult than, for example, choosing a bank to open a deposit in. The point is that Forex broker has not only to maintain, but also to considerably increase a trader’s means.
Publication date: 09 August 01:44 AM

FxPro on True Forex Transparency

These days every single FX broker seems to be talking about transparency. What exactly do they mean applying transparency to Forex trading? Some of you might think that FX transparency is all about giving away all the secrets and all the trump cards up the broker’s sleeves. In reality, more often than not, FX brokers use this notion just to seem reputable and reliable, which is not the case most of the time.

That is why FxPro, a FX heavyweight and some of the most reputable FX brokers out there, decided to share with us what real FX transparency is…

Publication date: 06 August 06:53 AM

Masterforex-V EXPO Names Best Institutional FX Broker in July 2015


Institutional FX brokers are FX companies that can be viewed as some of the industry’s leaders. These companies can boast licenses and regulated by major financial watchdogs. At the same time, it should be taken into account that such big-scale guys make up for the lion’s share of all the FX trading volume.

Institutional FX brokers are the elite of the contemporary FX market. That is why Masterforex-V Academy experts decided to resolve a very difficult task – to define the best brokers in the institutional FX niche. That is why it created a standalone rating of institutional FX brokers within the scope of Masterforex-V Expo.

Publication date: 05 August 10:32 AM

Stock Exchange Starts Working in Greece


Greek stock exchange has finally officially regained its activity. As informed by most authoritative international media, this event happened on Monday, August 3. It is worth mentioning that the market had not worked during five previous weeks. When this piece of nerws went public, many direct players of Greek market expected the cost of stocks to drop.
Publication date: 05 August 08:47 AM

Masterforex-V EXPO Names Best FX Banks in July 2015


As you probably know, the contemporary foreign exchange market (Forex or FX for short) has turned into a major source of consistent income for hundreds and even thousands of professional FX traders all around the globe. Undoubtedly, this would be impossible but for reliable FX companies giving their clients a decent opportunity to succeed financially. Such FX brokers have always been client-oriented companies viewing their clients’ needs and ambitious as core values lying at the heart of the success reached by their businesses. Some of them do their best and really strive hard to improve their trading conditions as much as possible for even more profitable and comfortable FX trading.
Publication date: 05 August 07:50 AM

KROUFR AWARDS – Choose Best FX Brokers 2015


The contemporary Russian Forex industry has grown into a true giant. Therefore, there is nothing to be surprised about the fact that more Western and Asian FX brokers come to Russian and the CIS to expand their businesses. It is not accidental that there are many FX awards in the indsustry. However, not all of them are truly unbiased and objective. Sometimes, FX companies win awards based on some unclear criteria lacking transparency instead of being awarded for some major achievements. Where to find unbiased ratings and awards?
Publication date: 05 August 06:35 AM

Forex-Market Claim They Can Overcome Any Challenges in Financial Markets

The global economy keeps on seeing more and more shocks and challenges from time to time. In early 2015, it became clear that even the notorious Swiss banks cannot guarantee 100% security and safety of funds, not to mention plain FX brokers, which are constantly in jeopardy of going bankrupt. Does it mean it is better to cancel all FX trading and put the money under the mattress? No, it doesn’t! This is what the representatives of a young but promising FX broker named Forex-Market think about it.

They assume that the way an FX broker conducted its business is the key factor when it comes to financial security, stability and safety of client funds.
Publication date: 31 July 07:59 AM

Masterforex-V EXPO Names Best FX Brokers For Rookies. July 2015


Any FX broker faces the problem of choosing a suitable FX broker to go with at some point in his/her trading career. However, it is always a good idea to start working with a reputable FX broker right off the bat.
This is a crucial decision to make since it is the broker you trade with that determines the trading conditions as well as your overall comfort and performance. No trader can do without a reliable broker. And no trader can eventually succeed in FX trading with a scam or fake broker since the ultimate goal is to withdraw the profits and enjoy them by spending them.
Publication date: 30 July 09:34 AM

Forex Trend: Lessons and Prospects

History always gyrates, which means there will always be ups and downs, clear trends and periods of standstill. For all FX traders out there, it is all about timing. In other words, it is important to join and leave the trend just in time.

A company’s name reflects its aspirations and prospects. That is why they founders called their company Forex Trend. The company’s history over the last 5 years is a crying example of a classic Forex trend with momentums and retracements.

In 2010 through 2014, Forex Trend saw an uptrend allowing its clients to make millions of dollars. In early 2015, the trend slowed down and a retracement followed, which reflected in some major difficulties for the company and its clients.
However, a new uptrend is coming, thereby giving Forex Trend clients hope for the better. The new uptrend for the company and its clients is expected to start in September 2015…
The thing is that Concorde Capital, one of the biggest investment companies out there, decided to purchase Forex Trend, thereby giving all of its clients to get the frozen funds back and make new profits.
Publication date: 30 July 08:14 AM

Brent Oil Drops below 54 Dollars per Barrel


The cost of September future contract of Brent oil has dropped to 53.71 US dollars during London trading session this Monday. This is 1.69 percent lower than the cost of the previous trading session held on Sunday. That day the price of Brent during a trading session amounted to 54.67 dollars.
The last time oil of this brand dropped below 54 dollars per barrel was on March 20. This is proved by data recorded at the stock exchange. That day barrel of Brent has reached the minimal point of 53.55 dollars.
Publication date: 30 July 07:21 AM
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