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Wednesday, 23 July 12:06 (GMT -05:00)

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Foreign exchange market

Winner of Trader Contest “Larson and Holz” Tells about Secrets of his Success at Forex


There exists a great number of different contests for traders at Forex market. But by no means are all of them equally effective. Moreover, some of them, held by “kitchens”, promise great money prizes, chic SUVs, and keys from apartments, but in fact draw participants into real market, where the former happily empty the deposits of the latter.
Publication date: 22 July 06:47 PM

Forex Trend Innovations: open the world's first VIP Club Partner Agents on the Forex market

Assuming the above mentioned aphorism, since the beginning of this year, life in the CIS countries has been exacerbated by "the worst." Not for everyone, of course, but for the majority of the population it is a fact. Nevertheless, each of us is affected by the fact, end or continue the "good" in his life. 

Publication date: 04 May 08:18 AM

Dollar's rate stays in a down pattern against Pound Sterling according to the Great Britain information as they say in Optionova

The proceeded development in the UK economy in the first quarter shows the information, displayed by OSN. The Bank of England noted quickening of budgetary recuperation and waiting that it would be reasonable.  

Publication date: 02 May 07:09 PM

US Dollar Gains Value After US Employment Figures


Today, on May 2nd, the US Dollar has already lost 0,43% of its value against a basket of 6 other major currencies. This came as the result of a better-than-expected report on the US Non-Farm Employment report. At this point, the USD index is trading within the scope of the 78,85-79,90 price range.
Publication date: 02 May 12:17 PM

Expert trading is trifling or mind movement?

We will pose a couple of inquiries: do you surmise that exchanging is a purposeless activity and trifling? Perhaps «idea fix» or Blessed Vessel? Likely, around the book lovers, there are some people who accept the fact that exchange on the stock trade is a bet, club elective. That is an approach to invest extra time, which gives a great deal of feelings. In this article we won't investigate what money related prospects are. We need to think about exchanging a perspective of an edge that it can give an individual as a single person.  

Publication date: 30 April 04:31 PM

Dollar rate has been diminished against world currencies on the back discourse of FRS Chairman, as they remark in Optionova

Executive of the USA Federal Reserve System Janet Yellen has questioned about the effectiveness of the standard models of money saving with which they bear on expansion gauges.

Publication date: 30 April 10:34 AM

Alpari On Future Of Bitcoin and Other Crypto Currencies


The real world is evolving. The financial world is catching up as well. New means of payments emerge and become popular worldwide. As we are living more and more in an online world, online payments are getting more and more popular. Crypto currencies occupy a very special place in the online financial life. Still, most people are still scared away by some shady digital currencies like Bitcoin. Most of them only heard that this is an extremely volatile currency with big ups and downs in exchange rates. At the same time, professional traders make really big bucks by trading such currencies.

Alpari, one of the biggest Forex brokers in the entire international industry, offers you to take a closer look at Bitcoin and the moneymaking opportunities it can give.
Publication date: 30 April 09:23 AM

Forex: US Dollar Weakens in Advance of Economic News Block


Today, on April 30th, the US Dollar is losing value against a basket of 6 other major currencies in advance of a major economic news block scheduled for today. The decline started at 79.97 and reached 79.75 at the end of today's European trading session.
Publication date: 30 April 08:16 AM

EURUSD: Euro Falls On Disappointing Figures From Eurozone


Today, on April 30th, the common European currency is currently trading in a narrow price range against the US Dollar. The price is currently fluctuating around 1,3807. The decline was caused by the fact that Germany's inflation rate turned negative (-0,31%). Germany is the biggest economy in the eurozone and the EU. So, it is not accidental, that the reaction of the common European currency was like that.
Publication date: 30 April 05:08 AM

Mind Games

There is an alternate article about the brain science, feelings, discretion – it is exhausting, exhausting and not fascinating, you may say. Also to be sure, I don't prefer to peruse them by myself, and when I do choose to look at it, and I understand I don't prefer them. This article is of the other type because it is composed by an enormous hater of mental articles on exchanging.  

Publication date: 29 April 04:34 PM

TusarFX: Benefits and Opportunities

These days, more and more people find it hard to make money in a conventional way. Their incomes are insufficient to live the way they want, especially amid global economic uncertainty and financial instability. More people are looking fro extra income or other major sources of income. Some of them are dreaming of financial freedom but they still fail to find the way to it.

Publication date: 29 April 10:56 AM
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