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Sunday, 20 April 15:03 (GMT -05:00)

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Foreign exchange market

Optionova: Binary Options For Forex Traders

Apparently, the global economy is currently having a hard time recovering and growing, especially amid global economic, political and financial instability coupled with crises and recessions. Daily stresses and risks, info wars, rules and regulations imposed by financial watchdogs and rating agencies…

More and more people around the globe understand that bank deposits cannot be considered a solution. They keep looking for new ways of generating extra income and secure their savings against inflation.
Publication date: 19 April 06:26 AM

Up to an 85% return for traders at Optionova

Because the Forex market is the biggest and most liquid market in the world, a lot of opportunities are presented to those that would like to take advantage of this market and all of its innovative tools and technologies. But one must prepare properly in order to achieve success in this market.

Publication date: 31 January 02:52 AM

Forex Trend explains the advantages of the Loyalty Bonus program for traders

 Even though getting consistent profits in the Forex market is not an easy task and not everyone succeeds in doing so, at the Forex Broker Forex Trend there are plenty of opportunities for traders of all types to make money. Forex Broker Forex Trend has been recognized as the best Forex broker in 2013 by the judges and ratings of the Masterforex-V Expo.

Publication date: 29 January 03:48 PM

US Dollar Prospects 2014


Today's role of the US Dollar in the contemporary global economy and finances can hardly be overestimated despite the fact the America currency isn't backed by anything that has real value (like gold) and is based only on the US government's full faith and credit. Moreover, the USA is currently seeing multiple challenges, including the debt ceiling issue that has to be resolved until February 7th if the USA wants to avoid a technical default.
In this aspect, more and more traders and investors (as well as ordinary people) around the globe are getting increasingly interested in the near-term prospects of the world's major reserve currency. So, what are the most likely scenarios of the US Dollar in 2014? Let's ask Masterforex-V Academy, the respected trading expert in Forex trading!
Publication date: 29 January 10:03 AM

S&P Downgrades Ukraine’s Sovereign Ratings


Standard & Poor's (S&P), one of the most respected and influential international rating agencies, is reported to have downgraded Ukraine’s sovereign ratings. In particular, the agency cut the long-term and short-term ratings to junk – from "B-/B" down to "CCC+/C".
Publication date: 29 January 07:58 AM

Forex Broker Mill Trade Called “Main Discovery of 2013”


This year FOREX market has been enriched with a new dealing center Mill Trade, which has immediately attracted many traders, both beginners and professionals. Within several months Mill Trade has become one of the leading brokers and gained high popularity in numerous countries worldwide. The dealing center has already been honored by several professional awards, and it has recently become the winner of Masterforex EXPO project in the nomination “Discovery of 2013”.

Publication date: 28 January 08:38 PM

The Optionova experts discuss the impact of the spread in your trading results


Every day, more people are getting interested in the Forex market. Most of these people are attracted to the Currency Market, because of its advanced technology and capabilities that allow the average working class person participate in this exciting market from the comfort of either their homes or their offices.



Publication date: 28 January 03:53 PM

BOE Governor’s Thoughts and GBPUSD Rate


Not so long ago, Mark Carney, who is the Governor of the Bank of England, held a speech in front of British businessmen and investors. He confessed that he and his bank were surprised at the recent improvement in the employment stats. It seems like the centra bank wasn’t prepared for such changes.
Publication date: 28 January 08:18 AM

EURUSD: Mid-Term Prospects


The EU seems to stay knee-deep in crisis despite isolated reassuring stats. Indeed, global economic instability and uncertainty is still there and affecting many economies worldwide. The eurozone is not an exception, with its Greece, Spain , Portugal and other debt-ridden economies that are hindering the overall economic stability in the region while Germany is sick and tired of being the economic locomotive of the eurozone and sponsoring Greece.
Publication date: 27 January 03:20 PM

USD Index: Mid-Term Prospects


As you know, the US Dollar is the global reserve currency. It is the most significant currency in the modern world. Apparently, any changes in the US politics or economy influence the entire world through the US Dollar since many national currencies around the globe are pegged to the US Dollar. Even almost all the Forex pairs (excluding cross pairs) include it.
Apparently, everyone is interested in leaning how to foresee the future behavior of the currency. What are the near-term prospects of the US Dollar?
Let’s ask Masterforex-V Academy, which has been a real expert in currency trading from years.
Publication date: 27 January 03:20 PM

Traders on US Dollar Prospects


As you know, the US Dollar is the de facto global reserve currency. For decades, it has been considered one of the major factors indicating he health of the entire global economy. Even the OPEC, the BRICS and the EU are still focused on the current financial situation in the   USA.
Despite the fact that most experts and currency strategists keep expecting the US currency to strengthen, the US Dollar has recently been showing some weakness against other major currencies. 
What expects the US Dollar in 2014? How to predict its behavior? Let’s ask the trading experts working for Masterforex-V Academy?
Publication date: 27 January 11:56 AM
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