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Tuesday, 28 June 12:44 (GMT -05:00)

Foreign exchange market

SFX Debit Card: Cutting Expenses To Zero

What is really important for each and every FX broker out there? Apparently, this has to do with choosing a decent FX broker. A dream broker is an honest, reliable, secure provider of premium-quality services in financial markets.  This is a client-oriented business creating win-win solutions.  
Publication date: 26 June 01:55 PM

Forex Broker Rating: Nordhill Capital Shares Most Effective Forex Investment Strategies

Under today’s tough economic conditions, more people - from big businessmen to plain folks – are concerned about their financial future and are actively looking for the ways to insure their savings against inflation and devaluation as well as other negative phenomena existing in every national economy out there.

Publication date: 11 March 06:09 PM

Chinese Yuan Recognized Another Global Reserve Currency

The International Monetary Fund has finally recognized China’ national currency as another reserve currency, Market Leader reports. On top of that, it is reported that from now on, the Renminbi is going to be included into periodical reports on reserve currencies that made the currency preserves of IMF member nations. Still, the Renminbi data are going to be included in a separate column. The current report includes, the U.S. Dollar, the Australian Dollar, the Japanese Yen, the Swiss France, and the British Pound.

Publication date: 07 March 02:14 PM

Forex. USDCHF: Franc Goes Down Amid Switzerland’s Retail Sales Report

According to the recent report on retail sales in Switzerland published by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office. The report says that Swiss retail sales saw an increase in January 2016 for the first time over the past 6 months. The figures show that the grow was a minor one but it was sufficient to indicate positive dynamics over the reporting period, Market Leader says.
Publication date: 07 March 02:00 PM

Forex. USDCNY: Renminbi Goes Down On Poor Chinese Stats

According to the latest stats released by China’s statistics authorities, the Manufacturing PMI showed a sharp crash in February 2016. Still, before making any conclusions, we should keep in mind that February is the time wen China and some other Asian nations celebrate Chinese New Year, which means that the amount of holidays in February increase a lot.
Publication date: 05 March 04:51 PM

Forex. GBPUSD: Pound’s Still Strong Despite Seeing Downtrend

Great Britain's construction sector is currently showing a slowdown. This is confirmed by the results of the latest joint survey published by Markit and CIPS in late February. At the same time, the local construction companies are going pessimistic over the near-term prospects of the local construction sector. The Construction PMI dropped from 55.0 points in January down to 54.2 points in February. At the same time, the experts had expected a rally up to 55.5 points over the reporting period, which didn’t happen. This leads us to believe that the actual figures filed to match the expectations.
Publication date: 05 March 04:38 PM

Forex. AUUSD: Aussie Rallies Amid RBA’s Meeting

The Reserve Bank of Australia has left the key interest rate unchanged at 2% during the recent meeting in early March. The meeting was dedicated to the central bank’s monetary policy. At the same time, the bankers say they may well cut the interest rate if necessary.
Publication date: 05 March 04:22 PM

Masterforex-V Expo: Best Forex NDD Brokers. February 2016

The so-called NDD technology in FX trading implies trading without direct participation of the broker when it comes to accessing the interbank liquidity. The key feature of the technology is to send all client orders directly to the liquidity providers operating in the interbank market.
Publication date: 02 March 01:42 PM

Masterforex-V Expo: Best FX Brokers for VIP Customers. February 2016

Each industry out there has various kinds of clients, including VIPs. Forex is no exception. Such VPI customers invest much more money than the rest and therefore they want some loyalty and exceptional treatment in return. Apparently, any company is glad to have VIP customers. With that being said, they are ready to offer super-beneficial trading conditions, a lot of privileges, various loyalty programs. They are always to first in the line when it comes to depositing or withdrawing funds or resolving some issues via the company’s customer support.
Publication date: 02 March 08:54 AM

London Mayor’s Speech Make Pound Crash

Not so long ago, the British Pound crashed by 2,1% at a time versus the U.S. Dollar all the way down to 1,4102. MasterForex-V Academy reports that this is the biggest daily drop since 2009. The price crash instantly followed the speech by Mayor of London Boris Johnson. The thing is that he supported the idea of quitting the European Union which is no known as the British exit or Brexit for short.
Publication date: 02 March 07:24 AM

Masterforex-V Expo: Most Reliable FX Brokers. February 2016

Before diving deep into FX trading, make sure that you are going with a reliable FX broker since this is a crucial choice, which is going to influence your entire trading career. The thing is that you can do without a broker simply because it is impossible for retail traders to access the Forex interbank environment without it. At the same time, there are hundreds of FX brokers offering their products and services to retail clients online these days. Apparently, some of them are far from being reliable businesses, which means that you should pay attention to several factors and requirements when looking for an FX company.

Publication date: 29 February 07:14 PM
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