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Tuesday, 2 September 10:01 (GMT -05:00)

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Foreign exchange market

EURUSD: Euro Retraces to 1.3135


Monday has been relatively calm so far, without strong directional moves seen in the market of EURUSD. At this point, the currency pair is consolidating within the scope of the 1.3118 - 1.3145 price range.
Publication date: 01 September 10:31 AM

US Economic Prospects: Dollar Strengthens By 0,27% Amid Euro Weakness


Today, on June 2nd, at the beginning of the European trading session, the USD index gained 0,27% against 6 other currencies. The strengthening tke place mainly due to the forthcoming weakening of the common currency planned by he ECB as well as an economic slowdown in several eurozone economies.
Publication date: 02 June 09:27 AM

Panteon-Finance “Arena of Investors” Brings Over 5% Profit per Week

In the conditions of harsh economy, which eats up all money savings by inflation and devaluation, when Russian ruble is heading towards an abyss and pulling the national currencies of CIS countries, many of us try to cut the Gordian knot of financial problems in one go.
What is more, at the recently held elections into the European Parliament most mandates have been received by of separation from the European Union. Britain, Portugal , Greece, and France are ready to quit the membership in “European family”. World stock exchanges have corresponding reaction: volatility of euro is over the top, dollar starts rising, but with a risk of painful decline, stocks quotations of the companies that have industrial production in the abovementioned countries bring their holders into panic.
Publication date: 31 May 09:45 AM

US Dollar Rallies On Friday


The US Dollar index has been rallying since the beginning of this trading week. In particular, on Wednesday, the USD index set a new local high - 80,59 – which is still May's high. After that, on Thursday, the American currency started retracing from the recent rally and reached the level of 80.35 at the end of the trading day.
Publication date: 30 May 08:36 AM

EURUSD Goes Flattish


During yesterday's trading session, EURUSD set another local low by touching 1.3585. After that, the price managed to recover a little bit at the end of the American trading session by rallying up to 1.3625. This is how the current trading range was formed. At this point, the currency pair is still consolidating within this range.
Publication date: 30 May 04:51 AM

ASUS told around a game notebook with NVIDIA Geforce GTX 850m, as they remarked in Optionova

Brand of gaming items Republic of Gamers (ROG) has been enhanced with another portable computer, an elite model G550jk, which is made in the corporate style, guarantees the most recent era processor Center i7 with a capable illustrations card.  

Publication date: 30 May 02:00 AM

Euro rate on Forex proceeds devaluation against Dollar, as they report in Optionova

The endeavor of purchasers to toehold was above $ 1.3668 at the start of exchanging week and it was unsuccessful. The Euro swapping scale fell underneath the created most extreme of the week. Over the span of exchanging on Tuesday and Wednesday, the European single coin overhauled essentials. In the first place the new least turned into the sign of 1.3612, then 1.3603, and at closeout yesterday, the Euro rate went down to 1.3588 of Dollar. On the 29th of May, 2014, there was no special case and the descending pattern proceeded in the European session. The Euro conversion standard tumbled to another least characteristic of 1.3585. Dollar's rate keeps on gainning quality on positive USA budgetary information distributed at the start of the week and the Euro debilitated on the negative facts in Germany and France.  

Publication date: 29 May 08:42 PM

EURUSD. May 29th Review


As of the end of today's European trading session, the common European currency continued its weakening against the US Dollar. In particular, the currency pair set another local low at 1.3585. The decline of EURUSD took place amid negative economic figures coming from the eurozone. Apart from that, the common currency lost a bit of its value due to the expectations of further monetary easing by the ECB in June.
Publication date: 29 May 12:13 PM

US Dollar Loses Value Against Aussie After Economic Reports


Today, on May 29th, the US Dollar has already lost a bit of its value against the Australian Dollar. The Aussie became 0,69% stronger against its American counterpart during the Asian trading session. This became possible due to stronger-than-expected economic data from Australia. This made AUDUSD rebound from the support of 0,9202 to hit 0,9285, Market Leader reports.
Publication date: 29 May 06:24 AM

USDCNY Outlook


According to Bloomberg, the Chinese authorities ordered Chinese bank to abandon the services rendered by International Business Machines Corp.(IBM). The thing is that China suspects IBM of spying in favor of the USA.
Publication date: 29 May 06:03 AM

EURUSD: Euro Goes Down Against Dollar Amid European Election Results


The recent parliamentary elections in Europe remain one of the most discussed topics in Europe. Apparently, people discuss the results of the lections, which turned out to be rather unexpected for experts and politicians. The new official parliamentary staff will be formed in a couple of weeks. Still, at this point, it is clear that the so-called euro-skeptics are currently playing one of the key roles in the EU's policymaking.
Publication date: 29 May 05:38 AM
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