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Masterforex-V Club’s «PrivateFX №1» Portfolio. 4 out of 5 Traders Make Profit

The investment portfolio is recovering slowly but surely. Even though the profitability is miles away from the green zone, we are confident that reaching the area is just a matter of time. For those of you who don’t know, Paramon saw a major drawdown a couple of weeks ago, which resulted in a nearly 14% drawdown for the entire portfolio. Since then, the portfolio recovered a little bit.




Publication date: 30 November 04:52 PM

Masterforex-V Expo: FortFS and OANDA – Best FX Brokers for Rookies in May 2016

All FX traders, including rookies, eventually reach the point hone they have to choose a reputable FX broker. The choice is crucial since it is going to be one of the cornerstones of their success. Deposit the fact that FX brokers are essentially the same, in reality there is a huge difference between some of them. While some of such FX companies try to scam their unsuspecting clients, especially inexperienced beginners, others do their best to help all of their client succeed, thereby hoping for long-term cooperation. Actually, reputable brokers are outnumbered by unreliable companies chasing client funds instead of long-term cooperation and success.

Publication date: 20 May 02:29 PM

Active Investor by PrivateFX – Still Best Investment Solution in May 2016

Today's mature and savvy investors say that they used to be rookies once. Back then, they also had a hard time choosing a decent investment product or strategy. Indeed, everyone who is just getting their feet wet in trading or investing should be aware of the fact that they are are multiple challenges awaiting them down the road to success. It is important to learn not to repeat the same mistakes over and over again, experts say. How to do that? How to find those decent strategies and investment solutions and simultaneously save some time and money?

Publication date: 20 May 09:40 AM

Masterforex-V Expo: Cornèr Trader and Interactive Brokers – Best Institutional Brokers. May 2016

Institutional FX brokers are those kind of companies that are seen by experts as some of the leading businesses in the entire industry. At the same time, Institutional FX brokers can boast major licenses issued by major financial watchdogs. Consequently, such companies are regulated by such respected financial authorities, which is another sign proving their exceptional status in the entire industry. Moreover, we cannot but mention that this kind of big-scale financial businesses actually make up for the lion’s share of the entire trading volume generated in the Forex market.

Publication date: 20 May 07:33 AM


The unemployment rate in Australia remained unchanged in April 2016. This is confirmed by the official report recently released by the local office for national statistics. At the same time, the amount of employed Australians grew slower than expected by economists.
Publication date: 20 May 04:52 AM


According to the recent report published by the Office for National Statistics, the U.K. construction sector continued its negative dynamics as of March 2016, for the 3rd consecutive month. This leads us to believe that the the tendency has been underway since the start of the year, Market Leader reports.
Publication date: 19 May 01:29 PM


The Japanese economy resumed its growth in the first quarter of the year. This is confirmed by the recent report released by Japan’s official statistical agency. The Japanese government is reported to be sure about the fact that the existing economic growth reflects some progress made in the fight against deflation.

Publication date: 19 May 11:17 AM


According to the Chinese Bureau of Statistics, the local retail sales slowed down a little bit in April 2016, down to 10.1% as opposed to 10,5% seen over the previous reporting period, Market Leader reports.



Publication date: 19 May 07:04 AM


New Zealand’s PPI dropped a little in Q1 2016. This is confirmed by the official report released by the local statistical agency. Analysts assume that the Reserve Bank of New Zealand is going to stick to the policy of low interest rates in the near future.


Publication date: 19 May 06:51 AM

NordFX Names TOP 10 FX Signal Providers

These days, FX trading has become more affordable and intuitive. Even beginning traders who are getting their feet wet can actually kickstart their careers thanks to the continuous introduction of innovative products and services leading to stunning and consistent profits at reduced risk.
Publication date: 17 May 02:19 PM

Forex. NZDUSD: N.Z. Dollar Rallies Versus U.S. Dollar Amid Higher Retail Sales In New Zealand

The retail sales in New Zealand showed some growth in Q1 2016. To be more specific, the bullish tendency was seen in most niches of the local retail sales sector to contribute to the overall increase of 0.8% seen over the reporting period relative to the previous one. This is confirmed by the local statistical agency.

Publication date: 17 May 07:18 AM
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