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Wednesday, 29 March 03:03 (GMT -05:00)

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Choosing Profitable NordFX Signals: 300% a Month or 300% a Year?

 These days, trading signals has become really popular among retail traders and investors from all over the world. Speaking about those signals, they come in different shapes. For instance, auto-copying is one of the most popular formats of providing trading signals to retail clients.

This is all about letting the client copy successful traders’ performance in automated mode. This means that while the client stays in control of their investments, it’s possible for them to outsource all the routine job of copying the signals to trading software and enjoy passive income on a regular basis rather than having to wait for trading signals to come out and apply them manually. Basically, that’s one of the key reasons why auto-copying services has been getting more and more popular worldwide over the last few years.
Publication date: 21 March 08:16 AM


Canada’s manufacturing sector showed increased shipments in April. This is confirmed by the recent report released by Statistics Canada. At the same time, the manufacturing sector indicates declining inventories amid he increasing amount of new orders.
Publication date: 17 June 07:59 AM


The Bank of Japan has made no changes to the current monetary policy it pursues. This is confirmed by the latest meeting minutes.  The central bank’s economic estimates remained unchanged as well. The meeting took place in June and ended up with no major changes as you can see.
Publication date: 17 June 07:50 AM

Tips For Online Forex Trading

     To many inexperienced traders Forex has not been an easy platform to work with. There is a lot to learn in online Forex trading and those who keep on learning are the only ones who succeed. So, obviously you don’t want to be a loser if you want to trade Forex sincerely. Here are some of the best tips for trading which can help you to avoid disasters and maximize your potential in the Forex market to achieve more and more gains.

Publication date: 17 June 06:00 AM


New Zealand improved its external trade balance in the first quarter of the year. This is what is shown by the latest report released by the local office for national statistics. The key reason for higher external trade surplus is an improvement in the field of rendering various services to foreign clients.  
Publication date: 16 June 11:48 AM


The level of consumer confidence in Australia dropped a lot in June 2016. This is confirmed by the recent report published by Westpac the other day. To be more specific, the analysts report that June’s decline looks natural after May’s growth when the RBA interest rate decided to cut the interest rate.
Publication date: 16 June 10:45 AM

NordFX Names TOP 10 FX Signal Providers

These days, FX trading has become more affordable and intuitive. Even beginning traders who are getting their feet wet can actually kickstart their careers thanks to the continuous introduction of innovative products and services leading to stunning and consistent profits at reduced risk.


Publication date: 16 June 07:16 AM

Masterforex-V Expo Names Best ECN Brokers. June 2016

We cannot stress enough how important it is to work with a truly reputable broker you can really trust, whether you trade Forex or pretty much any other financial market out there. The thing is, if you go with a scam or disreputable FX broker playing dirty tricks on you to make you lose in the long run, you are not going to be able to capitalize on your trading activities even if you are the greatest trader in the entire world. Once again, a reliable partner is one of the key factors helping you navigate your way through the trading environment to success. This holds true for any business out there as well.


Publication date: 16 June 03:10 AM


Fitch is reported to have confirmed the United Kingdom's sovereign rating by leaving it unchanged. Still, the rating agency seems determined to revise the rating instantly after the forthcoming referendum on the EU membership if the U.K. chooses the Brexit scenario.
Publication date: 15 June 01:39 AM


Major Japanese manufacturers saw decreased performance in Q2 2016, which is confirmed by the governmental report released the other day. At the same time, the report indicates worse business sentiment among major Japanese manufacturers as well.

Publication date: 14 June 06:17 AM

Active Investor by PrivateFX – Still Best Investment Solution in June 2016

Today's mature and savvy investors say that they used to be rookies once. Back then, they also had a hard time choosing a decent investment product or strategy. Indeed, everyone who is just getting their feet wet in trading or investing should be aware of the fact that they are are multiple challenges awaiting them down the road to success. It is important to learn not to repeat the same mistakes over and over again, experts say. How to do that? How to find those decent strategies and investment solutions and simultaneously save some time and money?

Publication date: 12 June 11:55 PM
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