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Saturday, 21 October 20:41 (GMT -05:00)

Foreign exchange market

Duckascopy Offers Most Favorable Trading Conditions to Forex Traders

Profitable forex trading has become something usual for thousands of people all over the world. Having decided to change their lives for the better one day, they started valuing the active lifestyle of daily trading while listening to those market signals. Keeping in mind all the risks and potential benefits of trading forex, they dared take their first step.

Publication date: 19 October 10:36 AM

Masterforex-V Expo: Best STP FX Brokers in July 2016

Today we are going to find out what the STP technology really is and what are the best FX brokers out there using this technology to offer their traders better trading conditions. Basically speaking, the so-called STP technology and STP-based trading software boils down to making sure the trader gets access to the real market and true market prices while getting their orders executed directly, without any third party involved.


Publication date: 26 July 02:54 PM

Forex. NZDUSD. NZ Dollar Retraces

According to the recent report released by New Zealand’s official statistical agency, the country’s trade balance stats slightly deteriorated in June 2016. To be more specific, the external trade surplus shrank over the reporting period. The key reason for this is said to be lower exports.
Publication date: 26 July 02:33 PM

Forex. EURUSD. Euro Weakens Against Dollar Amid Business Climate Figures

According to the recent report released by IFO, the overall business climate in Germany, which is the Eurozone’s biggest and strongest economy, has dropped a little bit in this month when adjusted to seasonality.


Publication date: 26 July 02:25 PM

Forex. USDCAD. Canadian Dollar Weakens Amid Inflation Figures

According to the recent report released by Statistics Canada, the annual rate of inflation in the country reached 1,5% in June 2016. Market Leader reminds you that the rate of inflation has been staying well below the 2% target set by the Bank of Canada for 5 months in a row.
Publication date: 26 July 02:15 PM

Forex. U.S. Dollar Raises Against Other Majors Amid U.S. Housing Market Figures

The U.S. Department of Trade has released another report on the American housing market. The report indicates that the amount of new apartments increased in June 2016. IT is also should be noted that the stats for the previous months were revised as well and happened to be slightly higher than indicated by the preliminary reports.
Publication date: 26 July 02:06 PM

Masterforex-V Expo: Best FX Affiliate Offers. July 2016

Today you can find almost every other FX broker out there offer their own affiliate programs to help their businesses expand through attracting new clients. Affiliates help those companies to accomplish this task in exchange for a generous fee, which means this kind of business fairly profitable to individuals and small businesses.
Publication date: 26 July 11:44 AM


During the recent G20 summit in Beijing, the British Minister of Finance said the UK is ready for tax changes and budget spending changes in the near future. According to him, the budget will depend on the future economic figures seen over the next 3 months.
Publication date: 26 July 11:20 AM

NordFX Names TOP 10 FX Signal Providers in July 2016

Today, Forex trading has definitely become more intuitive and even more affordable to plain folks. Even newbies just getting their feet wet in FX trading and investing can actually kick-start their careers by capitalizing on never-ending innovative products and services leading to stunning and consistent profits at reduced risk.
Publication date: 26 July 06:40 AM

Pro-rebate.com and Masterforex-V Club Investors Introduce «MF-NordFX №1» Investment Portfolio

Masterforex-V Club investors keep on looking for decent investment opportunities after a successful start with PrivateFX №1.


They made the next step by opening an investment account with NordFX and depositing $2000 to start investing in the local professionals.
Publication date: 26 July 05:42 AM


According to the recent report released by the Japanese government, the country’s external trade balance showed ac considerable surplus increase in June 2016. Shorter import is named as the key reason for the surplus growth.


Publication date: 26 July 03:08 AM
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