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Thursday, 25 August 16:06 (GMT -05:00)

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NordFX Names TOP 10 FX Signal Providers in August 2016

As the entire FX industry gets more and more mature, some of the best broker representing the entire industry keep on giving birth to revolutionizing products and services.  To be more specific, some of the best and most reputable FX brokers can boast their own services allowing anyone to benefit from FX trading over the long term, even without actual trading.

Publication date: 23 August 04:53 AM

Forex. GBPUSD: Pound Gains On UK Industrial Production Figures

According to the Office for National Statistics (UK), Great Britain’s industrial production shrank by 0.3% in February 2016 relative to the previous reporting period, which is January 2016. As for the y/y figures, they indicated a 0.5% drop over the same reporting period (March 2016 but relative to March 2015).
Publication date: 17 April 07:45 AM

Forex. USDCHF: Franc Is Still Strong

According to the official stats coming from Switzerland, the consumer prices continued the same tendency in March 2016. They went down, to be more specific.  The rate of unemployment declined as well.  
Publication date: 17 April 07:32 AM

Forex: USDCNY. Yuan Retraces On China’s Inflation Figures

According to the latest report released by China’s official statistics agency, the year-over-year PPI dynamics slowed down from 4,9% in February 2016 down to 4,3% in March 2016. At the same time, analysts had predicted a slowdown to 4,6%, which is why the actual figures failed to match the forecast and made them came in worse than expected.
Publication date: 17 April 07:19 AM

Masterforex-V Expo: Ukraine’s Best FX Brokers. April 2016

More often than not, choosing the right FX broker to trade with turns into a real challenge, especially for thousands of rookies out there coming to financial markets every day. Since they lack expertise in cooperating with those brokers, they simply don’t know how to tell fakes and scams for truly reputable companies worth paying attention to. Indeed, most of them just fall prey to those catchy banners all around the web promising them get-rich-quick schemes but scamming people. I’m not trying to say here that all FX ads and banners found on the web lead to scam sites. Trusted and reputable FX brokers conduct their own online advertising campaigns as well, which is why it is always a good idea to listen to more skilled fellow traders when it comes to choosing an FX broker.

Publication date: 15 April 07:52 AM


The Bank of Japan is still determined to take more steps aimed at easing the bank’s monetary policy if necessary. This was confirmed by Mr. Kuroda, who is Governor of the Bank of Japan. Still, some of the local experts assume that the central bank is not going to make any changes to the monetary policy during the forthcoming meeting in April.

Publication date: 15 April 07:36 AM


According to the recent report released by NAB, the degree of business confidence in Australia improved in March 2016. The experts anticipate major improvements in almost every single sector of the Australian economy in the coming months.

Publication date: 15 April 07:20 AM

Masterforex-V EXPO: Best ECN Brokers. April 2016

For starters, valuable knowledge and skills are not the only crucial factors that determine success in trading financial markets. It is also very significant to find work with a reliable broker offering competitive trading conditions. When drawn together, these factors will put the odds of winning in your favor, thereby leading you to the ultimate success in the long run.
Publication date: 14 April 05:10 PM

Brent Goes Above $43/b For the First Time This Year

Oil prices keep on recovering from the long-term downtrend seen for over 18 months. This is happening amid the reports coming from the USA, which say that the amount of functioning oil rigs in the USA keeps on shrinking. At the same time, the bears seem to be reducing their exposure to the oil market in advance of the forthcoming oil summit in Qatar. They say the participant may well agree to freeze their oil production quotas during the summit. If that’s the case, this is definitely going to contribute to a further oil price recovery.

Publication date: 11 April 06:00 PM

Canada’s Financial Regulator Bans 37 Binary Options Brokers

After multiple complaints filed by many representatives of the English-speaking trading community, the CSA, Canada’s financial regulator, decided to ban a number of binary options brokers. All in all, there are 37 brokers on the blacklist. The decision was made on March 9th, 2016.

Publication date: 11 April 02:13 PM

Alpari on Benefits of Investing in Gold Coins

In March 2016, Alpari gave all of its existing and potential clients a nice present by introducing a new service. From now on, you can buy gold coins from all over the world. Top be more specific, Alpari created a standalone company called Alpari Gold to let people buy gold coins from over 40 countries of the world.

Publication date: 09 April 08:09 AM
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