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Wednesday, 20 August 00:49 (GMT -05:00)

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Foreign exchange market

GBPUSD: Dollar Gains Value Versus Pound Mid Lower UK Housing Prices


The British housing market continues showing weakness in August. This is confirmed by the results of the survey conducted by Rightmove. According to the experts, the current weakness of the British housing market is mainly caused by higher demand coupled with lower housing prices in London. At this point, the average price of residential property has dropped down to 262 401 pounds. August's price drop is currently equal to 2,9%. This means that the bearish tendency started in July is still underway. It turns out that this month's drop is the biggest one seen by Rightmove.
Publication date: 19 August 11:59 AM

GKFX Launches Renewed PAMM Service

All rookies who make their first steps in the trading environment dream of trading big and generating considerable profits. Still, they lack experience and necessary skills to accomplish their goals but they still want to make money  Well, to tell you the truth, everything is not as bad as it used to be before. This is because more and more companies introduce and improve their PAMM services.

Publication date: 26 May 06:37 PM

EURUSD. Forex: Euro Is Trading Around 1,3620 After EU Elections


Today, on May 26th, the common European currency is trading around 1,3620. This means that EURUSD is a little bit down against Friday’s levels. The current weakening of the common currency is taking place in advance of the forthcoming monetary easing by the European Central Bank and a change of attitude towards the EU among new members of the European Parliament.
Publication date: 26 May 05:12 AM

New Line of Forex Training is started by Masterforex-V World Academy

What should you do to be a good trader? Is it difficult to learn earning on Forex market with low risks? What Broker is the best one among the existing Forex Brokers and in what field? You could find out the reply to all the above mentioned questions with the help of the great leading educational project of Masterforex-V in Europe. This training combines all important things for becoming a profitable trader, (from getting to know the main stock terms up to learning from the best and well-known traders, experts, investors and third party experts in the financial sphere of the market). 

Publication date: 26 May 03:12 AM

Forex Trend PAMM Indexes Bring Weekly Profit of About 2.7%


“There comes a need to knock on wood – and you find that the world is made of aluminium and plastic,” as one of Murphy’s laws goes. One can say that this has been happening with most people, especially in Russia and CIS countries, since the beginning of 2014. Trying to fight inflation and devaluation, we recall the “reliable” banks, but it soon appears that any “reliability” disappears with the collapsing ruble. Russian ruble is followed down by Ukrainian hryvnia, Kazakh tenge, Belarus ruble…

Publication date: 23 May 06:22 PM

Tusar Forex Launces Forex Webinars

More people feel financially insecure these days. Indeed, global financial and political uncertainty, inflation and tax hikes make people seek extra income sources to back their financial security. Some people dare dream of financial freedom and finally find it by turning into professional Forex traders.

Publication date: 23 May 12:21 PM

Profitability of Copying Deals by Signals of NordFX Amounted to 15-31% in April 2014


Profitability of Copying Deals by Signals of NordFX Amounted to 15-31% in April 2014
Everyone wants to make big money non-stop. Most people also wish to get high profit easily, with little effort. But is it real today? When a tense political situation makes the currency rates of CIS countries, including Russian ruble, collapse? When the already unpleasant inflation rate is getting worse, wages are shrunk, and prices keep sprouting like mushrooms after the summer rains?
On the one side, everything looks rather pessimistic. Nevertheless, by putting certain effort businessmen keep making profits, financial experts increase their capitals, and investors accumulate their capitals by means of diversification and reallocation of their portfolios. In order to “keep up” with them, you at least have to understand finances and economy, so that you can “make money” and be independent from some employer.

Publication date: 23 May 06:18 AM

Forex. EURUSD. Euro Loses 0,04% In Advance Of Presidential Election In Ukraine


Today, on May 23rd, the common European currency is trading 0,04% lower against the Dollar. The price is currently fluctuating around 1,3645. In general, the price is consolidating within the scope of the 1,3639-1,3651 range. This may tell us about the fact that big-scale traders and investors are uncertain and do not want to enter the market at the end of the trading week in advance of the forthcoming presidential election in Ukraine scheduled for Sunday, May 25th, Market Leader reports.
Publication date: 23 May 05:33 AM

Dollars' rate against Australian currency is developing on the premise of positive desires about Australia's economy, as they found out in Optionova

Conference Board has issued the information on reckoning and incidental markers in Australia in March. Investigators expect that the development in the Australian economy will proceed in the nearest time.  

Publication date: 23 May 02:11 AM

Forex.USDJPY: Dollar Weakens Against Yen After BOJ Meeting


It is reported that the Bank of Japan decided to abstain from changing its monetary policy during the latest meeting this month. At the same time, the central bank left its economic predictions unchanged after increasing the consumer tax while expecting stronger data.
Publication date: 22 May 05:15 PM

Apple Devices Will Get Solar Panels


Apple has just got another license form the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The new patent describes a new technology connected with integrating solar panels right into a flexible touchscreen. Market Leader reports that the first claim for such a license was made in September 2008. Its extended version was approved by the office the other day since the very development process took much longer than expected.
Publication date: 22 May 05:51 AM
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