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Tuesday, 21 October 06:19 (GMT -05:00)

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Foreign exchange market

EURUSD Outlook


Friday’s American trading session turned out to be a losing one for the common European currency since the pair started going down at the end of the week. In particular, the currency pair decreased from 1.2837 down to 1.2742.  The US Dollar kept on strengthening even amid controversial US housing stats released on that day.

Publication date: 20 October 10:35 AM

EURUSD: Euro Goes Down Against Dollar


Yesterday's trading session ended close to 1.3622. Mario Draghi's speech failed to drive the currency market the way financial experts had expected. The currency kept on trading within the scope of the 1.3608-1.3639 price range.
As for today's European trading session, the bias is still bearish. The Euro keeps on losing value against the US Dollar. At the very beginning of the trading session, the currency pair went down to hit 1.3604, Market Leader reports.
Publication date: 15 July 09:28 AM

IQ Option Launches New Binary Option Platform

As you know, today’s financial markets can give anyone several decent moneymaking opportunities. Still, one should dedicate time and effort (and sometimes money) to succeed in trading various financial markets. At the same time, the international trading industry keeps on evolving on a regular basis. New assets emerge, new markets attract more and more traders and investors.

Publication date: 15 July 06:37 AM

Euro rate on Forex is exchanging level at the end of the day, discovered in Optionova

Exchanging of the most recent day of the week, on the eleventh of July, 2014, has for the money combine a level nature. In the first 50% of the day the Euro rose to 1.3624 level, which was the greatest of Friday. Euro development was determined by the Central Bank by steady swelling in Germany and Spain , recorded by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis). Then, again, in the second a large portion of the day the money dropped to a level of 1.3591.


Publication date: 14 July 02:35 AM

Forex: EURUSD. Mid-Term Prospects


Last trading week showed us a strong American currency. At first, the US Dollar started losing value against the common currency at the beginning of the trading week.
The Euro managed to show some strength due to stable economic data from Germany, the Eurozone's biggest economy and Mario Draghi's speech. Even the positive tone of Janet Yellen's speech failed to hinder the common currency.



Publication date: 12 July 07:45 AM

Forex: EURUSD Starts Friday With Flattish Move


When the common European currency hit the weekly high at 1,3650 after moving up for 3 days, the US Dollar managed to regain all the lost position within 24 hours. This led the price down to 1,3588. So, the currency pair went back to the levels where it stated the trading week.
Publication date: 11 July 05:52 AM

PAMM Accounts of FIBO Group Get 120% Profit in May 2014


In current unstable economic conditions more and more citizens, especially from Russia and CIS countries, are obliged to search for new ways of earning or options of getting profit, alternative to salary, which seems to be frozen on the spot. For price rise at non-stop inflation, in fact, does not leave another choice. In many cases it concerns survival.
Publication date: 10 July 09:52 AM

EURUSD Consolidates In Advance Of Fed's Minutes


Today, on June 9th, the common European currency is consolidating close to 1,3615 close to the end of the European trading session in advance of the Fed’s meeting minutes scheduled for the American trading session. In particular, the Fed is going to publish the results of its 2-day meeting that took place on June 17-18th, Market Leader reports.

Publication date: 09 July 09:01 AM

USDCHF: US Dollar Under Pressure Against Swiss Franc Amid Lower Retail Sales


The level of retail sales in Switzerland decline in May, according to the latest report published by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office. June turned out to be a bearish month for consumer prices. 
Publication date: 09 July 08:32 AM

USD Index Gains 0,05% As Fed Returns To Opaque Policies


Today, on July 8th, the US Dollar is gaining value against a basket of 6 other major currencies during the second part of the European trading session. So far, it has gained 0,05%. According to Reuters, central banks go back to time-tested non-targeted monetary policies coupled with less communication with market participants.
Publication date: 08 July 10:06 AM

Forex: EURUSD Goes Flattish


After the common European currency set the intraday high at night at 1.3609, the US Dollar managed to regain a bit of tis value by making EURUSD retrace to 1,3587 during the first part of the trading day. June 8th, 2014 seems to be a bearish day since the sellers are currently dominating the market.
Publication date: 08 July 09:39 AM
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