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Thursday, 30 October 14:10 (GMT -05:00)

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Foreign exchange market

FBS Launches Auto Cup Promo!


FBS can be considered one of such young but promising Forex broker that are always focused on the client. Being an international broking company rendering world-class investment and trading services to retail traders and investors from all around the globe, FBS positions itself as an STP and ECN broker, FBS is actually capable of providing its clients with an impressively wide range of financial products and services within the framework of a truly competitive environment.

Publication date: 30 October 09:53 AM

Personal Analyst by NAS Broker: Excellent Service Available to Everyone!

NAS Broker (stands for New Access to Securities Broker) is considered a trademark belonging to NAS Technologies Saint Vincent. This one is widely known in the international brokerage market.
With that said, NAS Broker is one of the leading broking companies in the entire industry. NAS Broker is capable of offering all of its customers a wide range of unique products and unrivaled services.
Publication date: 24 September 08:41 AM

NordFX Reveals 10 Best Providers of Forex Signals In September 2014


Nowadays, there so many financial opportunities that you don’t even have to strive hard in order to get stable passive profits, that are sometimes much bigger than monthly salaries. Without any doubt, they can guarantee pretty good standards of living and even lead you to financial freedom provided that you know where to find those opportunities and how to implement them.
Publication date: 24 September 07:51 AM

EURUSD Goes Flat On Wednesday


Yesterday’s American trading session, the world’s most popular currency pair continued its way down from the local low of 1.2900. The US Dollar went on with its strengthening against other majors, including the common European currency, amid stable figures on the US industrial production. In particular, the PMI remained strong at 57,9 points. Any value above 50 indicates relative strength.
Publication date: 24 September 06:51 AM

Forex: How To Avoid Scams?


Unfortunately, the contemporary Forex industry is subject to various scams designed to deprive people of their savings and earnings. Indeed, it is not only about dirty Forex brokers trying to play various dirty tricks on their clients in order to make them lose their money eventually. The thing is that the industry is full of various “gurus” trying to sell the idea of easy money-making while this is not the case. They attract people’s money and promise to multiply the funds… and disappear. Such situations give way to various rumors saying that Forex and other financial markets are scams themselves designed for the sole benefit of Forex brokers and other big-scale players while all retail clients are losers. Apparently, this is not the case. The delusion is born by those investors who once failed to invest their money properly and fell prey to scammers.
Publication date: 24 September 05:59 AM

EURUSD Outlook


Today’s trading hours have been mostly bullish. On September 23rd, by the end of the European trading session, the world’s most popular currency pair reached the key level of 1.2900. This is the intraday high.
Publication date: 23 September 01:51 PM

EURUSD Outlook


EURUSD spent yesterday under bearish pressure. Within the scope of yesterday’s European trading session, the currency pair formed a price range - 1.2825-1.2867. The downward pressure intensified after Italy published a weak report on manufacturing orders.



So, the currency spent the most of the trading day within the scope of the mentioned price range. During the American trading session, the pressure intensified amid Mario Draghi’s speech.
Publication date: 23 September 08:06 AM

Masterforex-V Training News:earn cash on Forex with joy

Maybe, the person who makes a benefit, and along these lines likewise the joy is the best and the happiest individual on earth. Without being anxious and aggravated, you can capacity better. Every individual in specific circumstances may open or close it relies on upon him. Anyhow it is significant that by the uncomfortable life you have to get ready at first and put on the way that you will quickly get to be effective and rich is not worth.

Publication date: 22 September 11:48 PM

FBS Recognized Best Asian Broker 2014 4 Times In A Row


What makes the industry’s best representatives stand out from the crowd of other average counterparts? Yes, you are right! It is all about progress, professionalism, stability, efficiency and flexibility.

These are to cornerstones of success in almost any business, including Forex brokerage. Today we want to share with you the outstanding achievement made by some o the best Forex broking companies out there. Its name is FBS. The thing is that FBS won another prestigious Forex award last month, which came as true recognition the company’s policies and approach to the client. Let’s have a closer look at it…

Publication date: 19 September 03:39 PM

GBPUSD: British Pound Gains Value versus US Dollar as Scotland Remains a Part of Great Britain


Today, on September 19th, the British Pound is gaining value against its American counterpart. The tendency started this morning after Scotland revealed the results of the latest independence referendum. As a result, Scotland decided to stay a part of the United Kingdom.  Apparently, this triggered a bullish wave.
Publication date: 19 September 06:22 AM

US Dollar Gains Value And Sets New Local High At 84,81 After Fed Meeting Results


Today, on September 18th, the US Dollar index, which indicates the strength of the American currency against a basket of 6 other currencies, continues its way up to new local highs. The thing is that this morning, the index managed to gain 0,38% to set the new high of the year at 84,81. The rally resumed as a response to the results of the latest Fed meeting. In particular, the Fed left all of its policies unchanged. However, the central bankers warned the world about the likelihood of monetary toughening in longer-term perspective.
Publication date: 18 September 06:10 AM
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