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Tuesday, 26 July 22:29 (GMT -05:00)

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Masterforex-V Academy Tests “PrivateFX №1”. +3,8% In 2 Weeks

Not so long ago, a group of investors from Masterforex-V Academy opened a conservative investment portfolio with PrivateFX, a young but very promising FX company revolutionizing the industry. They invested $15 000 to see if getting 8-10% a month from FX investment is real.
Publication date: 24 July 02:38 PM

Masterforex-V Expo: Best Investment Funds. March 2016

When you thing if an investment company, you usually imaging a company that collects money and invest them in certain markets or industries. Well, the key goal of any investment fund is to accumulate a decent money pool by attracting money invested y individuals and companies and invest it properly and profitably.
Publication date: 01 April 08:35 AM

Forex. USDCHF: Franc Rallies on Optimistic UBS and KOF Reports

According to the results of the recent survey conducted by UBS, the level of consumer inflation increased in Switzerland in February 2016. At the same time, the recent KOF survey indicate the likelihood of a stronger Swiss economy in the near future.

Publication date: 01 April 08:34 AM

Masterforex-V Expo: Best Candidates for Ultimate FX Rating. March 2016

Everyone who comes to the contemporary FX trading industry starts facing multiple challenges since ay one. First off, rookies don’t have enough skills and expertise in trading financial markets in a consistent and profitable way. On top of that, they know nothing about choosing reputable brokers and telling them from scams and fakes.


Publication date: 01 April 06:48 AM

Masterforex-V EXPO: Best FX Brokers. March 2016

How to avoid dirty dealing centers and broking companies? How to choose between the industry’s best and most reliable brokers? Masterforex-V Academy knows the answer to this question… To be more specific, Masterforex-V Academy has introduces an unbiased rating of reputable FX brokers within the scope of Masterforex-V Expo…
Publication date: 31 March 06:37 PM

Active Investor by PrivateFX. Preliminary Test Results

For those of you who don't know, Masterforex-V Academy experts keep on testing a new FX broker called PrivateFX. For now, they are focused on the company’s exclusive investment solution – Active Investor. Within the scope of this article the experts would like to share with you the preliminary results of their testing activities as of March 2016.
Publication date: 31 March 06:23 PM

Forex USD/JPY: Japanese Power Industry Brings Pressure

Today the sector of renewable energy sources in Japan is going through a real boom and seems to keep rising further.

Publication date: 31 March 08:17 AM

Forex. USDJPY: Dollar Goes Down Amid Japanese Household Spending Figures

According to Japan’s statistical agency, the level of consumption in Japan increase in February 2016. It is interesting to note that the increase seen in February took place for the first time in 6 months.
Publication date: 30 March 05:12 PM

Forex. GBPUSD: Pound Still Sees Retracement

According to the Office for National Statistics, the U.K. retail sales showed a decline in February 2016. Nevertheless, the pace of this decline turned out to be lower than expected. To be more specific, the retail sales dropped only by 0,4% over the reporting period relative to the previous one. For the sake of comparison, January’s figures indicated a 2.3% increase relative to December 2015. In the meantime, analysts had anticipated an even bigger drop all the way down to 0.7%. With that being said, the forecast failed.

Publication date: 30 March 05:05 PM

Forex. EURUSD: Euro Retraces Despite Stronger German Construction Sector

Germany’s construction sector showed an increase in the amount of construction orders in January 2016. This is confirmed by the recent report released by Destatis, Germany’s official statistical agency. Other factors indicated a stronger construction sector as well, Market Leader reports.
Publication date: 30 March 04:45 PM

Tokyo Investment Company Offers 1% Per Day On Forex Investments

As you probably know, Forex has always been the biggest financial market in the world as well as the best place to generate stunning profits. Over the last few years, all those financial companies working in the FX industry have made Forex affordable and available to all kinds of traders out there, from big-scale institutional investors to rookies with a couple of bucks in the pocket.

Publication date: 30 March 03:29 PM
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