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Thursday, 24 April 20:11 (GMT -05:00)

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Foreign exchange market

Dealers clarified criteria of money-making exchange on Forex market

All Junior Forex merchants firstly consider how to take in succeed in getting cash on Forex legitimately and rapidly. How to do it in reality? When it’s all said and done, it is inconceivable for a merchant to get custom curriculum at the organization, while the course for merchants is not included in school program, however, despite this, it is obliged a lot of information for the correct and productive operation of the primary trades. To tell the truth, Forex examining takes quite a while on the grounds that notwithstanding hypothetical learning, the junior merchant additionally needs to have a ton of practice to begin to feel sure when offering. It would appear for taking in figure out how to exchange on the Forex market, and to accept benefit, in the meantime it could be only done with honing and taking in by errors, unless the time until a junior does not create his diagram and exchanging style.  

Publication date: 23 April 11:01 AM

GBPUSD Outlook


Today, on March 25th, the US Dollar is consolidating against the British Pound in advance of economic news from the UK. Before the European trading session, GBPUSD traded within the scope of the 1,6480 – 1,6485 price range.  Market Leader asked Masterforex-V Academy about the near-term prospects of the currency pair and the news that can drive the price today.
Publication date: 25 March 07:22 AM

As the masters in Optionova accept, Euro rate is going down against negative information in Germany

  Since the beginning of the month the Euro against the dollar indicated moderate bullish pattern on the hourly diagram. However, after yesterday's FRS meeting, coin started to tumble to the base outskirt of the slanting channel MF and turn MF. Investigators of the binary alternatives dealer Optionova tried to explain the decrease of the European money.

Publication date: 25 March 04:37 AM

Forex: US Dollar Loses Value After Weak Economic Stats From USA


After last week's rally, the US Dollar index is trading within the 80.15-80.41 price range today, on Monday. During the American trading session, the US Dollar lost a bit of its value gainst other major currencies, which is indicated by the mentioned index.
Publication date: 24 March 12:46 PM

FBS Offers Forex Traders to Become “Stars of Analytics”


Today the world’s largest financial market Forex offers many opportunities for stable and high earnings, which are protected from inflation and depend solely on persistence of every trader.
Publication date: 24 March 11:51 AM

Masterforex-V Traders Show How to Make 23% per Week on Gold Future

Gold and silver are referred to the class of assets, and many investors regard them as stores of value at the times of monetary uncertainty, hoping that their price is more likely to withstand economic declines and crisis than that of any other class of assets.
This week one of the famous Russian traders Igor Zotov (Tomsk. Russia) has started online consultations on trading gold. What are the results of online gold trading for beginners? What conclusions can be made? These questions have been studied by the Analytics Team of the “Market Leader” and the experts of Masterforex-V Academy.
Publication date: 24 March 07:17 AM

US Dollar Strengthens Amid Further QE Tapering


Not so long ago, the Fed's FOMC deiced to continue tapering the QE. In particular, the committee decided to cut the bond purchases from $65bn a month down to $55bn a month. The politicians ignored the level of unemployment as well. 
Publication date: 21 March 08:04 AM

US Dollar Keeps Gaining Against Euro Amid Salary Hikes in Eurozone


The level of personal income in the eurozone increased later last year as opposed to the first 2 quarters of 2013. The latest report indicates just that. At the same time January's construction report indicates higher figures for the second consecutive month.
Publication date: 21 March 05:14 AM

EURUSD Outlook


Last week, the US Dollar started strengthening a little against the common European currency, which resulted in a bearish move of EURUSD. At this point, the price has recovered and is trading around 1.3920. All in all, the currency pair is trading within the 1.3878-1.3947 range, which is slightly different from the price range sen yesterday.
Publication date: 20 March 04:56 PM

Masterforex-V Expo: Best Binary Option Broker 2014


Without any doubt, international financial markets offer us a whole sea of moneymaking opportunities these days. Indeed, making money in contemporary financial markets is getting easier and easier every day. It is not accidental that the industry is expanding, simultaneously attracting more and more participants, both broking companies and their clients - retail and institutional traders and investors. Apparently, the trading industry has become extremely sophisticated and highly competitive with hundreds of broking companies offering their services.
Publication date: 20 March 01:46 PM

USDCNY Outlook



As the result of weaker-than-expected economic reports for the last 2 months, 3 major investment banks downgraded their forecasts for the Chinese economic growth in 2014.
Publication date: 20 March 11:54 AM
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