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Friday, 19 December 02:28 (GMT -05:00)

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Foreign exchange market

Fort Financial Services: Christmas Gifts to Forex Trades

Christmas is coming. Everyone seems to get ready for the celebration. It is the time when various companies start making pleasant gifts to their clients and customers. Some Forex brokers are not an exception. They improve trading conditions and offer loyalty bonuses and promos to make their client feel better in advance of Christmas.

Publication date: 16 December 08:19 AM

FOREX. USDJPY: US Dollar Keeps Going Up Against Yen Amid Weak Japanese Economy


Yesterday, on November 4th, investors probably abstained from purchasing US dollars and dollar-denominated assets in order to analyze the abnormal situation in the markets of crude oil, USD and US stocks. At the same time, traders and investors are looking forward to the forthcoming ECB meeting scheduled for Thursday, November 6th, as well as the US employment report scheduled for Friday, November 7th. This is definitely needed to define the near-term prospects of multiple financial assets.

Publication date: 05 November 08:11 AM

USDCAD: US Dollar Reach 5-Year High Against Canadian Dollar


Today, on November 5th, the US Dollar is going further up against the Canadian Dollar. The rally is going on even after the price reached a new 5-year high yesterday amid lower oil prices coupled with the comments made by the Governor of the National Bank of Canada. They gave everyone to understand that the pace of interest rate hikes in Canada will be lagging behind those that will be seen in the USA and implemented by the Fed.

Publication date: 05 November 06:52 AM

Masterforex-V Expo Reveals Best Forex PAMM Brokers in October 2014


If you want to get from rags to riches these days, working for someone else is not enough. Apparently, investing is an excellent opportunity to generate extra passive income. However, a lot of people don’t actually know how to invest so that this activity could generate stable income. Luckily, today’s Forex industry offers you a great opportunity to make money even if you know little or completely nothing about investing or trading….

Publication date: 04 November 01:39 PM

Which Forex Brokers Cannot Enter Masterforex-V Expo’s Highest Rating of Forex Brokers and Why?


Sooner or later, any Forex trader has to face the challenge of choosing a reliable broker, which will help him/her to succeed in Forex trading in the long run. The thing is that depositing is easy with any broker, both a scam and a truly reputable one. However, when it comes to withdrawing funds, only reputable brokers can withdraw money without delays and questions and lame excuses, which is certainly not the case with minor brokers and scam brokers. 

Publication date: 04 November 04:37 AM

“Panteon-Finance” Prolongs “+10% on Deposit” Offer for Investors of PAMM Fund TOP 15

If we could throw away from our lives things not serving for happiness, community would probably create a utopian civilization. However, the problem, inter alia, lies in the fact that most of us cannot define: which thing is useless, which one – harmful, а which one – can bring real benefit.
Publication date: 31 October 06:20 PM

GBPUSD Outlook


The amount of approved mortgage claims declined in September. At the same time, there was an increase in consumer lending amid lower business lending. According to the Bank of England, the amount of mortgage claims reached 61 267. The figures declined against August’s value of 64 054, simultaneously failing to match the expectations of 63 000.

Publication date: 31 October 09:17 AM

EURUSD Goes Up To 1.2631


The 1.2546 level has recently become a new local low of the day. The rice reached the mentioned price low during the European trading session.

Publication date: 31 October 07:05 AM

FBS Launches Auto Cup Promo!


FBS can be considered one of such young but promising Forex broker that are always focused on the client. Being an international broking company rendering world-class investment and trading services to retail traders and investors from all around the globe, FBS positions itself as an STP and ECN broker, FBS is actually capable of providing its clients with an impressively wide range of financial products and services within the framework of a truly competitive environment.

Publication date: 30 October 09:53 AM

TurboForex Offers Forex Traders Trade on Stocks of “Blown up” Exchange


Today, at the time of raging inflation and devaluation at hurricane growth of prices practically for all goods, products, and services, and salary remaining at the same level, many people get considerable profits, independent from outer economic and political factors.
Publication date: 29 October 06:43 PM

Forex: Dollar Goes Down As Investors Wait For FOMC Meeting Results


Today, on October 29th, the US Dollar is still going down against other currencies, including a currency basket of 6 other majors. Since the beginning of today’s trading session, the USD index has already dropped some 0,08%. The decline is taking place as traders and investors are looking forward to the results of the Fed’s FOMC meeting, which is to end today.

Publication date: 29 October 05:11 AM
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