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Wednesday, 10 February 00:32 (GMT -05:00)

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Masterforex-V Academy’s Top 60 Traders Earned over 42 000 Points of Profits in January 2016!

The first trading months of the new year is now over and its is time for Market Leader to interview Eugene Olkhovsky (Canada) regarding pro-rebate.com, which is his project dedicated to FX rebates and automatic trading services.

Publication date: 03 February 03:18 PM

Masterforex-V EXPO Names Best FX Banks in September 2015

Sooner or later, each Forex trader eventually has to get down to choosing a reputable FX broker since most companies operating in the contemporary FX industry cannot fulfil their obligations at all times. More frequent bankruptcies among FX brokers due to force-majeure situations coupled with cases when traders simply cannot withdraw their money make traders think twice before making a decision. Those traders who treat their trading business seriously want reliability and security as well as decent liquidity, innovative solutions and beneficial trading conditions. Simply put, they want to save and multiply their capital confidently.

Publication date: 01 October 07:28 AM

FxPro Experts on Choosing FX Brokers the Right Way

How to make money trading Forex? How to choose a reputable FX broker? Why Forex is the best option among financial markets for most of us? These are some of the questions FxPro experts are going to answer within the scope of this article.

Publication date: 30 September 08:40 AM

Ride a Lucky Wave With Fort Financial Services

On September 7th, Fort Financial Services started a new promo named “Ride a Wave”. It is going to take place until October 9th. Within the scope of this promo, you can get extra income for each profitable trade while being also eligible for some rebate for losing trades.

Publication date: 28 September 08:46 AM

Masterforex-V EXPO Names Best Binary Brokers in September 2015

First of all, binary options are a specific kind of fixed-risk and fixed-income investing. Depending on whether the prediction manifests itself or not on expiration, you get all or nothing. Apparently, there are many kinds of binary options available for trading today. Hover, this applies to all of them. With binary options, you don’t have to buy the underlying asset. You just need to predict the direction of the price move. This kind of investing in financial markets is an excellent option for beginning traders. Binary options are way simpler and easier to trade, which means it is more suitable for rookies. Well, it doesn’t mean advance traders should avoid it like the plague. On the contrary, they may benefit from binary options as well, especially if they trade binary options on they favorite underlying assets.

Publication date: 25 September 06:09 AM



New Zealand's external trade balance shrank in August, according to the official report. At the same time, Fonterra, the country’s biggest exporter, announced a new forecast containing higher dairy prices.
Publication date: 24 September 04:48 PM

“Best Broker of the Year” will be Chosen at International Exhibition “MOSCOW FOREX EXPO 2015”


“Moscow Forex Expo” is the largest Russian forum of Forex market participants, which traditionally gathers traders, investors, analysts, and representatives of famous broker companies from around the globe. This year “FINEXPO” company has become the organizer of the event. As usual, participants of the forum will gather in “Radisson Slavyanskaya” hotel, where they will be able to share last year’s achievements and discuss most burning issues of modern Forex market. The exhibition “Moscow Forex Expo 2015” will be filled with speeches of leading specialists of Forex-industry, workshops, and seminars. For more details the “Market Leader” has addressed an official representative of FINEXPO company Laura Mirnaya.
Publication date: 24 September 09:18 AM

Forex. USDCHF: Dollar Raises Versus Franc Amid Lower Swiss External Trade Surplus

Switzerland’s external trade kept on showing a decline in August, according to the local authorities. The experts say that the key reason for the key reason for the decline is a strong national currency, which makes the Swiss export more expensive and less competitive.
Publication date: 23 September 06:07 PM

Masterforex-V EXPO: Best FX Analytics. September 2015

In order to trade Forex properly and profitably, all traders need comprehensive market data to base their trading decisions on. This leads us to believe that all decent and client-oriented FX brokers should provide their clients with such data to help them save time and effort in order to focus on analyzing the data and making decent trading decisions.

Publication date: 23 September 11:00 AM

Masterforex-V Expo Names Best Forex Affiliate Offers in September 2015

These days both professional traders / investors and plain folks have all chances to succeed in working in he contemporary Forex industry. Indeed, Forex really stands out from the crowd of other financial markets. Why? The thing is that FX is the world's largest financial market. That is why there is nothing to be surprised about the fact that more and more pros and rookies with little to zero expertise in trading are truly seduced by this tasty and extremely big piece of cake.

Publication date: 22 September 09:45 AM

Forex. AUDUSD: U.S. Dollar Drops Versus Aussie Amid RBA Inflation Figures


The Reserve Bank of Australia is expecting weak GDP growth in Q2 2015. Still, the RBA assumes that lower commodity prices will back some economic growth in the country in the near future.
Publication date: 20 September 04:24 PM
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