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Friday, 1 August 03:46 (GMT -05:00)

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Foreign exchange market

EURUSD: EUR Keeps On Declining Versus USD


The 2-day-long consolidation of the currency pair within the scope of the 1.3420-1.3443 range ended yesterday, at the American trading session, Market Leader reports. The common currency resumed the downtrend against its American counterpart mid positive economic figures from the USA.
Publication date: 30 July 06:31 AM

US Dollar Index. June 23rd 2014

This trading week started from a further downswing of the US Dollar against other majors. During the Asian trading session, on June 23rd, the USD index dropped down to 80,27. This is the intraday low. This is the starting point for the bullish reaction started at the beginning of the European trading session.



Publication date: 23 June 07:57 AM

Forex Traders Name Successful Forex Trading Criteria


Unfortunately, no conventional educational institution can teach you Forex trading the way it should be done so that you could make money. Still, there are ways to become a professional Forex trader showing consistent positive performance.
Publication date: 20 June 07:58 AM

GBPUSD: Pound Sets New Multi-Year High At 1,7062.


Yesterday, on June 19th, during the American trading session, the British Pound set a new 5-year high at 1,7062. The trading session closet around 1,7034 after the currency pair decided to retrace a little bit after setting the mentioned major low.
Publication date: 20 June 05:26 AM

Forex Trend Can Boast PAMM Indices! Over 10% a Week Again!


They say success comes to those who really want it. Experienced people are sure that there is nothing impossible in this wonderful world. Impossible is for the lazy. Those who really strive to be successful are not afraid to face challenges, which are viewed as certain stimuli and can really improve their lives. The contemporary world of finance is no exception. There is nothing impossible in it as well. Ultimately, you can reach the desired financial freedom as long as you set goals and work hard to achieve them. This is especially topical these days, when the sophisticated and challenging world of money has already evolved so much that it can easily cater to the needs of various kinds of people.
Publication date: 19 June 03:20 PM

US Dollar Goes Down Against Other Majors


After yesterday's rally made by the US Solar against a basket of 6 other major currencies, the USD index hit 80,83, which was followed by a bearish reaction later that day, during the American trading session. The decline came out as the reaction to the Fed's latest decisions.
Publication date: 19 June 09:44 AM

Dollar's rate on Forex is in Flet in the second a half the day, as they discovered in Optionova

In the wake of diminishing throughout yesterday's exchanging to the point of 80.45 dollars, the file on exchanges at the European session on Tuesday, on the seventeenth of June, 2014, does not leave the limits of a level band of 80.52-80.61. This band was framed by the base and most extreme of the European session. 

Publication date: 18 June 04:10 PM

EURUSD Goes Flattish


Yesterday's American trading session saw the US Dollar gaining some value against the common European currency. The currency pair touched 1,3536. The Euro declined due to positive inflation stats from the USA, which backed the dollar strengthening.
Publication date: 18 June 06:45 AM

IMF Decreases US GDP Forecast. USD Prospects


The IMF revised its forecast for the US economy, thereby decreasing it. Apparently, this came as a surprise for most market participants. Still, this doesn't automatically mean that the Fed is going to keep interest rates ultra-low longer than expected.
In particular, the GDP forecast was diminished down to 2,0% in 2014. The previous forecast used to be 2,8% in 2014. The IMF recommends that the Fed should leave the key interest rate at a record-low range longer than expected.
Some experts disagree with that. Yesterday's economic reports, including industrial production (+0,6% in May) and HPI (49 in June), show that the indices gained more than expected. Such strong data hint that the US economy may accelerate its growth up to 3,0% this year. In particular, this idea is shared by RBA strategists.
Publication date: 17 June 08:09 AM

AUDUSD: US Dollar Gains 0,61% Against Aussie After RBA Meeting Minutes Released


Today, on June 17th, the US Dollar gained 0,61% against its Australian counterpart after the RBA released its meeting minutes (the meeting took place on June 3rd). Therefore, at the beginning of the European trading session AUDUSD went down a bit.
Publication date: 17 June 07:31 AM

TradeFort Launches FIFA 2014 Bonus!

On June 12th, millions of people celebrated the opening of the long-awaited FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Football world cups take place once in 4 years. That is why this is a true and ultimate party for all football fans. Yet, those who love football are no the only people who can enjoy this time. Forex traders can also celebrate the even together with TradeFort, one of the most prominent broking companies in the industry. Let's take a closer look at the FIFA bonus…

Publication date: 17 June 06:33 AM
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