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Saturday, 28 March 06:59 (GMT -05:00)

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Foreign exchange market

Masterforex-V EXPO Names Best Binary Brokers in March 2015


First of all, binary options are a specific kind of fixed-risk and fixed-income investing. Depending on whether the prediction manifests itself or not on expiration, you get all or nothing. Apparently, there are many kinds of binary options available for trading today. Hover, this applies to all of them. With binary options, you don’t have to buy the underlying asset. You just need to predict the direction of the price move. This kind of investing in financial markets is an excellent option for beginning traders. Binary options are way simpler and easier to trade, which means it is more suitable for rookies. Well, it doesn’t mean advance traders should avoid it like the plague. On the contrary, they may benefit from binary options as well, especially if they trade binary options on they favorite underlying assets.

Publication date: 27 March 09:02 AM

EURUSD Drops On Tuesday


Yesterday’s trading sessions were dominated by the bulls (the buyers of EURUSD). During the American trading session, the market advanced up to 1.2767. At this point, the price level is the high of the current trading week. The following point was reached as the result of strong economic figures coming from Germany’s the Eurozone’s biggest and strongest economy.

Publication date: 14 October 08:04 AM

GBPUSD Sets Local Low


On October 14th, 2014, GBPUSD, which is one of the world’s most popular currency pairs, is still developing its way down to new lows. At this point, the currency pair has already set a new local low. During the European trading session, the currency pair set a new weekly low at 1.5944. The decline came as a response to the poor performance of the UK’s CPI. According to the report, the British consumer price index remained unchanged at 0,4% during the reporting period, which failed to match the analytic forecast (they had expected the index to improve up to 0,6%).

Publication date: 14 October 07:46 AM

Masterforex-V Expo Names Best Binary Options Brokers in October 2014


There is no doubt that today’s financial services industry (including financial markets) can offer you and me a great variety opportunities aimed at generating stellar profits. Indeed, earning money in today’s financial markets has become much easier than it used to be. I bet it cannot be by mistake that the industry is constantly expanding and attracting more participants at both sides of the fence - broking companies as well as their retail and institutional clients (traders and investors). This leads us to believe that the contemporary trading industry has actually become fairly sophisticated and very competitive, involving with hundreds of the so-called brokers (businesses offering their brokerage services).

Publication date: 14 October 07:23 AM

Masterforex-V Expo Names Brokers with Best Forex Analytics in October 2014


Successful trading in financial markets (including Forex) requires a lot of ingredients. Ultimately, if you really want to make a decent trading decision, you are strongly recommended to conduct comprehensive analysis of the situation in order to see the overall market picture and to find out the market’s intensions. With that said, analytics turns out to be one of the key aspects of achieving success in Forex trading.

Publication date: 13 October 02:04 PM

Masterforex-V Expo Reveals Top Banks Rendering Broking Services to Retail Forex Traders


If you have been around for a couple of years, you probably know that Forex has become a major online source of income for thousands of advanced and professional traders worldwide. Without any doubt, this couldn’t be manifested but for reliable broking companies out there. Such broking brokers have always been oriented towards client needs and desires and letting them generate stellar profits day by day. Such companies do their best to improve their trading conditions to make it even more convenient and efficient for retail and institutional clients.

Publication date: 13 October 07:46 AM

Masterforex-V Expo: Best Forex Affiliate Program. October 2014

Contemporary financial markets give everyone a lot of excellent moneymaking opportunities, including professional traders and investors as well as plain folks. The very notion of Forex really stands out from the crowd since this is the world's biggest and most advanced financial market. Without any doubt, more and more retail traders and plain guys inexperienced in trading are truly seduced by this tasty and extremely big piece of cake.


Publication date: 13 October 07:25 AM

USD Gains 0,11% On Friday


Today, on October 10th, 2014, after a little timeout, the US Dollar resumed its growth amid the Fed’s mood. The rally has all chances to continue.
This idea is supported by the fact that Germany, which is the Eurozone’s biggest and strongest economy, is current seeing an export decline, which only adds fuel to the fire, thereby making investors question the prospects of the European economy and exerting even more downward pressure on the common European currency. The thing is that the consequences of all those sanctions against Russia imposed by the USA and the EU start brining negative consequences to European economies, including Germany.

Publication date: 10 October 08:23 AM

Masterforex-V Academy Shares Results Of Larson & Holtz Test Drive


How to choose a reputable and reliable Forex broker? The international Forex industry includes scams along with reputable brokers. With that said, it is crucial to focus on several aspects when choosing a broking company to go with…


You can look for the client feedback to see whether the broking company’s promises match the reality. Still, there is risk that some comments may be sponsored by the very company.

The second variant is to look for other relevant information like the operating history, licenses from major regulators and prestigious awards etc. Still, some of those factors can be delusive for rookies and even intermediate traders.

Publication date: 09 October 01:41 PM

Nas Вroker Provides Choice Between Trust Management and Personal Analyst


Forex market has lately shown great dynamics of its development. The number of broker companies has increased, quality of services improved, more financial instruments became available, and there has broadened the check-list of trading accounts, which allow applying various strategies of investment.
Publication date: 09 October 09:05 AM

Nearly 38% ROI Generated By Forex Trend’s PAMM Indices In September 2014


The entire world has been subject to economic uncertainty and recovery efforts since the beginning of the latest global crisis. Indeed, the crisis showed all of us that savers are losers amid massive printing of fait money backed by nothing but full faith and credit of the government, which is definitely not enough for an average person to back his/her financial security.

Publication date: 09 October 08:29 AM
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