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Monday, 30 May 10:26 (GMT -05:00)

Foreign exchange market

Forex: USDCAD Remains Within Correction to Downtrend

The report of Statistics Canada has shown that profit of Canadian companies keeps falling according to the results of the first quarter. Power industry and financial sector have provided major reasons for the decline.
Publication date: 30 May 09:46 AM

Masterforex-V Expo: Best Forex Brokers. February 2016

Apart from being busy teaching people how to trade Forex and other financial markets profitably, Masterforex-V Academy has been coming up with various useful services for traders and investors. Masterforex-V Expo is on of them. Simply put, Masterforex-V Expo is an online project designed to embrace dozens of unbiased rating for companies operating in the trading industry and covering both Forex and binary options. All of those ratings are based on dozes of quantitative criteria independent from each other, which makes them almost impossible to abuse. With that being said, the local ratings can be treated as a reliable source of valuable information regarding certain brokers operating. In other words, thousands of traders from around the global have been using those ratings since day one to make their best choice when considering which Forex or binary options broker to go with in order to succeed in the trading business.

Publication date: 19 February 07:36 AM

Masterforex-V Expo: Best Binary Options Broker. February 2016

Binary options are derivatives letting you trade your favorite underlying assets with fixed income and risk. This are all-or-nothing assets. Basically speaking, that’s why they are called binary. The derivatives themselves are fairly promising in terms of moneymaking potential. However, the actual results may vary depending on several factors like the trader’s expertise as well as binary broker providing the trader with such trading opportunities.
Publication date: 18 February 12:15 PM

How Can Chinese Crisis Affect Global Economy?

China is seeing an economic crisis due to several factors, including cheaper precious metals, insufficient transparency of the communist economy and construction boom. Once known for its strong economic growth, China is now showing an economic slowdown. With that being said, the international community is trying to figure out how China is going to resolve the existing crisis and how it may affect the entire global economy.

Publication date: 17 February 12:57 PM

Colmex Pro Offers You To Make Profit Without Risk

  When you're first starting out as a trader those first few weeks can involve quite a steep learning curve. As well focusing on putting your chosen strategy into action, you'll be busy getting to grips with order placement, chart analysis, and finding your way around a trading platform. 

Publication date: 17 February 10:05 AM

MasterForex-V Expo: Best FX PAMM Offers. February 2016

PAMM is treated as a kind of asset management. PAMM accounts are usually created for correctly and proportionally distributing the money pool between the investors. More precisely, the managing trader manages his/her own money as well as the money invested by other guys. This leads us to believe that PAMM is a technology with a number of benefits. In particular, a professional trader can become a manager and attract extra funds in order to boost the profits gained. At the same time, investors can enjoy profits without having to do anything themselves. Even though the trading manager charges the investor with a certain fee for managing the funds, the yield the investor can enjoy is usually pretty considerable, much bigger than the yield from any conventional types on investment.  
Publication date: 17 February 08:00 AM

Masterforex-V Expo: Best Forex Affiliate Offer. February 2016

These days, affiliate programs offered by various FX broker out there is helping the businesses to expand by means of attracting new clients. Introducing brokers which are a part of such affiliate partnership model are capable of interacting with the client directly and get a generous share of the income gained by the primary broker.
Publication date: 15 February 06:34 PM

Renminbi Shows Unexpected Gains Against U.S. Dollar

The Renminbi has been losing its value against other major currencies including the U.S. Dollar over the last couple of months. Still, on Monday, the Chinese Yuan showed unexpected strength against its American counterpart, Masterforex-V Academy reports. Moreover, it should be noted that the Renminbi managed to show the biggest daily gains over the last 10 years!
Publication date: 15 February 06:12 PM

SFX Markets Conquers Asia’s iFX EXPO with Cutting-Edge Innovations Related to FIX API

The entire trading and investment community of Asia seems to be amazed at the technological breakthrough initiated by SFX Markets. This is a next-generation FX broker coming up with various top-notch trading and investment solutions. This time, it is all about FIX API.

Publication date: 14 February 06:04 PM


The Bank of England may reduce lending in the United Kingdom. The central bank says this step may be implemented through capital regulation. The central bankers say that British households are getting their debts growing at the same pace the GDP is growing, which is why the households can afford to service their debts.
Publication date: 12 February 08:28 AM

NordFX: TOP 10 Forex Signals. January 2016

Any trader out there dreams of enjoying stunning performance in the form stable and high profits with little effort, time and risk. Some FX brokers make this dream come true for thousands of retail clients. These brokers are always the best of the best.

Publication date: 11 February 11:37 AM
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