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Friday, 31 July 13:23 (GMT -05:00)

Foreign exchange market

Orbex Launches New Partners Area for FX Affiliates


Not so long ago, Orbex started a new partners area for all those who promotes this FX broker and makes money by doing so. As a client-oriented company, Orbex strives to make it a better place for both client (traders and investors) as well as partners (affiliates, introducing brokers etc). Therefore, The Orbex team is constantly working on the quality and efficiency of the company’s products and services.
Publication date: 29 July 10:02 AM

RVD Championship – New Forex Contest by RVD Markets

More often than not, when chasing quick profits, we cannot see that the way to big success is somewhere nearby. When following the crowd, we fall into the same traps and make the same mistakes most people do, thereby falling prey to wishful thinking. At the same time the contrarian minority of smart traders and investors are capable of repeating their success time and time again.

Publication date: 13 December 05:56 PM

Alpari Launches New Bonus Program


Most Forex companies operating in the contemporary trading industry offer various bonuses and promos to show their loyalty to clients. As a matter of fact, these projects are of short-term nature and subject to rather tough terms and conditions. More often than not, those bonuses need a lot of time and effort to clear, not to mention other limitations regarding withdrawal etc.

Publication date: 13 December 12:05 PM

LG Will Release Smartphone Powered by Firefox OS by Mozilla


LG, the world-famous South Korean manufacturer of computer electronics, is reported to be going to release a smartphone powered by Firefox OS, an open source operating system by Mozilla. According to the Hi-Tech Department of Masterforex-V Academy, the mentioned operating system have been available for several years. Still, it keeps on failing to gain popularity among manufacturers of mobile devices.

Publication date: 11 December 01:59 PM

Forex: RVD Markets Launches Test Live Accounts

It is not a secret that many Forex traders are capable of making stable profits thanks to their high level of expertise and valuable skills. Some rookies want to follow their footsteps. Still,  most of them do a serious mistake when they think they can copy Forex professionals right of the bat or after a relatively short amount of time. Ultimately, 90% of them lose their funds and get disappointed, thereby giving birth to multiple rumors about Forex being the world’s largest scam or casino gambling, which is certainly not the case for those who approach Forex professionally and eventually manage to make a lot of money.

Publication date: 11 December 12:55 PM

NordFX Names TOP 10 Providers of Forex Signals In November 2014


These days, there are so many financial opportunities that you don’t even have to work hard  to get a passive income on a regular basis, which can sometimes be way bigger than monthly salaries. Undoubtedly, they can guarantee pretty good standards of living and even lead you to true financial freedom,  given that you actually know where to find those decent opportunities and how to implement them to make your dreams come true.

Publication date: 08 December 08:56 AM

Surprises of Grand Capital at Moscow Forex Expo 2014


From October 31 till November 1 the 17th international exhibition of stock industry and Forex Moscow Forex Expo 2014 was heldin a fashionable hotel in Moscow “Radisson Slavyanskaya”. Traditionally, leaders of the industry were represented at the prestigious international financial forum, namely, leading Forex brokers of the planet, largest financial and insurance companies, famous banks, etc.
Publication date: 06 December 09:58 PM

International Association of Forex Traders (IAFT) Shares Their Tips For Success in Trading

The global economy has been rather unstable over the last decade. Apparently, this factor (along with many others) affects national currencies and even major currencies worldwide. Still, Forex traders know how to benefit from this fluctuations of exchange rates. Professionals can and do make big money trading Forex and other financial markets.

Publication date: 06 December 07:06 AM

BlackBerry Reveals the Details of BlackBerry Classic


BlackBerry, the famous Canadian tech giant, has been active so far accepting orders for its new smartphone called BlackBerry Classic. The Hi-Tech Department of Masterforex-V Academy reports that the gadget has the outlook typical of most BlackBerry devices. The devices is said to be powered by BlackBerry 10 OS.

Publication date: 05 December 09:13 AM

Fort Financial Services Introduces Innovative Trading Terminal Named CQG

These days, Forex trading requires a lot of things to bring profits. The list is pretty long, including necessary skills, expertise, correct mindset, powerful and stable software and a reliable broker. Indeed, there are actually few Forex companies that can qualify. Fort Financial Services is one of them. Apart from offering some of the most competitive trading conditions out there, the company keeps on introducing innovative products and services to make Forex trading even more efficient and comfortable. Not so long ago,  Fort Financial Services introduced new trading software - CQG. Let’s have a closer look at it…

Publication date: 04 December 01:45 PM

Forex: ActivTrades Connects New Payment Methods

Online trading has become popular worldwide, including emerging markets. Still, despite offering unprecedented career and moneymaking opportunities, trading in financial markets (including Forex) is subject to certain risks. If a person is reckless when trading Forex, it is going to lose the money sooner a later. It is just a matter of time. With that said, in order to trade Forex and other financial markets profitably, you have to become a professional trader with a lot of expertise in the business. You have to know your risk, expenses and potential profits to do well in Forex trading in the long run. By the way, most traders underestimated their expenses, simply ignoring them, which saving money means earning extra money.


Publication date: 04 December 07:52 AM
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