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Thursday, 31 July 07:26 (GMT -05:00)

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Foreign exchange market

EURUSD: EUR Keeps On Declining Versus USD


The 2-day-long consolidation of the currency pair within the scope of the 1.3420-1.3443 range ended yesterday, at the American trading session, Market Leader reports. The common currency resumed the downtrend against its American counterpart mid positive economic figures from the USA.
Publication date: 30 July 06:31 AM

Forex Traders On Future Of Bitcoin and Other Crypto Currencies

The financial world keeps on catching up with the evolving real world. New means of payments emerge and become popular worldwide. As we are living more and more in an online world, online payments are getting more and more popular. Crypto currencies occupy a very special place in the online financial life. Still, most people are still scared away by some shady digital currencies like Bitcoin. Most of them only heard that this is an extremely volatile currency with big ups and downs in exchange rates. At the same time, professional traders make really big bucks by trading such currencies.

Publication date: 12 May 09:12 AM

EURUSD. Euro May Go On Losing Value Against Dollar Because of Geopolitics


Today, on May 12th, the Euro is up against the US Dollar a little bit. Still, the EU is still concerned about the current situation in Ukraine. It seems like geopolitical risks keep on affecting the common currency. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine keeps on escalating, which make some traders and investors go risk-averse and switch to safe-haven assets.
Publication date: 12 May 08:49 AM

Author of «Polina» Trading Strategy Launches New Forex Investment Project Called «May 2014»


At this point, financial markets are some of the best and optimal ways to get extra income for mediocre investors. When it comes to reliable investments, the trading members of Masterforex-V Academy are some of the best experts in delivering major profits on a regular basis.
Publication date: 11 May 03:38 PM

RVD Markets Calls Winners of “Predictor” Contest among Forex Traders

“I am sad, I cannot play on difference of two wishes,” says one of the characters created by a Japanese writer Ryu Murakami. This can be referred to thousands of people who are torn between a wish to make enough money to do themselves well and a wish to do nothing, hoping for the eternal “maybe”. This is the reason of grumps of a person’s soul that cannot play on difference of two wishes.


Publication date: 10 May 03:45 PM

Dollar's rate kept diminishing on Forex for 0, 09% after speaking of the Head of FRS, USA - Yellen, as they remarked in Optionova

Today, on the eighth of May, the Dollar kept debilitating against different currencies on the Forex. The Dollar record fell by 0.09% since the start of the exchanging day, exchanging close to the characteristic of 79.17.  

Publication date: 09 May 03:53 PM

GBPUSD. Forex: Pound Goes Down Against Dollar After BOE Meeting


The US Dollar became 0,11% stronger against the British Pound in advance of the American trading session. The currency pair is currently trading around 1,6938. The Bank of England left the benchmark interest rate at the minimal level, thereby risking to create a price bubble in the UK housing market.
Publication date: 08 May 12:48 PM

The exchanges of Euro rate on Forex in a flet after 12 p.m., as they reported in Optionova

At the sale of the European session on the seventh of May, 2014, the rate of the single European currency has exchanged sideways with fringes of the marks of 1.3911-1.3950. Within fixing the highest local point during the session, the Euro against the Dollar has started its revision. At the sale of the European session, the currency has hit the sign of 1.3911.  

Publication date: 08 May 07:28 AM

Forex. EURUSD. Euro Down Against Dollar After Setting Local High


Today, on May 7th, the common European currency is down by 0,09%. Still, this is just a reaction to the recent strong rally that resulted in setting a new high.
At the same time, the ECB is diversifying its investment portfolio in order to reduce the risks, which is also supporting the strengthening of the Euro. Despite the fact that the US economy is recovering after a tough winter, lower US bond yields make the American currency weaker by directing financial flows from the USA to Europe and other economies.
Publication date: 07 May 08:56 AM

Forex. USDJPY: Dollar Keeps Losing Value Against Yen


Today, on May 7th, the US Dollar continues its downward tendency against the Japanese Yen. Prior to the start of the European trading session, the US Dollar lost 0,22% of its value. At this point, USDJPY is trading somewhere around 101,47.
Publication date: 07 May 04:38 AM

The procedure of Dollar development at the start of the European session on Monday, as they noticed in Optionova

Throughout the previous week the USA Dollar proceeded its decrease against real world monetary forms. In the U.S. session on Friday, on the second of May, 2014, the Dollar was unable to addition a decent footing in the significant monetary forms, significantly after the production of positive information on the Work Market. This news came as a guide to a bullish remedy for the Dollar.  

Publication date: 06 May 06:29 PM
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