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Sunday, 26 April 07:28 (GMT -05:00)

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Foreign exchange market

Best Forex Traders Manage over Accounts of Pro-rebate.com and Arsenal-FX

How to Make Big and Stable Money in Modern Conditions?For many citizens of Russia and CIS, this, unfortunately, is impossible. The main reason of this is not inflation or devaluation, not miserable salary, and not even prices, which sprout like mushrooms after the summer rains.
The main reason of impossibility to earn as much as we want lies in ourselves. Anxiety, greed, fear, lack of self-confidence, doubt, life by a Murphy’s Law that “every decision leads to new problems” hide real opportunities of financial independence.
Publication date: 22 April 10:07 AM

Currency Wars Come Alive as Central Banks Worldwide Make their Decisions Pressing Bond Yields

Last week, international investors didn’t expected any major news or decisions. However, despite their expectations, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) shocked the entire financial world by unexpectedly deciding to unpeg the Swiss Franc from the common European currency as well as to cut the Libor rates.

Publication date: 19 January 06:37 AM

Panteon-Finance Tells What Awaits for “Arena of Investors” in 2015

Almost a year has passed since the moment when a unique project “Arena of Investors” was for the first time presented at Forex market. Authorship of the unprecedented by scale and conditions program belongs to one of the world’s leading forex brokers, which is at the top of many innovative findings in investment sphere – “Panteon-Finance” company.

Publication date: 16 January 01:06 PM

Forex Trend Names Authors of Best Success Stories at Forex

Traditionally, at the beginning of a year most companies draw conclusions about what has been made for the last 360 days. Forex market is no exception, as its leading operators also provide kind of public reports about their achievements for the past year. Certainly, not all of them, but, at least, those who care about their reputation among clients and want to provide them with full and objective information.


Publication date: 14 January 09:56 AM

AUDUSD Outlook


Australia’s mortgage lending declined in November 2014, Market Leader reports with reference to the official Australian sources. Despite the overall lending reduction, the amount of those mortgage borrowers  who do it for the first time increased over the reporting period.

Publication date: 13 January 09:12 AM

Crude Oil Sees Another Price Drop Below $47/b


Crude oil continues to go down in value and global oversupply, Market Leader reports. Yesterday, Brent went below the psychological level of $50 per barrel. At the same time, WTI is already trading below$47 per barrel Masterforex-V Academy reports.

Publication date: 09 January 09:08 AM

Forex Trend Announces Results of «Million Dollars Into Skillful Hands 3» Contest


While the entire world is facing hard economic times, plain folks have to look for extra income sources. Apparent, most people around the globe keep on struggling financially as national currencies  (including the petrifying collapse of the Russian Ruble) are devaluing amid soaring inflation diminishing people’s purchasing power.

Publication date: 06 January 12:45 PM

TeleTrade Draws Conclusions of 2014 for Company and Forex Traders

2014 is over, the year, which has proved to be rather difficult from the point of view of increased geopolitical and economic tension in various regions of the globe. However, despite any threats and challenges, many Forex traders have worked with maximal efficiency during the year, thus getting stable and high profits.


Publication date: 05 January 11:03 AM

Forex: EURUSD Sets 9-Year Low - 1,18 USD per 1 EUR


It seems like the Russian Ruble and other currencies of ex-USSR states are currently devaluing. Earlier today, several european sources reported that the official exchange rate of EURSD set another multi-year low. In particular, Masterforex-V Academy reports that the exchange rate dropped down to 1.18, which is the lowest point seen in 9 years!

Publication date: 05 January 04:47 AM

MasterForex-V Expo Names Best Forex Brokers 2014

For every responsible and professional Forex trader, choosing a reliable and reputable broker is one of the key factors. All of them seek a Forex company offering unprecedented trading conditions leading to transparency and efficiency in trading as well as simplicity, flexibility and comfort leading to long-term profits. The more reliable your company is and higher the quality of its services is, the more chances you have to succeed in Forex trading.

Publication date: 02 January 12:17 PM

FreshForex Presents New Investment Platform Flagman Invest


For successful work at Forex market traders, first of all, need to have certain knowledgeand a skill to adequately apply it in practice. However, the factor of technical support is not less important. In this reference, quality and reliability of trading terminals move to the forefront, for they are a keystone for making any deals at the market.
Publication date: 31 December 12:01 AM
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