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Wednesday, 23 April 16:04 (GMT -05:00)

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Foreign exchange market

Dealers clarified criteria of money-making exchange on Forex market

All Junior Forex merchants firstly consider how to take in succeed in getting cash on Forex legitimately and rapidly. How to do it in reality? When it’s all said and done, it is inconceivable for a merchant to get custom curriculum at the organization, while the course for merchants is not included in school program, however, despite this, it is obliged a lot of information for the correct and productive operation of the primary trades. To tell the truth, Forex examining takes quite a while on the grounds that notwithstanding hypothetical learning, the junior merchant additionally needs to have a ton of practice to begin to feel sure when offering. It would appear for taking in figure out how to exchange on the Forex market, and to accept benefit, in the meantime it could be only done with honing and taking in by errors, unless the time until a junior does not create his diagram and exchanging style.  

Publication date: 23 April 11:01 AM

Pantheon Finance – Best Investment Broker 2013


As you know, financial markets around the globe offer a lot of moneymaking opportunities these days. Yet, making money in contemporary financial markets is getting easier. It is not accidental that the industry is expanding by attracting more participants, including broking companies as well as traders and investors. Apparently, the trading industry has become extremely sophisticated and highly competitive with hundreds of broking companies offering their services.
Publication date: 03 February 02:58 PM

Emerging Currencies Go Feverish. New Crisis Ahead?


As you can see, emerging currencies are getting more and more volatile and less predictable. What are the reasons for the current state of affairs? Let's try to ponder on this question together with Masterforex-V Academy.
Publication date: 02 February 07:57 PM

Traders On GBPUSD


The past trading week was rich in macroeconomic reports and extra volatility shown by Forex currency pairs. Apparently, the US Dollar was the major driver for all the financial markets last week. The American currency was appreciating during the reporting period. Therefore, other major currencies like the common European currency or the British Pound showed weakness during the week. EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD and other currency pairs saw a downtrend.


Publication date: 02 February 07:37 PM

PAMM Managing Trader Shares His Moneymaking Tips


Every beginning trader dreams of trading big and winning big. Still, even some of the most talented traders in the industry sometimes lack sufficient funds to make their dreams come true. Still, everything is not as bd as it used to be since more and more companies introduce their own PAMM services. Apparently, all of them need winning traders to manage those account. Apparently, they look for winning traders among their clients. Some of them (like Forex Trend, for example) even create special trading contests to attract some of the best traders in the industry to offer them new unprecedented career opportunities.
Publication date: 31 January 02:43 PM

Tusar Forex Improves Trading Conditions


They say all that we have today is the result of our past actions. Consequently, our future depends on our current actions. Indeed, it seems like we are responsible for your future.
Publication date: 31 January 12:13 PM

Gold Prospects


Yesterday, during the New-York trading session, the price of the gold futures for April delivery declined down to the session low. Also, $1241,70 per troy ounce is the lowest price of the entire contract.
Publication date: 31 January 06:24 AM

US Dollar Keeps Strengthening Against Is Canadian Counterpart


The Canadian Dollar keeps showing weakness against its southern neighbor, which means the US Dollar is gaining value. This has been happening since early January 2014. The positive economic reports for the USA that came out on Wednesday and Thursday reassured traders and investors and helped the US Dollar to gain some value against other major currencies worldwide. The only major release that can improve the state of affairs for the Canadian Dollar is the Canadian GDP report scheduled for today, January 31st.
Publication date: 31 January 06:24 AM

Up to an 85% return for traders at Optionova

Because the Forex market is the biggest and most liquid market in the world, a lot of opportunities are presented to those that would like to take advantage of this market and all of its innovative tools and technologies. But one must prepare properly in order to achieve success in this market.

Publication date: 31 January 02:52 AM

Forex Trend explains the advantages of the Loyalty Bonus program for traders

 Even though getting consistent profits in the Forex market is not an easy task and not everyone succeeds in doing so, at the Forex Broker Forex Trend there are plenty of opportunities for traders of all types to make money. Forex Broker Forex Trend has been recognized as the best Forex broker in 2013 by the judges and ratings of the Masterforex-V Expo.

Publication date: 29 January 03:48 PM

US Dollar Prospects 2014


Today's role of the US Dollar in the contemporary global economy and finances can hardly be overestimated despite the fact the America currency isn't backed by anything that has real value (like gold) and is based only on the US government's full faith and credit. Moreover, the USA is currently seeing multiple challenges, including the debt ceiling issue that has to be resolved until February 7th if the USA wants to avoid a technical default.
In this aspect, more and more traders and investors (as well as ordinary people) around the globe are getting increasingly interested in the near-term prospects of the world's major reserve currency. So, what are the most likely scenarios of the US Dollar in 2014? Let's ask Masterforex-V Academy, the respected trading expert in Forex trading!
Publication date: 29 January 10:03 AM
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