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Sunday, 21 December 08:01 (GMT -05:00)

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Foreign exchange market

ForexTrend and Forbes Reveal New Leaders of Managing Trader Contest


In order to become a financial successful person, it is insufficient to rely only on your salary, even though it is enough to buy food, clothes and pay the loans. Amid crises, uncertainty and instability in financial, political and economic aspects, it is vital to take urgent steps to at least prevent your savings and income from losing its purchasing power and to make even more money.

Publication date: 19 December 05:11 AM

Free Forex Webinars: Kick-Start Your Forex Trading Career – From Rags To Riches


Forex webinars are online workshops conducted by trading experts in order to share ther knowledge and skills with rookies willing to follow into their steps. They are needed to learn the basics and secret tips of successful Forex trading, including such aspects as handling the trading terminal, analyzing the charts and relating the technicals to economic news and other things belonging to fundamental analysis.
Forex webinars are created to answer the question: How to become a professional winning Forex traders? Masterforex-V Academy, Europe's Best Online Forex Coaching Site since 2009, knows the answer to this topical question…
Publication date: 02 September 05:39 PM

Forex: US Dollar - 5 Key Reports Coming This Week


Today, September 2nd, is the start of the first trading week of this fall for US traders. Yesterday, the USA celebrated the Labor Day, which symbolizes the end of the vacation season as well as the start of the new trading season.
Publication date: 02 September 08:47 AM

Forex. EURUSD Drops To 1.3114


The common European currency keeps on losing value against the US Dollar. This tendency has been going on since yesterday. Yesterday, EURUSD declined down to 1.3120 amid low volatility. The decline started from 1.3145. This is yesterday's intraday high. Amid satisfactory industrial production figures from Italy, Spain , France and Germany, the currency pair dropped to 1.3114 later on that day.
Publication date: 02 September 07:36 AM

USD Sets New Multi-Month High Against 6 Majors


Today, on September 2nd, the US Dollar keeps on gaining value against other major currencies. In particular, the USD index has just managed to set another multi-month high against a basket of 6 majors. This happened during the first part of the European trading session. By reaching 82,93, the price hit the highest price level since July 2013.
Publication date: 02 September 05:18 AM

EURUSD: Euro Retraces to 1.3135


Monday has been relatively calm so far, without strong directional moves seen in the market of EURUSD. At this point, the currency pair is consolidating within the scope of the 1.3118 - 1.3145 price range.
Publication date: 01 September 10:31 AM

EURUSD: Euro Gains Value To Hit 1.3140


Today's European trading session has been relatively calm, without strong directional moves. At this point, the currency pair seems to be making a bullish reaction to the previous bearish move that resulted in setting a new low of the year at 1.3318.
Publication date: 01 September 07:31 AM

Mill Trade: Forex is Simple!

It is known that beginners usually have luck, and Forex is no exception in this reference. Besides, here luck starts literally once one has made a decision to become a trader, for today, in order to learn how to work at Forex and actually start doing this, one does not need to graduate from specialized educational establishments. You can get the knowledge on your own internet provides a lot of high-quality educational materials, books, and forums, where you can communicate with like-minded people.
Publication date: 30 August 12:49 AM

EURUSD Outlook


Yesterday, the common European currency was under pressure exerted by the sellers.
EURUSD started going down since the local high of 1.3218. By the endo of the trading day, the price reached 1.3159. his is still the local low.
Yesterday, we saw positive stats coming from the USA. They concerned the local labor and housing market. In particular, the amount of initial jobless claims shrank from 299 000 down to 298 000 last week, which is definitely a positive sing for those who purchase the US Dollar.
At the same time, the amount of incomplete sales in the local housing market increased up to 3.3% in August. The sales increase took place from 102.5 points up to 105.9 points.
Publication date: 29 August 12:08 PM

EURUSD: Euro Goes Up To 1.3185


Yesterday, the common European currency was under pressure exerted by the sellers.
EURUSD started going down since the local high of 1.3218. By the endo of the trading day, the price reached 1.3159. his is still the local low.
Publication date: 29 August 08:18 AM

Forex: US Dollar Gainst Value Against Yen


Today, on August 29th, Japan delivered a news block of 4 economic reports during today's Asian trading session. The news block indicates that the economic recovery seen after the recent sales tax increase is unstable and inconsistent. Most likely, the recovery period is going to be longer than expected by the Bank of Japan.
Publication date: 29 August 04:19 AM
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