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Friday, 24 February 22:40 (GMT -05:00)

Foreign exchange market

Greek Economy Starts Growing

Last Friday, Pierre Moscovici, who is the European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs, visited Athens to discuss with the Greek government the report on the situation with the Greek debt to the international lenders.

Publication date: 22 February 11:58 AM


Major Japanese manufacturers saw decreased performance in Q2 2016, which is confirmed by the governmental report released the other day. At the same time, the report indicates worse business sentiment among major Japanese manufacturers as well.

Publication date: 14 June 09:17 AM

Active Investor by PrivateFX – Still Best Investment Solution in June 2016

Today's mature and savvy investors say that they used to be rookies once. Back then, they also had a hard time choosing a decent investment product or strategy. Indeed, everyone who is just getting their feet wet in trading or investing should be aware of the fact that they are are multiple challenges awaiting them down the road to success. It is important to learn not to repeat the same mistakes over and over again, experts say. How to do that? How to find those decent strategies and investment solutions and simultaneously save some time and money?

Publication date: 13 June 02:55 AM

Masterforex-V Expo Names the World’s Best Bank-Broker of June 2016

Not all people, who come to international Forex market hoping to make some extra cash, understand that the question of choosing a broker, which they have to solve at the very beginning of their career, is one of most important questions in entire work. However, even if a person understands the importance of this question, there arises a slightly different problem. The point is that most people simply do not know how to choose a broker correctly. Some of them rely on recommendations of their more experienced colleagues, some go for commercials, and some prefer making their own mistakes and choosing a broker by the call of their heart.

Publication date: 10 June 12:31 PM

Masterforex-V Expo Names the World’s Best Autocopying Broker in June 2016

Autocopying of deals is considered a fundamentally new type of service at international Forex market; owing to it gaining financial success has become possible even for investors that have insufficient knowledge and experience in trade.

Publication date: 07 June 03:01 PM

Forex: USD/CNY Drops Facing Data on Processing Industry in China

The National Bureau of Statistics of China has published official data on PMI index (Purchasing Managers’ Index) in May 2016. “According to the published data, the index has amounted to 50.1 points for accounting period, having thus slightly exceeded market expectations,” state experts of Masterforex-V Academy.

Publication date: 06 June 07:36 AM

Forex: USD/RUB Drops Facing Data on Processing Industry in RF

Markit company has publish data of its research, according to which processing industry in Russia has shown growth of PMI index to 49.6 points in May 2016 year from 48.0 points recorded in April. “Positive dynamics of processing industries in Russia has reached a maximal point since the beginning of the year,” explain experts of Masterforex-V Academy.

Publication date: 05 June 11:19 PM

Oil Market: Cheapening due to Concern about Higher Quotes for Recovery

Traders from around the globe fear that countries-members of OPEC may decide to rise quotes on recovery of “black gold” during their meetings in Vienna.
Investors are concerned that if such decision is made by OPEC members in Austrian capital, petroleum may drop in price.
Publication date: 03 June 09:53 PM

Masterforex-V Expo Names Best Institutional Broker in April 2016

Institutional brokers are considered to be real elite of broker companies, which provide not only good service, but also guarantee highest quality services. In addition, an institutional broker is characteried by flawless reputation and reliability. It also is an absolute leader of most broker ratings at international Forex market or at least takes one of highest positions in them.

Publication date: 02 June 08:39 AM

Traders Name Candidates for Premier League of Masterforex-V rating in May 2016

When a trader enters international Forex market, he inevitably faces the first in this reference, serious problem, of choosing a broker. The point is that the number of broker companies, working at Forex, is rising every day. However, not all of them provide high-quality service and can not only prevent a trader from losing his finance, but also considerably multiply them.

Publication date: 01 June 11:28 PM

Oil Market: Price Balance Reached?

For the first time for almost seven months the world’s oil prices have risen above 50 dollars per barrel, which concerns a model grade for Europe - Brent, as well as American oil WTI. In January Brent has reached its bottom point – 27.10 dollars per barrel.
Traders’ spirit has been influenced by reduction of raw materials recovery in Canada due to forest fires, as well as in Libya and Nigeria due to turmoil; thus, total incoming of fuel to the market has decrease by 4 million barrels per day. Besides, last week stocks of petroleum in the USA reduced more than expected.
Publication date: 01 June 08:21 AM
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